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Bootsie stopped eating. Just like that. He's diabetic and his dose was adjusted a few months ago. Did great and eye ulcer healed (after 2 1/2 months).

 Last eve, just wouldn't eat--vomited this am twice undigested food. Thought at first he was just finicky and got mad at him that he was fussing so bad. My husband got him a new food--went out at 9 pm--and he ate it, but found it vomited all over this am.

The only time he's ever done this is when he had ketosis (DKA). Don't think anything else to do for him--shocked more than anything. He's been doing so good. Don't understand anything anymore.

Gonna call vet--don't know what else to do. He had blood panels done both in Jan. and end of April. BOth fine, exc. sugars high. Adjusted insulin and did better.

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As I say a prayer over Peaches on this her two month anniversary I will include you and Bootsie along with all the others out there, here at Pet Loss or anywhere else they may be. God Bless.-----Jerry in Oklahoam.

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Dear Nancee:
I am so sorry to hear about Bootsie.  I hope everything will be alright.  It is so very hard to undersand how things like that happen and why.  I will pray for Bootsie and please let us know how he is doing.

Many hugs,
Mary, Meisters Mom Forever

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So sorry to hear about Bootsie's ill health.  I can relate as my Jasmine and now my Amy both have had stomach issues.  My heart just aches for them when they've been in distress.  I hope you find answers with the vet.  I will keep you and Bootsie in my prayers for sure.

                                 Hugs to you, JasminesMom (Kathy)

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Vet says it's prob. DKA. He would have to be hospitalized. Problem is this disease is very iffy at best to treat. He's had it years ago. Even if it was successfully treated--to keep his sugars low enough to not have it happen again, yet not to be hypoglycemic is a balancing act I've been trying to maintain for 4 years.
I'm exhausted, haven't slept much;Bootsie's so sick and I feel like a train hit both of us. He was doing so well these last 2 months, didn't see this one coming. That's especially hard, feel that everything is so out of control. My husband is a wreck, too. We have the 15 1/2 yr. old husky who's been teetoring between life and death for the last 3 months. How much can a person take? I feel like God has left the building, maybe the universe. I can't even imagine life without Bootsie, his little moustache (he's a tuxedo cat, long haired).
He's always here in the house with me, everwhere I go, he's there. I just can't imagine life without him. I tell my husband the lonliness of not having him will probably kill me.

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Sending many prayers and hugs to you and Bootsie!

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