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Your sister will turn 9 years old without you on Thursday baby boy. It hardly seems like a year and a half has past since we last saw you. We miss your sweet voice and beautiful face. Sabrina and Trouble still miss you and sleep with me ever since you left us. We miss your unconditional love and gentle nature. You were so good to your sister and adopted brother. She plays without you and he no longer has you to sleep with at night. It is so quiet here without you talking, as you did so much.

I still look for you in the woods and up along the mountain ridge. I know I won't see you walking down the trail, but I can't help thinking you are there, somewhere. I still leave catnip on the stone walls for you baby. I will send up some balloons for you on Thursday, in the field where you used to hunt.

I keep your cat beds clean and your favorite toys in them. I know you would still be here with us if I had kept you safe baby boy. I am so sorry I can't go back to that day and change what happened. I would give anything to get you back Boo Boo. You loved us so much and deserve to be with us now. I miss you baby boy.


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OMG, Boo Boo (what a cute name) is just adorable.

What a beautiful tribute to your little boy.

I will pray for you tonight.


Piggy's Mom

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I can imagine how difficult it is... I just had the same experience as you, last monday was the birthday of Neko, my cat, and Lucy, my little dog. Lucy is the daughter of Jessie, my sweet miniature pinscher that died a month ago. It was so sad to think that she was not anymore with us. Oh how much I cried this last two days. Your Boo Boo is such a sweet boy, I know he's very close to you. He wants to tell you that he's not gone, he is always with you. I know he would like to see those balloons you will send for him.
Diana, Jessie's mom.
My Jessie, I miss you my little queen...
Jessie as puppy

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Dear BooBoos’ Mom –


I’m not sure what it was about your post, but I just cried so hard I couldn’t read it through my tears.  I think it was reading about how you are keeping his bed clean with his toys, and catnip on the stone walls or maybe how you keep looking for him in the woods or on the ridge. Mostly I think it was the love that was coming through those words and images on the page.  Your love for Boo is so strong and sweet. 


I love the pictures of him just lounging about . . . so content. 


I’m sure he’ll see the balloons as they pass over the bridge and he’ll know they are a message from you.


Many hugs BooBoo’s Mom.


Rusty’s Mom.


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BooBoos mom, I am so sorry for you, but what a nice tribute. 
It has been 3 weeks since I loss my BooBoo kitty and I to miss her everyday.
I hope our 2 BooBoo's have found each other at the bridge, I am saying a prayer for both of them

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Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. I hope all our babies are together and happy. It is hard for us to be without them. They gave us so much love.

I sent up the balloons today with some catnip and small mice toys attached. I wrote him a note and let them go. The wind carried them up over the ridge towards the mountains. I'd like to think he knows they are being sent to him.


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I'm positive he knows they are being sent to him.  What a wonderful way to let your baby know you love and miss him.


Piggy's Mom


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Happy Birthday beautiful Boo Boo! What a gorgeous boy you are! I am sure he loved the balloons and treats. What a lovely thing to do. I had to celebrate my beloved Mr. Meowgy's birthday without him too. I still have his sister and felt I had to do it for her. So I know how hard today was for you. I am so sorry. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Boo Boo's Mom,

I'm so sorry I didn't see your post until now...  I know how hard the birthdays can be. I lost Molly (my BooBoo) 3 weeks before her birthday and it's been hard since then.  This year was the 2nd birthday...  I hope you were okay and were able to think of all the good things dear Boo Boo brought to your life.  I  know that these days should be celebrated rather than us grieving over the loss, but that is hard to do when our hearts are broken.

I hope that Boo Boo's sister had a good birthday - I hope that she's not broken-hearted too. 

My thoughts are with you and I'm asking Molly to give Boo Boo a great big birthday hug!  I know that Molly will be so happy to share in Boo Boo's celebration - she loves a party!

Please take good care, and know that we all care so much about you.



Posts: 686
Happy Birthday Boo Boo.  I hope you are celebrating with my kitty, Gus.  His birthday is today.  He would be 4 yrs. old.  I'm thinking of both of you.

Kate (Gus's mom)


Posts: 153
Happy Birthday Boo Boo !!!

Your mom will always be waiting for your return..and keeping your favorite toys and bed.  That is love, and hope.  Every time your mom walks along those paths looking for are right near her on that path. 

How we blame ourselves whenever our angels disappear or go to the bridge.  But I know you were loved so much Boo Boo and your mom just misses you so.

Boo-Boo is with Puff and all of our furangels...he is safe, he is well, and he is near!!  With all the love he had could he not keep a watch over all of his family.  Boo-Boos mom..I know my grief losing Puff has kept my heart so broken that even if she tries to send a hello...I just seem to block it.

One day we will all know the answers...and be with them again.  Until then...we will honor them, miss them, and always hope for miracles.

Suzanne sweet girl


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I'm sorry I missed this thread until now, but I just have to say my goodness your Boo Boo is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I am a sucker for black cats but even if I wasn't, I would still think Boo Boo is DA BOMB!!!

What a wonderful thing you did with the balloons and catnip and toys and the note you wrote to him. I have been thinking of letting some balloons fly as you did, sort of as a symbol of letting my Blackie go but I can't quite bring myself to do this yet because the pain is still so raw for me and I am not ready to let him go, so to speak.

Anniversaries are so very difficult, I hope you were able to find some peace as you let the balloons fly towards the mountains.

Happy belated birthday Boo Boo. I hope you had a happy one!
Blackie's mommy


Posts: 201

 When reading your beautiful tribute to your booboo I couldn't help but feel the wonderful connection you two shared. 

It also made me think of this poem. I don't know who wrote it, but I feel it truly expresses what I feel you have waiting for you:

And if I go, while you are still here...
Know that I still live on,
Vibrating to a different measure,
Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through.
You will not see me, so you must have faith.
I will wait there for the time when we can soar together again, both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to the fullest.
And when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there. (unknown)


Posts: 132
Dear Boo ,
What a beautiful tribute to your precious boy, I know how dearly you loved him and how much you miss him.

But this is just a temperary seperation you and BooBoo will one day be together again for ever and ever.
I wish BooBoo many happy returns from the Irish contingency,
(((((((Boo & Mom))))))))
Cu' Uladhwolf

Posts: 48
awwwwwwwww Boo,
I don't know what to say. Happy Birthday to your little Boo Boo! Your post made me think of my Sheba (dog) and her best friend Sox (cat). Sox is missing her Sheba and I too have memorials everywhere also. I cried very hard when I read your beautiful words. You are a special person to have loved all your furbabies so much. Take care, OK.
Your friend,

Posts: 99
Thank you for all the warm birthday wishes. I'm sorry it took so long to respond. It has been a difficult week.

I hope we do get to see our furbabies again someday and in the meantime, they are happy.

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