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I got my bearded dragon when i was 4 i had $300 dollars saved up and i told my parents that’s what i wanted so one day me and my dad went and got one from the pet store he was about 4 inches long , i decided to name him nitro off of nitro circus. We bought a 20 gallon tank and then some big flat rocks to put in the tank and soft turf for the floor i remember the first week i had him he climbed up a rock in his cage and i went to feed him and he was gray and wouldn’t move so but i was too scard to pick him up so my dad had to come get him down for me. I was probably 5 or 6 and i was feeding nitro and mealworms and he bit my finger and it didn’t hurt but it just scared me and i cried myself to sleep😂 me and my dad would always look up stuff to put in his cage cause we couldn’t imagine how bord he would get when i was at school so we found a branch and my dad cleaned it and took all the bark off and went over it with a torch to make sure it was clean and we put it in his cage so he could climb it and he did . One day i accidentally left the door on the top of his cage open and he climbed out of the top and Jumped out and i couldn’t find him then i went to a box with all of my video games and he was just layin in there . Once he got big enough me and my dad built him a new cage that was a lot bigger and my dad put a bunch of stire foam in it and burned the edges and put a coat over it to make it hard I’m not sure what he used but it was super cool and nitro loved it. We would take him out side and my dogs would play with him in the summer and we’d swim in the pool (he’d usually poop in it) and i have an American bulldog that hates the water and any time I’d put him in the water she’d just bark and cry then I’d set him in the concrete and he’d just bask and she’d lay with him. About a year ago we moved into town. When we moved all my family got sick from different things and nitro couldn’t gain or keep his weight. Last night i came home from my football hame witch i am now 16 and he was just laying in a corner i went to open up the cage and i just knew he was dead he was just flat i called my sister over and he didn’t know what to say she told my parents i don’t know if it was cause he was sick and old he was 12 years old or if i wasn’t feeding him right I’d feed him 2-3 times a week and give him fresh water but i just feel like there something i could have done to make him not sick i just feel lots of guilt

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 #2 people, often die without warning. We then blame ourselves. Nitro didn't die because of you. It was just life, life made it happen.
But I am so sad to learn of Nitro's passing. He was adorable from what you say and I can see why you would be very upset.  You will never forget him and he will never forget you.  You were meant to be together and now that this has happened, I know in time you will have the courage to face life and start a new day. I am so very sorry for you loss. I really mean that.  You are a great person.
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