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Yesterday I was backing out of my driveway and I accidently ran over my sweet girl pretzels. She was such a loving sweet and beautiful cat. She was old, 15 years and I feel so guilty I didn’t look under the car. She just wanted to follow me out and for me to pet her. But I didn’t and started backing out and then it happened. I feel so guilty. My little girl just wanted to say goodbye to me before I left for work. I know it was an accident, but she was so is breaking my heart. I know it only happened a day ago, but the images of the event keep replaying in my mind and it is making me sick to my stomach. I hope she can find a way to ever forgive me. I love you so much baby girl pretzels......I love you I love you please Rest In Peace....any kind of support would really help me out even better if any of you have gone through the same.....

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I know there are no words to ease your pain. It was an accident, although a terrible. Please don't be so hard on yourself. You didn't do it on purpose. She loved you beyond measure and knew you were only there to love her. I am so sorry your path in life with her ended this way. No matter what way we lose our babies it hurts to the bottom of our hearts. Why she went under the car we will never know, except that she wanted to say goodbye to you. There are images we hold in our minds that we wish we could undo, however we can't. I still see Termy looking out the car window when I came out to get him at the vets. I don't know what he was trying to tell me except he wanted to be with me for he loved me with all his heart. I am sure this image will fade over time and be replaced with ones that will make me smile. I wonder if he knew it was our last look through the car window. I just hope he was okay with my decision.
We are all here for the same reason, We lost a love of our lives. I will gladly listen when ever you need to talk. It helps me to to know that we are never really alone and that there are people who care and share our loses.
Love and hugs
Termys mom

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Emma ,

Thank you for the post. It seems a courageous act to share. Your honest posts are valued. 

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through, and for the freak accident that happened to Pretzels. Your sweet girl obviously loved you as much as you loved her. I'll bet she knows you pretty well, and wherever she is, has forgiven you already. She knows you loved her because you gave her a good life. You'll make it through this awful experience, in your own time.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Simon's mom

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Termys mom, thank you so much for the kind words...... reading what you said really is making me feel a lot better. I love her so much. I’m so sorry about your baby. Hopefully they are playing up there together<3 so much love your way

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I lost my love,Sparkles, today of cancer. Didn't pull through surgery. She was a beautiful grey cat. My husband and I are crushed right now and crying non stop. We read your story and are so sorry for what happened.  I think no matter how they go you feel guilty that you didn't do this or do that.  You're situation must be very hard for you.  No doubt!! But remember all the good things you did in those 15 years.  Do you really think she could have had anyone who loved her more than you?  I think not!!!  And she knows this, too.  She knows you would never harm her in anyway on purpose.  It was a terrible accident - and she knows it and I hope you can find a way to make peace and replace the bad image with the good memories.  Think of all the wonderful times you had with her...those are the memories your baby girl and you have to hold.  One day when you see her again (and you will)  she will run into your arms and tell you how much she missed you and has been waiting for you.

My husband and I, too, are so hurt today I don't know how to continue on it feels. We are riddled with guilt also...why didnt we notice this??  Or that??  If we acted sooner would we have saved her?  We spoiled her to the core and still can find reasons to blame us it seems.  So we too must remember she would not have wanted anyone else but us and we know she loves us and will see her again one day as you will see your baby girl, too...

Thier love is unconditional!!! She will always love you unconditional..That's why they can really bring out so much grief in us..just an insane amount..we will see them again
I didnt think I had it in me to post anything and I can muster this up but to EVERYONE - we all share this pain right now and it hurts so bad.......

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This happened to me recently too. Chloe was my best friend. I know exactly what you mean about the images of her last moments replaying in your head and the regret of not checking. I had no idea she had chose to walk behind my tire that day, another day it could have been different. I would never, ever hurt her on purpose. I loved her more than anything, she knew that. We had a great life together, I let her have more freedom than most cats in this world. I never trained her, she did what she did through the bond we had together. She was my healer. Remember all of the good memories you had, replay those ones instead of the last moments. It may hurt at first, but a smile will unfold eventually. I can't stop thinking about all of the cute moments she had. I'm very happy to have had her in my life, without her who knows where I would be.
Animals can bring such powerful healing to us. They become more than just an animal, or a pet. They become our family. Even though she is no longer here with you, she's still walking beside you. I'm sure she is trying to comfort you in your guilt and let you know that she doesn't blame you.
A friend of mine who sees more than I do in this world...told me that Chloe is going to come back to me in another kitty body, and to keep an eye out for her. This may sound crazy, but I was thinking that before she had even reached out to me! It may just be my want for her back, but her saying that gave me comfort. All of the love from others has really, really helped. I'm very glad to have found this forum too, it helps you remember that you're never alone. 💚🌻

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I am so sorry about what happened, but it was an accident, and you can't blame yourself.    Sometimes we try to watch out for our pets, but it's hard to always keep an eye on them.    We just had to put our cat to sleep on Saturday with kidney failure, and I am also feeling guilty for having to do it, but I remember a few times when he would be roaming the house in the dark, and I accidentally bumped into him, not knowing he was there, and when this happened recently, he was also probably in pain from kidney disease.     As hard as it is, please just remember the good memories of Pretzels, because the good and positive things you did with her far outweigh the negative.

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I am so sorry. You gave her 15 wonderful years. Pretzel would want you to concentrate on those 15 years where you loved her and took care of her rather than a few seconds where a total accident happened.

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I'm sorry to hear this Emma. I lost my boy kitty Powder last Sunday. He was my best friend for 14 years. It has been a tough week as I'm sure it has for you too. My boy had lymphoma which is the same cancer I had 12 years ago. During my cancer, Powder was a faithful companion and so when I heard his diagnosis I wasn't surprised that he had the same cancer. He also had colon cancer and since my dad had it at my age, my doctor had been telling me that I need to start having colonoscopies annually. In Powder's honor I've made the appointment for my checkup this coming tuesday. I'm telling you this story because maybe Pretzel's death has a meaning - what lesson was he trying to teach...? In sharing your story of what happened, maybe a parent who heard it will be more careful in their driveway and so not hit their small child.

I'm thinking about you and sending lots of healing energy.

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Pls dont blame yourself for an accident, you never meant to hurt her and im sure she knew that x

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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Pretzel. I wish words could take away your pain...ease it somehow. You loved your Pretzel and she loved you. Grieve her loss, grieve the horrible accident. We are here for you! 

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I lost a kitten yesterday in a horrible accident. I know what you are feeling. I don't think the guilt will ever go away, but I hope it does for you. I just let myself cry when I need to cry and I keep telling myself that I didn't mean to hurt him. You didn't mean to hurt Pretzels. Both of our kitties are okay now, in some other place. They feel no pain. They are comfortable. They are at peace. Maybe they are in heaven, maybe they will be reborn. I'm not sure which, but one thing is sure: they are alright now.

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pretzel what a sweet and lovely name you had for your beloved baby. I'm so sorry these has happened and please accept my most sincere sympathy on the loss of your baby. These is not your fault it was just a terrible accident. kittens are just such explore creatures that love us very dearly and sometimes they just want to follow us everywhere we go just to say good-bye to us. They don't understand the dangerous it could be for them when they put themselves such as underneath a car. it seems to me that all your baby wanted to do is give you some love and be close to you before you left.. I also lost 2 of my baby kittens yesterday due to a terribly accident and I feel so heartbroken as well.. ever since I been caring for kittens things have been occurring to me and I keep losing them one by one. I love kittens dearly but it's going to very hard for me to be a pet owner of another one again. I hope that your heart cures and you are able to give love to another baby kitten if you happen to love cats. much love to you take care. 

~ Mayra 

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