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And the Saga of Willow,  AKA La Terrorista,  goes on....

  Tonight...after a BEAR of a workday,  I decided to take a warm Bubble Bath!

   I had just submerged and relaxed......Willow came and sat on the edge of the Tub.....nothing terribly unusual.  Next,  she climbed over the faucet and spigots and as I reached to put her on the floor....SPLASH!

   Totally,  went under water,  landed on me,  claws extended,  spitting,  cutting in to my legs,  face covered with Bubbles....It was Ugly.
   I take a lot of blood thinners,  so naturally,  the Tub looked like a scene from Jaws!!!  Two females of different Species....sliding around in slippery water and tub!  The Dude sitting in the doorway,  eyes as big as saucers!  My Mom!  My Sister!  What goes???  He Bailed!

  We are fine...Both toweled off...I stopped bleeding....Willow looks like a Rat and smells like Oil of Olay... said you'd supervise her Probation,  in an earlier post???  How much do you charge and can we do it Long Distance???


   Debbie  and The Cats of Horrors!


Posts: 1,191
Oh, Lord, that made me laugh!
So glad you survived!
Your story reminded me the tales told my Meriam and The Boyz (her four doxies)!
Keep 'em comin',
Ceci's Mom (Robin) and Mama to Lil' Red, my precious boy
                                                     and The Pinny Gig

               ~and Earth Furchild

     Jack ("The Flying Cat") ~ cousin to Willow aka La Terrorista!


Posts: 356
Oh common! I can't laugh this loud at work! This is just hilarious and mental images of scenes from Jaws. Ouch.

Have fun :)


Posts: 628
Poor, sweet little Willow.  She is one curious kitty cat.  And such comic relief!!!!

I bet that is the last time she goes close to the tub again.  Is she still smoking cigarettes??????


Posts: 214
Your post made me smile. :)

I used to be terrified of that whenever I took a bath and Sashimi would stroll about the bathtub borders. :) It never happened, though. I do remember the second bath I gave her after she moved in with me was in one of those moments: I never took that bath and gave her one instead. :) I have pictures of her wet, I'll try to post them here later. :)

thanks for the laugh, I sure needed one. *

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Posts: 1,901

splish splash willow was taking a bath......................................


Posts: 607
LOL, Ghatten, you are too funny!  Poor little Willow - she mustn't be too fond of the water now - and you!  Your poor legs - ouch!

Posts: 452
 #9 have NO idea.  If my first human Child had been like this,  I never would've had the 2nd one!

Aunt Dawn...Lololol..Bobby Darren...Remember the song very well.....Dear Lord,  I swear Dude will need Therapy.  Pooh Bear is at The Bridge,  laughing her "patooty" off! Love you!

Ghatten!...Very clever,  my Friend!

Leonor..wonderful to make you Smile  Would love to see Pics of your Baby,  wet or dry   ((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

Clara.....How is Floyd?   No,  she's no longer "smoking"....but I DID find a bottle of Vodka next to the Litter Box.  I stopped drinking 16 years ago!

Roman...Hi Sweetie!  It WAS a mess!   How are you?

Ceci's Mom....Jack the Flying Cat?  And he was/is like La Terrorista? Details please.

Thanks for putting up with my struggles with a Toddler!  God knew what He was doing when He made us our younger years.

Love to you All!


Posts: 596

Debbie, I am a  probation officer and she'll have to have a curfew for sure. I'll send the sheriff's office by the house nightly to make sure she doesn't get into any more problems. I'd hate to lock her up!!!


Posts: 11,059
Very sweet story!  You have a wonderful sense of humor!!!



Posts: 1,982
That was a pure mental visual hilarity girl!!!
I thought for sure you'd be saying she accidentailly turned on the cold water knob pure blast before falling in.... guess that's one for next time :-}

Yes, it did remind me of Meriam's doxie tales, and where the heck is she too??? 


Posts: 1,523

Ok Debbie lol What the heck is going on there!!!! lol I won't believe you if you ever post that you are bored Dear Friend.What magic that Sweet Little Willow has brought to you and The Dude. God bless you ALL!!!!

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