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Our beloved little dog Molly passed on Oct 18/06. It has been so hard to cope with the shock, guilt, could we have done more for her and profound grief and depression. We got her over 11 years ago at just 6 wks at a yard sale. She was so tiny and grew to be just 18 lbs. She was a mix of pekingeze/shelti and whatelse we never new. What a girl she was, fiesty, loving and sassy at times. She grew up with our younger children and travelled with us where ever we went. My husband grew especially close to her and always called her his baby girl. She became sick last Sunday night and started coughing. We took her to the vet on Monday morning and she was given exams, xrays and drugs and sent home. We had to call the vet in the middle of the night when she had trouble breathing. She feared cancer from spots on her lungs but subsequent xrays showed she had inhalation pneumonia. She was in an oxygen tent and given the best treatment possible but she died early Wed morning after starting to rally a little. She had not shown many signs of aging and was running around happy as a pup until this. We had so wanted to be with her when she left as she was such a baby but it was not to be. Now we are walking around the house in a daze trying to cope without her in our life. 


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I'am so sorry for your loss of your dear sweet Molly,I know how much it hurts to lose our babies,I lost my Sammy Sus 3 yr. ago this October,and I felt loke my life was over,this site is very good and you have come to the right place for help,we all hve gone through the same things and have hurt much like you,please know your Molly is in a wonderful place graced with beauty,All of our babies were there to meet her and help her til you take your journey to Rainbow bridge to meet with your angel Molly.Please let us help you we will hold your hand and give you a shoulder to lean on.Your grief is do new and it is so hard to evn think of your Molly gone,I know how lost you few,I had my Sammy Sus for 17yrs.and 8months,and when I had to let her go it just killed me,my spirits were just gone and  I knew it would be forever before I could think of her as never coming back to me.The pain has lessen but the love I have for her still grows within my heart,they have such a way to mark their paw prints on our hearts.Remember you have all your beautiful and precious memories of Molly and that helps alike.If you have not read the Rainbow Bridge story I would suggest it for you to read.Healing hugs to you and your husband.





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Dear Molly's Mom,  I am so very sorry for your loss of Molly.  It sounds like she was the perfect little girl.  You have my deepest sympathy.  It is so hard to get used to not having them around, they somehow get in our hearts and remain there.


I have a little Pomeranian named Molly.  It is such a cute name for our little girls.  I came here to Petloss 4 years ago when I lost my Pomeranian, Miss Dallas, to congestive heart failure at age 11 1/2.  I know what pain you are going through.  I waited 4 months after Dallas left for the bridge and got Molly.  She has helped heal my heart, but not a day goes by, even after all this time, that I don't think of Dallas.  Your tears will subside but your love and happy memories will never die.


Bless you and your husband and the spirit of your beloved girl


Love,  Diane


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{{{ Mollysmum }}}


So so sorry for the loss of your little girl Molly, she was loved so much and we all know here how hard it is for a long time. Keep talking about her , maybe enlarge a favourite photo and keep her collar or toy. She had love and fun for 11 years and she will always be part of your family. Time does help ease the pain a little, but when we lose someone, human or pet, it takes a while to grieve.

Sending hugs...Pat ( Bonnie's mum )


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so sorry to hear of your baby's passing. i feel your pain as my baby poohbear passed a week ago. know you are not alone. i am new here but i can tell you that the people on this board are the best and they really do care. bless them all


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Molly's Mom,


I probably can't say anything new that hasn't already been posted. And even more difficult is the fact that I won't be able to make you feel better. I just want to add my voice to those who share your grief and say my heart aches for you. Molly sounds wonderful. What a precious part of your family she was.


When our babies get ill and leave us so suddenly, it's like we're in shock. We can't believe the possibility of losing them is really happening. We always know in our minds that our pets have short lives, but the message to accept that logic never seems to make it to our hearts. As they say, if you had never loved her so much it would never hurt this badly. It's the painful price we pay for letting our babies live in our hearts.


I posted a poem for my Baxter a few days ago. I understand how you feel. It doesn't make it easier, but at least you didn't have to watch her suffer for a long period of time. Before they were able to diagnose my Baxter with pancreatic cancer, I went through a month of agony and roller coaster emotions hoping he would get better. My vet took him into her home to treat him and I spent hours every day holding him. He went through so much. It takes time to replace memories of those last days with the wonderful ones that matter.


It sounds like you  have many wonderful memories of Molly to store in your heart. She was lucky to have had you to love and to be loved by you. My thoughts are with you.


Take Care,


Baxter's Mom

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