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It's been exactly a week since I made the decision to put my 6 yr. old boy to sleep and I still can't stop thinking about all the things I did wrong. I think I made the decision too soon and that all he needed was one more day on the medication to start feeling better, but the biggest thing I keep thinking about is how it was my vet's fault it got as bad as it did. I should've seeked a second opinion sooner when they showed no sense of urgency in trying to diagnose him and get him better. I think that if I had been with a different vet, he'd still be with me today. I had brought him in at least 7 times in the 5 weeks since he first began showing symptoms, and every time they just sent him home with a new medication with the "let's wait and see" mentality. I knew something was wrong, I should've been pushing for more answers, but I thought I could trust them. It wasn't until I brought him to the ER that they even suggested doing an endoscopy to biopsy some tissue, but at that point his levels were so low that he couldn't handle anesthesia. I don't know why this was never suggested sooner. It also wasn't until the ER visit that they drained all the fluid from his chest so that he could breathe a little easier. Again, I don't know why this hadn't been done sooner considering his breathing had been labored since the first time I brought him and X-rays showed fluid around the lungs. I didn't even know that was an option that could be done.

Does anyone else blame their vet like this? I feel like I'm never going to stop being angry about this. The vet even called a few days later after hearing he had passed and left the most insincere message, like he was just reading from a script. It just made me that much angrier at the whole situation.

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I am truly sorry. I've read your posts.  I'm not a vet professional, though I am wondering if he had any recent vaccines, new medications (flea, tick, heartworm, etc.)?  How long had he been eating the same food?  Had any of that changed recently?  When my Beagle, Leroy was 4 years old he had similar symptoms (vomiting, lethargic). He had an ultrasound. They said he had IBD and inflammation. They put him on prednisone, metoclopramide, and Pepcid.  He kept getting sick periodically.  I was referred to a specialist, but I didn't go there.  I thought of a regular vet I went to decades ago and went there. All he did was keep him on the same meds. I changed his food and changed his bowl to a slo-bowl. He was looking much better. He always gobbled his food too fast. Apparently there was something in the food that may have caused an allergy or sensitivity, because I slowly weaned him off the Rx meds, and now I only give him half the Pepcid dose. I didn't get what I needed from a second opinion, but maybe you could have. You can't blame yourself though because you were doing everything right.

Leroy was and is so much better. I was a fool to go back to that second vet. He didn't do anything for me (Leroy) anyway. I brought my other dogs there for a few visits. What a horrible mistake that was which I have felt guilty about for the last year. You just don't know who and how good these vets are. I took Parker, my 6-year old healthy Chihuahua-Beagle  there for a routine dental, last Xmas Eve (2018) and he never came home alive. I learned this vet broke so many laws and codes. I filed a state complaint. There was nothing wrong with my dog. That vet didn't apologize. He said, "It happens." He tried blaming the grain free food I gave my dogs, which is ironic, because the grain in the other food may have been making (Leroy) my other dog sick, because he got better after I changed to grain-free. Plus, I was the one to change his bowl. That vet didn't even suggest that or know about the bowl. Idiot. Looking back, I see how incompetent that vet was.  

As you see, getting a second opinion doesn't always mean that vet knows what they are doing.  If you find that your vet broke laws, the notes don't make sense, made a misdiagnosis, the lab work was flagged or didn't match the treatment or diagnosis, you may have a case to file to the state (if you live in the US, or in your country outside of the US). See if you can find if that vet has had previous complaints, any disciplinary action, any court cases. You can use those if you do file a complaint. I am filing a small claims court case when I hear from the state. I have 2 years from the incident to do it, so I have another year. It's not the money. The money's already gone. It's getting his name on record any which way I can. 

I don't have much faith in vets now. I didn't get an apology. I've read other forum stories where the vet just brushed off the death. It all sounds so wrong to me. I have no guilt filing the complaint. I only have prayers that the state agrees he broke all those laws and codes, and he is disciplined to the highest extent of the veterinary board's law.  

I'm sorry. I do agree, 6 is much too young to lose a pet, and when a vet can't pinpoint a diagnosis or make a referral to a specialist.  I still grieve for my dog. He was healthy. Never sick. I understand your grief and pain.  It hurts a lot. You have a lot of questions and you have the right to know answers. This is is a good forum with caring people. You can reach out to me anytime, even if you want to private message me.

Please accept my sincere condolences,
~ Parker's Mom
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