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This was Easter 2007.

I've never had a pet cremated before. How does it all work?


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In my case, Jasmine was PTS at the vets and they handled all the details of Jasmine's cremation.  I was then called when her remains were ready to be picked up.  Like you, I'd had no experience with cremation.  I can tell you I was shocked at the small box that contained my girl.  So at least from that perspective, it might have helped to know that in advance.  But again, I just look at it as only the shelled remains, Jasmine's spirit and soul and all that made her so special to me, are free and she is alive and well, at Rainbow Bridge.  I know I'll see her again one day so I cling to that.

Not sure if your baby died at home, how you would proceed, but maybe your local vet's office could assist.  So sorry for your loss and please know we are here for you each step of the way, as this is a very difficult journey.

Take care.

                        Hugs to you, JasminesMom


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Thank you. Yes, she was PTS last night at the vet's office. I'm to call a pet memorial place a bit later. Just wondering what it all entails.


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Hi Lisa.  We had the same experience as Jasmine's Mom.

The little wooden box ith the engraved plaque on top, containing his ashes was delivered to the vet's office and they called us when we could come in. 

When we picked up the ashes I broke down once again. But now I have the beatuful wooden box on a shelf by the computer with photos of Pepe and it brings me comfort.  One day we may scatter the ashes by the beach where he loved to run but our adult daughters want to be here too and there is no rushs to do this.  

I am so sorry for your loss.  I know how much it hurts.

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Dear Myfab5,

I just recently had to put my Comet to sleep at an emergency animal clinic in the area.  Her vet was closed for Memorial Day weekend so on that Tuesday I had her picked up by them and then transferred for the cremation.  The pet memorial place will probably just want to ask you a few questions like what kind of urn you want, do you want her cremated by herself or with other animals (they separate them by some kind of divider) usually 4 to 6 other dogs or if you want to just put her in with other dogs without being separated.  They will probably ask if you would like to attend the cremation.  I did not attend the cremation and did not even talk to the memorial place I left it all in the vets hands except I told them that I wanted her to be by herself.  Everything else was handled by my vets office.  I also asked the vet's personnel to tell the memorial place that she was a family members dog because I felt that the memorial place would take the extra steps thinking that it was a vet's family member because they do a lot of business with that particular vet.

I know that this is a very difficult (really no words to explain the depth of this kind of pain) time for you.  I am sorry that the above seems so harsh but you asked what to expect.  I am so sorry that you are going through this, losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  I've lost people in my life and although I miss them terribly, this is somehow so different.  It reaches into your very soul and leaves a scar on your heart.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for the upcoming days.


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Dear Lisa,

I'm so sorry for your loss of your precious girl, Blue.  I read your other post about her, and I cried for you.  Thanks for sharing her picture - she looks so sweet.

My Grunt's cremation was a first time for me too. Our vet explained the procedure and took care of all the details - we wanted him individually cremated. We picked his ashes up at the vet hospital 4 days after he passed away.  The box was in a black velvet bag with "Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge" embroidered on it - when I saw that I couldn't stop crying - seeing that little box with my baby's ashes, all that was left of my Boxer boy.

When you go to pick up your Blue's ashes, it would be good to have someone close to you go with you for support.  It's a very sad time.

I send you my deepest sympathy, and say a prayer for your Beloved girl, Blue.
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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Thank you all for your responses. The pet cemetery called me today & they're going to pick Blue up tomorrow afternoon @ the vet's office. I'm going by this afternoon to drop off the check & I asked if I could see her one more time. She hesitated at first, then said she's been in the freezer. I told her I figured that and I was okay with it. She said it shouldn't be a problem for me to see her.

It just all seems so surreal. Riefer was diagnosed & gone less than twelve hours later. Blue was diagnosed & gone within an hour. I guess I'm still in shock and it's why I want to see her one more time. I can't eat and can't focus, which is what I went through when I lost Riefer nearly two years ago. Tober crawled onto my stomach last night & stayed there licking the tears from my face as I cried. Little Bit curled up next to me on the bed, resting his head against me, occasionally licking my arms. They know I'm sad and I don't think they know yet that she's gone.

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We knew our schnauzer Molly was going to leave us; malignant oral melanoma that took a six week course to claim her.
The vet asked what we intended to do with the body and referred us to a pet crematory. I called them and preplanned the whole thing. Prepaid and everything. Right down to what I wanted engraved on the brass plate on the urn.
October 8, the worst day of our lives, I simply told the vet that she was prepaid. They took it from there. When she was ready, we went to the vet to pick up her cremains. I too was shocked by the tiny box they put her cremains into.
It is never easy.
Molly's Mom

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I'm assuming they picked her up today and I'll just expect a call sometime next week to pick her urn up @ the vet's.

I got a letter of condolence from the vet today:

Like all vets, I hated doing this, painless though it was, but to me there has always been a comfort in the knowledge that the last thing these helpless animals knew was the touch of a ggentle hand and the sound of a friendly voice. Blue was a special friend and will be missed. Your decision was loving, kind, and correct. Our sympathies are with you.

If there is anything we can do for you in your time of grief, please do not hesitate to call on us.

(signed by all 5 vets @ the clinic/hospital. One, Dr. Mobley, wrote "I am very sorry for your loss of Blue."

This was so touching to me. They really, all of them, took such good care of Blue, Riefer, and the remaining four; Smudge, Little Bit, Boo, and Tober.

Also, I did see her one last time last night. What bothered me the most of being with her as she was PTS, was her eyes remained open. When I saw her last night, they were closed, so it looked more like she was sleeping. I asked the tech that was with me how they closed her eyes and she said they use a cream that lets their eyes close.

I miss you my Big Boo-Boo Bear.

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