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I wish to thank EdW for taking his time to post about my surgery. It was quite wonderful of him to do so.


And I wish to thank all of you for your oh so kind prayers. You kept me alive.

I just recently had a doctors appointment where as my doctor came into the exam room with a trainee and walked up to me with a smile on his face and his hand out and said," there's my miracle man". It appears after 7 or 8 doctors came into desert springs hospital to see me and ask after me that my wife and I began to wonder why all these other doctors were coming to see me. they had told me I was making an amazing recovery, but other than hearing taps being played when first I awoke I thought nothing of it.

I awoke in a pure white room with nothing but a bed and a television set. Softly in the background I could hear taps being played and I thought I had passed over. my first thought was, oh my poor wife. I spoke out loud and said, hey, I am not dead, I am here, don't leave me. I am here. Eventually I realized that gunsmoke was playing on the telly and they had a death and were playing taps. whew. then a nurse came in and started fussing over me. I guess they had not heard my plea. .


On the day of my appointment I asked my doctor what he meant. He said he had never expected to see me again. They did not think I would live. I guess I almost didn't. My lungs and my heart almost quit.


So you see my friends, my surgeon and you saved my life. In the end it was your prayers that pulled me through. How could I disappoint so many wonderful caring people.

I thank you from the bottom of this old scarred and battered heart, and EdW for starting it all.

I love you all, hugs. papa LoboWolf Don.




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Praise God!!!


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AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm thrilled beyond words to hear you're doing well!!! Continue to get well & strong.

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So glad that you are doing so well.  Speedy recovery! 


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i want to add my AMEN!!! to the others.    somehow i just knew that you would come through with flying colors there papa.     don't ask me how i knew, i just knew you still needed to be around this earth for awhile longer.   your family needs you, your friends need you and we here at petloss need you.    God still has some plans up His sleeve for you and as such needed you  still earth bound.

your story kinda reminds me of a dear friend of mine.   last year when she was 85 she had to take some new med for a lung infection.   this new med interacted horribly with her cholesterol medication and she wound up in the hospital in kidney failure.    her family was called in and was told that she was not going to make it through.     but in leaps and bounds her kidney values started to improve until she was back in the normal range.    her dr walked into her room one day and said, 'i have never witnessed a miracle before but i am looking at one now'.    her response was simply put, 'it wasn't my time yet'.   same holds true for you.

i know God heard all of the prayers of the folks who care and love you.   but please don't discount your own will and desire there.    you weren't ready yet and that can play a major role in your recovery.

now, you get stronger and stronger every day now papa.    and when you're back to complete health again, you can strap on your 6 shooter, adorn your cowboy hat and meet up with matt dillion and chester at miss kitty's saloon.    and always remember.................you will be the most handsome cowboy in the west!

love and lotsa hugs-dawn

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You are such a blessing to all who know you, & I do believe the Love that surrounded you & the prayers were healing.  Please take care of yourself Papa Lobo because many humans & Furchildren need you.
I hope the road to healing is smooth & you have your energy & strength back again.
You say your "Old" Battered" Heart " but that heart is filled with Love & Compassion.
Max's mom Jo


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I wish you the best.


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It is not your time, there are so many hearts here that need to hear your words of compassion and healing. You have the words that make a grieving heart feel better, and that is what we all thank you for.

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