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Hi all, I'm just going to post this as I'm feeling it, so please forgive me if it's long winded....
Thirteen years ago, my dad decided that he and my mum were ready to get another cat, so I approached a friend of mine who ran a cat rescue and explained that ideally we were looking for two young cats....I went to see them, and called my dad to tell him that the two I had seen were perfect for him and my mum.
They were beautiful cats, both about two years was white and black, and the other was black and white....(i.e more of one colour than the other).....and they came home with us. 
Bella (or Miss Independent, Jelly Bean, Jelly Belly, Belly her friends) and Barley....(Mr Whiskers, Baz, Bazzer, Bazzeroonie...Barl...) moved in.
From the first day, I gave Barley a nick name....he became "Barley Good Boy". 
They were joined over the years, by Dylan, Cassidy and Bagpuss....then Bagpuss died of liver failure, Cassidy died of old age (He was 30...born 1st August 1977....queens silver jubilee cat!). 

And then on Friday (42 hours ago), my little Barley Good Boy was attacked and killed by two Japense Akita's, who were roaming the streets dad tried to intervene and was bitten in the process....the dogs ran off and nothing can be done to trace them.  And my Barley is gone.

I was about forty miles away and my dad called me.  My friend had to drive the car home as I had a massive panic attack and couldn't hands went numb, my face went numb and the shock of the situation made me really unwell.

Arriving Barley is gone.  What can I say....i'm devastated.  I kissed him and held his paw, but he'd gone.  I just hurt.  It feels like my heart has been ripped out of my body, the pain is unbearable.

Dylan and Bella are looking for him and he's just not there.

He was everywhere we were....he followed us around everywhere....he used to come up and sit with us in the house, in the garden...everywhere.  Every night when we went to bed, he went up the stairs and demanded a kiss on every step with a flick of his head and if you went past him and missed kissing him, he simply stood on the step and waited for you to go back.

I loved that boy so much.....every inch of him said that he was "human in a furry body".  He was so loving. I never met a cat like Barley......he gave love, not just "cupboard love" but real love and affection. 

I almost can't breathe when thinking about him and my heart is so sore....he's buried in the garden at my parents house - a place he spent all of his life - and i have been out and talked to him many times.

The suddeness of this is awful. 
I just can't believe he's gone.



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cass-i am at a loss for comforting words.   i am so very very sorry that you lost your beloved barley in such a manner.   i can't even begin to imagine what the shock value is for you and your family.    to have so much love there and then for it to be taken away in such a vicious manner.....................i know i would be screaming at the heavens for this injustice.   

there is a candlelight ceremony at pet loss every monday evening.   you may want to participate in it.   this may help your heart a bit to pay your respects and love to barley.   the ceremony is quite lovely and everyone who attends is glad that they have.   

dylan and bella will in time come to understand that barley is gone; either through they own understanding or picking up from the feelings of the people in the household.   both of them and you will need each other like you never have before.    love on them and let them love on you.    that will provide all with some much needed healing.

please give yourself plenty of time to grieve and mourn over barley.    do not rush it and don't expect anything of yourself for the moment.    try to let the love that you and barley shared wrap you up in a cloak of healing.   despite how he left this earth, now he is just fine whole and strong once more.    he will try to help you to heal if you allow him to.    and i do so hope that he will give you a dream visit soon so that you know that he is doing ok.

whenever you are up to it, please tell us more about barley was like and post a picture as well.      we shall be here for you whenever you need ears to listen and shoulders to cry one.     we can't bring your baby for you but we can help to hold you up whenever you need us to.


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Cass ~ Your story is so heartbreaking. I am always deeply saddened when a pet is lost due to some other animal(s). I can only imagine the pain you are feeling at the sudden loss of your precious Barley. Losing a pet due to an illness is painful enough, but when they leave so suddenly nothing makes sense. My heart goes out to you at this time. I hope you will try and think of all the good times shared with Barley.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~

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Hi Cass,

I understand your pain.  My black kitty, Mickey, was put to rest about 27 hours ago.  It is so hard, I know how you feel.  Now that Mickey is at peace after 18 years of a wonderful life, I too am trying to figure out how to find peace in myself with all the saddness.  I can relate to you in that Mickey was buried at my parents' home too, next to our other cat Bullet Joe. As I try to get back to feeling normal, I will be thinking about you and Barley. It helps coming to this message board to seek support from others who understand too.


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Dear Cass--

I was so sorry to read about your wonderful cat, Barley.  It is such a shock to lose a pet suddenly and this sounds so unnecessary--the dogs should not have been running loose.  I understand the shock and sorrow and I am sure it all seems like a bad dream. 

Your little kitty had a great life and people who loved him.  Many cats are never that fortunate.  Barley sounds like a special cat. 

I have no words that will comfort you, but please know that others understand what you are experiencing.  I am sorry for your loss. 

Also, I hope your dad is okay after being bitten.  Is he worried about rabies?  Those dogs may be running around biting others.  I hope they can be found.
Animal control needs to be notified.

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I am so sorry for your tragic and heartbreaking loss. Losing a pet under any circumstances is so difficult to bear, but losing them so tragically just intensifies the pain. We all try to make sense of our loss, but it is just made so much more difficult when they are torn from our lives in such a violent and senseless way. I wish you peace and comfort. 

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Hi all,
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post....I'm just lost.  I work and during the day, i'm busy going to meetings and such...but the second I stop and get back into my car, I think about Barley and the tears come again.
I'm so glad that I found this site's been really helpful.

Barley was/is a special boy...I used to tell him every day how special he much he was loved...and boy was he loved!

My dad is fine...his bite, thankfully, wasn't that bad and although he was shocked, he is fine.  He had to go to hospital and as he is diabetic there is a serious risk of infection, so he's dosed up on in the UK there is no risk of rabies.  We don't have rabies as every animal which comes into the UK from overseas has to go into quarantine for several was eradicated in the 60's.  But thanks for thinking of him.

I hope all of you are well and getting through the day without your own little friends.  I'd love to join in the candlelight service, but unfortunately, as I'm in the UK, it will be going on about 3am so that's not possible this week...maybe one day!

Anyway, thanks again.  Your good wishes are much appreciated!

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Cass, I know what you mean.  When I'm at work I'm in meetings or working on projects and I can just cruise most of the time.  I get in my car to go home for lunch and the tears come because I realize I'm not going home to him. It sucks!!   It just sucks.  So sorry you lost Barley.  It is such an injustice that someone's careless lack of attention to their dog's whereabouts would cause this tragedy.  Really angering.  I hope your family finds the peace that you deserve, knowing that Barley is free from pain.

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