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My beautiful, baby boy was shot by my neighbor yesterday morning. He took his last breath in my arms. The pain in my heart just won't go away.

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I am so sorry you are going through this - I will never understand some people. I hope you got the authorities involved, even if they cannot do anything this time (I don't know the circumstances or what proofs you may have) they do need to be aware of this behavior from your neighbor. If this was an expression of anger or their way to deal with something they did not like next time it may be something on 2 legs instead of 4. I know this will not bring your baby back or heal your broken heart, time will dull the pain and offer ease. Your now walk the path everyone here has walked or is walking - know you are now family - you are not alone.


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Thank you for your kind and supportive words. My heart is torn to shreds. I have no use for either of my hands because their dog bit both wrists and broke my finger. And i do not have sweet baby boy to cuddle with. When does the pain get better? How do I cope and keep moving forward?

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One day at a time, one minute at a time, one second at a time. All we can do is put one foot in front of the other, and keep doing so. And it is a struggle, but it does get easier.

I have posted this before - and will likely do so again in the future.

The Walnut - a tale about the truth of what is life They seemed an unlikely pair as they played through the fall - so very different. The small furry knew most of his other friends and even his family did not understand, but he didn't care for he knew the walnut was a true friend. Hours they would spend playing, laughing, talking, just sitting together. It was a magical fall and both seemed to sense that it was special. They were very different to be sure, but as they saw it that simply meant they each had different gifts and strengths to share. As the fall progressed those around the furry one became concerned, they knew the walnut had only one season and the furry one would one day be left behind - and they could see the signs of age on the walnut, scratches and cracks in the shell, dulling of the glossy shell. That the furry one did not seem to see the changes worried them. One morning the furry one ran out to be with his friend and found him laying amongst the shattered bits that were left of his shell and his heart broke. He buried the bits and sat to cry for the loss of his friend. As he sat deep in grief his tears fell to the earth. His family and friends tried at first to console him but quickly moved on - it was just a walnut after all. So the furry one moved into the cold windy days of winter, each day going to the place where he had lost his friend - each day finding hope that it had been a dream dashed and feeling so very alone. As will the seasons, winter gave way to spring - and life seemed determine to renew itself. One morning when the furry one arrived at the place he went to feel close to his lost friend he was surprised to find a small sapling reaching up to celebrate the sun. 'Who are you? How dare you take this place!!' the furry one proclaimed. The small sapling chuckled, 'Did you really think I would leave you?' Now the furry one was shocked - the sapling spoke with his friend the walnut's voice. 'I never left you dear friend. True, my shell shattered, but that shell was just a garment I wore for that season. I have been here with you as you sat and I tried to tell you not to cry. And I am here and will be always,' the walnut said softly.(c) Candace 8/22/06

The Golden Cord
He sat with a chosen angel
“I’ve a special task for you,
It will mean you must leave for awhile,
But I know it’s a task you can do.
I’ve a special charge to place in your care,
Who will always need your love and care.
At first there on earth you will help him
To grow strong and wise and fair.
Teach him the path that will bring him
One day back home to heaven above,
Be there to gently guide him
With the soft quiet touch of a dove.
And one day when he is able to stand,
Tall and filled with your love,
You may return here to me
To watch over him from above,’
And the angel paused looking puzzled,
If I leave what then becomes of him?
He you have said will always need me?
Do his days become lost and dim?
But the Lord smiled to reassure her,
‘No, dear one, I would never let that be.
No matter where we are love connects us,
And love will always connect you and he.
Love is the golden cord that is ever there
And it connects you heart to heart,
It develops and strengthens there on earth
Even when you seem far apart.
And when you return here to heaven
That golden cord will still hold true.
You will never really be gone from him
While you love him and he loves you.
Candace 2/12/16


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Thank you for your kindness and support. One of my next challenges is finding a way to not have them dig my dog up out of his grave. He was up-to-date on all his vaccinations and I have paperwork to support it - yet they are saying they need to get a tissue sample, which I heard involves beheading him.

My heart just continues to break. The tears don't stop.

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Oh how I am struggling to put one foot in front of the other. I have been focusing on trying to heal from my wounds, comfort my 2 girls, grieve with my husband and also help my other dog cope - while watching him wait for his brother to return home. The exact spot where he died is visible from our sliding glass door, so he just watches and waits. Poor thing.

My next challenge has been trying to keep them from digging up his remains. Although he was up to date on all his vaccinations, they are saying they need tissue samples - which apparently involves cutting his head off.

I can't do it. I just can't.

My heart continues to weep.

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The pain in my heart is present in all I do. I miss the feel of his soft neck, the smell of his corn chip paws and the way he would follow me everywhere.

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Oh, my heart breaks for you And your family. I don't have any right words, other than if you need to tell the story of what happened, I'm here to read and listen. The fact that he got to be in your arms in the end, knowing you loved him, he remembered how much and felt it, and will always love you. Hold on to that love through your grief, and i do pray you won't have to go through any more trauma and can grieve the way you need to with your family.
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