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I feel lucky to have such an understanding Vet in, Dr. Nancy Kelly of Adrian, Michigan. She was so caring when I had to put my "Pup" down. While I was waiting for them to box his body up so that I could take him home, she came out and hugged me. I am a man of 49, and I was crying like a baby.

While I feel a bit of guilt and worry I jumped the gun, she seemed to concur with my decision, and said nothing to discourage me.

"Pup" was 100% deaf, he had been that way for three years. In recent months he would lay on the floor an just start crying. Also, he had arthritis, and Dr. Kelly said he had developed a heart murmer. I suspected he had cancer, but did not pay for the tests. He had stopped eating. I just did not want him to get any worse. 14 years old is pretty old for a dog.   


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Daniel T,
Indeed you are blessed by a wonderful vet. It makes all the difference, doesn't it?
We too were blessed by a compassionate vet during all Molly's problems during her last three years. When she put Moll to sleep, she was crying right along with us. Afterward, she sent us the story of the Rainbow Bridge and a card that everyone there had signed. I sent her a personal thank you card, telling her just what exactly about her care for Missy Moll meant so much to us. I sent the staff a separate note, thanking them as well.
Our precious babies are just with us not long enough. Forever would never have been long enough.
I wish you a peaceful day.
Molly's Mom

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Daniel, I am so sorry for the loss of your Pup. I am sure after 14 years with him you have so many wonderful memories. Keep those memories in your heart and he will always be with you.        Hugs to you, Gizmos mom


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I, too, was blessed by a compassionate vet when Hank was hit.  He was waiting for us when we got there with Hank with pain medication, then he put him in a light sleep to examine his injuries to cause him as little pain as possible.  He treated him with grace and compassion, and I will forever go to Prarieland vet clinic here in Saskatoon.  I am forever a "patient" of Dr. Elbermani.

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      First I'm so very sorry for your loss. Second I can relate to being blessed for having a wonderful vet. (I'm also 49) When we had to have Lucy pts Dr. Richardson was so understanding & compassionate. It's ok to cry Daniel. We all understand.


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I am sorry for the loss of your Pup.

I too had wonderful people that cared for my cat Cheeseburger both at the office and the Oradell Animal Hospital.

As hard as it was to let Cheeseburger go, I could not let him suffer. He had cancer, had pretty much stopped eating and had trouble breathing. I also did not allow further testing; I could not put him through that when I knew there was no chance of him getting better.

I hope you will be able to find some peace and comfort in the cherished memories you have of your Pup. His love will be with you always.

Dee >^..^<

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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I, too, have been blessed by caring and compassionate vets.  I have moved  several times over the course of Betsy's, Easy's, Ralph's and Gracie's lives, I feel I am really lucky.  But, when I get to a new town, I immediately ask around and try to find the vets(s) with the best reputations.  It is amazing how everyone seems to always know to whom NOT to take your babies.

When we put Betsy to sleep, Jasmine, the vet tech who usually watched over her during boarding (we always had to board her in the hospital side as she was getting so frail) was in the room.   She was very quiet and professional as the injection was administered.  She didn't say much. I found myself wondering if she really had been that close to Betsy, or if she just pretended to be for my sake.  She knew Betsy was like a daughter to me and how much I worried when I had to leave her when I left town for conferences.   Well, the other day I was at the clinic with Ralphie, my minpin, and I mentioned that I had a watercolor painting done of Betsy and it turned out beautifully.   The receptionist said, "Oh my gosh, please bring it in and show it to Jasmine. It would do her heart good.  She misses Betsy so much!"   I was so touched because I knew then without a doubt that all those times I had left her in Jasmine's care my little girl was watched over and loved....and that meant so much to me.

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