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Today we put Gabby to sleep. We felt it was time because of the pain she was in, and stumbling when she walks, to the point of falling over a few times. She also started separating herself from us, so we felt she knew her time was close. It is a rainy and gloomy day here, the angels are crying for her, and for us. Even though we knew it was the right decision, it was such a hard decision to make. I want to remember how she was when she was alive, not as she is now, laying on the table at the vet's office. I'm afraid when I sleep, that is what I will see. I already miss the girl, and I will miss her "NOW NOW NOW" when we feed her. She was always ready for some cuddles, and gave her love so unconditionally. It was so much harder than I thought it would be, even knowing we were helping her to a place where she will be healthy, and have no pain. 

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First let me say how very sorry I am. I know the pain of letting go. It's been 20 months for me. I let Termy go because old age caught up with him and I didn't want him to suffer. You will feel so many emotions, it's all part of grieving. When those awful last memories pop up replace them with a loving memory. Remember the journey and all the things you cherished with Gabby. It sounds like you shared a loving life together. I know it'll be hard but in time that last image will fade. I still find myself remembering that last day and I still cry but it's not as raw. Termy shared his life with me for over 16 years and we made so many memories that are so much better to recall. Replace those bad memories with a good memory.
She is happy and healthy and you are her hero for giving her the freedom from suffering. She is waiting for you at the Bridge and one day you will be reunited with her, never to be parted.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

Posts: 4,790
We had Gabby from the time she was five, we had gotten her from a shelter a month after we had to let Harry go on a head. We had her for around 7 years, and during those years she showered us with so much love. I wasn't ready for a new cat, but, I do not regret making her a part of our family. One thing I remember about her is how she would always bite the tails off of the toy mice we got for her. It was just something she did. I don't know why. Right now I just feel numb. I can't believe she is no longer with us. I know it was the best choice for her, and I can imagine her chasing the butterflies and being like a cat should be, leaping and bounding, always in the sunshine. She sure loved basking in the sunshine.

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I am so very sorry you had to let Gabby go. From your posts, you knew it was coming, but that does not make it any easier. It seems like it was just yesterday that you brought her home after Harry passed away, it is amazing how quickly time passes, isn't it?

I love the stories you tell about Gabby, especially biting off the toy mice, LOL! And yes, you are right, she is now healthy and chasing butterflies and leaping and bounding and always basking in the sunshine. Those are things all cats love, especially basking in the sunshine...

Hugs to you and your family as you go through this difficult time of life without Gabby...

- Kelly
Angel Blackie's mom
Angel Squeeker's mom


Posts: 4,790
Thank you, Kelly. I am sure she made her way to my sister's bf, and I am sure she is laying next to him, and licking his arm, and doing her, "num num num" as if he was yummy. She would always do that when she licked us. It has not been easy for us without her, and all I can think about as I feed the ones we still have, is there is one less to feed, one less bowl to put out, and I miss doing that. I miss her laying on the couch, and giving us her loud purr to let her know she was happy to be here with us. That is the one thing I will miss the most, her loud purr, and all you had to do was whisper her name.
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