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Hi, Pet Loss Family,

Just felt like sharing with you that today I visited a shelter for the first time since Sashimi died (and ever, actually), to drop dog food that they were in need of and visited the cat section. They really live in poor conditions over there, many animals in one box, not very clean, no one to pet them or play with, previously abused and abandoned... it's really sad. I think I will go back, to volunteer helping around, cleaning up, donating food and things they need and maybe be godmother to one of them, which means, try that someone adopts the animal, visit and care for his/hers progress there... Maybe. That would be a giant step for me already. Today I went there and realized I'm clearly not ready for adopting. It was a baby step, but it was a step. :)

thanks for listening.


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I think it's a wonderful idea to help out at the shelter.  I know it's so hard seeing the animals in crowded conditions and the like.  It would be so wonderful if every pet could find a warm and loving family to care for them.  Why does life have to have so many challenges??

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~


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    I'm so Proud of you...your Heart is Wonderful,   as are you!

   Love from Debbie,  The Dude and Baby Willow


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You do much credit to the legacy of your dear Sashimi in your volunteering at the pet rescue.  Sashimi would be so proud that you've decided to take time to do this for other pets who have been thru so much.  A truly wonderful and caring way to honour a special one's memory indeed!


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oh that is so nice of you! they are in such need of love! and food! i always wanted to do that but at the time i cant i have 2 little boys that keep me very busy! i think i would bring them all home anyway! i do donate blankets and pillows exc for them to sleep on.... so that makes me feel like im doing something. i think money is just so tight for everyone where the poor animals suffer in the end. its so hard to just live now adays and to keep food in our kids mouth! im sure everyone understands that!


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Leonor I found that helping others (furbabies too) helps me.  I think you'll find it very rewarding. All they want is a little love, attention and to feel wanted. Your baby is cheering you on!


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Mare, I don't know why life has to be so difficult sometimes... but you're right, it is heart breaking. I keep thinking about some of the babies left there, old or with FelV or Fiv which most certainly wont get picked. It is sad...

Dear Debbie, thank you for your sweet, sweet words. * 

TroubleandKeisha, you know I never thought of it that way? I simply felt the urge to go there as they were asking for food and the rest came along and it felt the natural step: visit the cat section and try and help out. After all, I haven’t got Sashimi to take care anymore… nor need to buy cat food or sand at the supermarket (something particularly painful for all of us here, passing by the animal section at the supermarket). It’s something I could do. If it honors her memory, well, that’s really something. Thank you for your thoughts. :)

Mimiluv, donating blankets and pillows is really important, or they would all be sleeping in hard stone. I wish I could provide a safe and happy home for all of them, yes. Unfortunately, I can’t. But at least this is a shelter that keeps them till the end, they guaranteed me… Through sickness and in health.

Bob, my baby’s right by my side all the time. She never leaves my heart and my head. I hope I can give a bit of the love I have inside of me to these poor animals and that they can feel it and enjoy it. Thank you.


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yeahh good for you, i too just went to the shelter where i adopted my big guy 10 years ago, it was hard. Not ready to bring home a friend but made me feel good . Its too bad taht the  shelter isnt cleaner, bigger? I bet those cats would love love love some attention from a wonderful cat mom. You will know when you find one . Have fun and good luck
Lennys Mom

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Thank you, Katie! :) I think I will be following this shelter a lot more closer from now on. *

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