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My late blue persian Beau, who was always a little trickster, sent me a sign today, on his 11-month anniversary.  I was sitting in my car at a stoplight here in Honolulu waiting to make a left turn.  Suddenly a red-headed bird came up out of nowhere and began attacking my car.  It was the silliest thing I've ever seen, just like a scene from the movie The Birds.  It was pecking the windows and attacking the roof.  Then it went for the rear bumper, and I could see the reflection in the mirror of this stupid bird attacking my car!

The people behind me were pointing and laughing, but I was annoyed, I got out and shooed the bird away but it kept coming back.  Finally the light changed and I gunned my car into the mall parking lot to get away from the bird.  I've never seen or heard of this happening to anyone, and only later did I realize it was Beau the trickster, playing a little joke on me from kitty heaven.

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They always send signs, sometimes the silliest things....   You know you will alway be loved.

Wizard's Dad

Wizard Exploring The Yard on 5/23/08 Enjoying Some of His Final Days

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Isn't it interesting how we always just KNOW instinctly when our babies are sending us messages or visiting us?  I have the same feelings about my little Betsy.   The other day a butterfly landed on my arm.  This has never happened before.  Well, Betsy was fascinated with butterflies.  So, I knew she had a paw in this.

Thanks so much for sharing this story with us!  It was wonderful to get a glimpse of Beau's charming "trickster" purrsonality!


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I've heard these kinds of stories before ... we call them "pennies from heaven". 

My Gus died on April 18 2008 ... two weeks later I was at a brunch for a relative's 80th birthday (I was sad, and didn't want to go, but felt I had to) ... the menu was "personalized" for her birthday - but they got the date wrong - they put April 18th on the menu - I think it was Gus's way of telling me that it was OK for me to be there.

Then, a week later, the vet called me to tell me that they had found someone who was interested in the home made stairs I had made for Gus (to help him get on/off the couch) ... the person's name ... Faith.

I think our babies really do watch over us and take care of us from "beyond".  They send us these "pennies from heaven" to let us know they still love us.

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I truly believe our babies send us signs to let us know they're o.k. - I had a sign from my cat Cheeseburger yesterday when the song "Home" by Daughtry came on the radio. That was "our song." I hadn't listened to the radio since Cheesey passed away on May 4th 2008 and for some reason I turned it on yesterday at work and the song immediately played. 

If you get a chance, read my post "A SIGN FROM CHEESEBURGER?"

These babies definitely leave their marks on our lives and hearts - I believe their spirit and love is always with us, and they do send us signs to let us know they're o.k., and to help us get through the painful loss of them.

Beau sounds like a real little prankster from this sign - it is wonderful you experienced it.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Me and Cheesey


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Interesting--birds are considered "messengers" in the spiritual world. I think this was definitely a sign from your pet. I think if you think about it more that the red color might mean something specific to you and your pet, too.

There's a great book out there by Ted Andrews about animals and their deeper meanings. It lists every animal and birds of all types and what they mean. It's the best book for this type of thing. Can't recall the exact name.
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