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April 20th she would've been 17 years old.

Happy birthday my beauty queen! Can you believe it's been 17 years? Neither can I! You might not be with me physically anymore but I never want to know a year that I don't openly celebrate a day that changed both our lives. It's hard to believe we spent over a decade together and we literally grew up together. I remember going to pick you up, I had no idea what to expect from this puppy I hadn't seen what would you look like? What would you act like? I even had a name ready and you blew it right out of the water. You just looked like an Eevon aka eevey (Not the Pokemon, though you are the reason I collect those pokemon) you were adorable! You slept on the center console of the car on the way home, you fit on the center console!! You slept in the back widow you were that small all those years ago. I remember "walking" you down the street (we both know you actually walked by maybe two houses and collapsed in the yard. I carried you 90% of the time.) Playing drums of war, you'd run up the stairs I'd drum on the bottom step and you'd hurl yourself down and head butt me. My biggest regret, I'd change it if I could, I wouldn't have gone to Georgia I had fun but I missed you the whole time. Coming home I was nervous you'd forgotten me but you knocked me down and licked my face. Like we hadn't been apart, I did have to learn you weren't snuggly but that didn't mean you didn't love me. We layed in bed Sunday morning watching animal planet until noon and than going for a walk. Laying in the sun in the living room together, taking naps, watching movies, sharing cheetos, dog biscuits (you do love those old mother Hubbard creme cookies) and learning tricks. Sneaking you into places that didn't allow pets and than having laughing fits when you barked "ssssshhhhh eevey" I inadvertently taught you a horrible thing but in my defence I was young and when a dog barked and wanted a treat you gave them some right? Right! Remember the time you jumped out the car window? I didn't know if I should let go of the leash or not when the car stopped I jumped out almost in tears you hopped up and got back in! Not a scratch on you! Fearless. My fuzzy girl is fearless. We had ups and downs. I know that dad passing was hard on you, out of all the animals, you actually mourned with us and you were a huge comfort to me. We grew together, we learned together, we butted heads but we didn't give up on each other. My favorite times were the ones no one else really saw, snuggled in bed at night, walking around the neighborhood, hanging with the neighbors, playing tag around the dining room table (you jumped in the middle of it you didn't go under like you'd think you went on top of and grabbed my shirt sleeve!) That was you always thinking outside the box. You'd come lay your head on me, just lay your head on my lap and I'd scratch your ears or fluff your fur. As you got older, the walks got shorter and you opted for us sitting out front and watching the world pass us by. Me and eevey alone in the universe. Your last dinner a 20 piece chicken nuggets and two large fries. You ate them with gusto and of course snicker doodles for dessert. I stayed up that night just watching you sleep peacefully and snuggling. Our last ride to the vets office, laughing about all our goofy antics and I kept my promise to hold in the sadness. Your last kisses, like you knew I needed them and I'll cherish them forever. I think once we really learned each other, mainly me learning you but you did give me some slack on the hugging and kissing department, we were an unstoppable force. I learned a lot from you and I'd do it all over again. That is something worth celebrating. You have given me inspiration for so many books and pictures. You know you love my Tom Jones parodies I sing for you and all that creativity you helped with and are a huge part of. I don't care what anyone has ever said, I love you and you love me. You will always be my first baby, my best friend and you stuck by me longer than many. To my beautiful baby girl, happy birthday!

Love forever,


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I am and was moved to tears. What a wonderful tribute to your girl. I felt the love you shared. Isn't it wonderful to remember the journey, the entire journey? I look back at my journey with Termy and I can connect with the cherished and well loved life we gave or babies. Thank you for your love to fur on four paws and thank you for sharing.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom
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