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I come back here after 8 years, since the loss of my cat Maggie, because you all helped me so much. I come back here for Boubou. Boubou was found hit by a car on the cold streets in October. She was old and scared, neglected, probably abandoned by a previous owner. I had to help her. I offered to foster her. She was in a bad shape, weak and tiny. They told me she bites. So I treated her with caution. I took her home. She had a broken pelvis, could not stand. She was really thin and her teeth were in a horrible state. She could see a bit only from one eye and she was deaf. So i took her to the vet, run all the tests I could and started physiotherapy for her leg. We neutered her and took care of her teeth (we had to remove 12!) and even fought an ear infection. They said she was about 13 years old. She never bit me. She knew i was helping her. I kept her. Thank god i did. In about 4 months she was happily well fed, stood on her four legs, even run in the yard with her tail wagging. She always followed me around and waited patiently for me to finish whatever I was doing. She always waited for me behind the door to come back home when I left. She always wanted to be next to me and sleep on my bed. I feel we were made for each other. I loved her, her smell, her snout and her little eyelashes. When she finally could run on her legs and enjoy life I was sooo happy. It was the best feeling in the world. I wanted to give her everything so she could forget the torture she endured in the past. But seven months later, two weeks ago she started vomiting, not eating and having diarrhea. It was kidney failure. She deteriorated so fast. In a week and after her first iv fluid therapy her creatinine levels doubled. She was not eating a thing, lost all the weight she had gained. She was distancing herself, depressed and when I held her she could not support her weight at all. I was watching her fade away in disbelief, how could this happen, why did no one realise sooner, why is it progressing so fast.. Finally a few days ago she started having seizures. Three in 48 hours. She could barely stand. She was dying. They told me there was nothing else we could do. I could not let her suffer not any more. Not with these seizures not this sweet little tortured soul. I had to make the decision. I did not want to. I had to. They told me she had about a week-ten days to live. But that was not living. We put her to sleep three days ago. As I drove her to the vet it was torture, i took all the time i could with her that day. The whole day I spent it next to her. I told her she could rest now, that I will always love her and never forget her. Before the shots she had this worried look in her eyes, I just cannot forget it and it breaks my heart. But I was there next to her the whole time. Then she left, peacefully. I buried her in the garden so she can always be close. I miss her so much. I am heartbroken. The house is empty and I look for her all the time. She was only seven months with me but we loved each other so much. I thought her troubles were over, I thought I could protect her. My sweet girl. I was her everything. To all the people out there helping the strays my heart goes out to you. I promised her I would help many more dogs in the future. Stray dogs, old dogs, ill dogs, dogs and cats that no one wants to adopt. When my heart heals.
Rest in peace Boubou, my strong sweet angel. You fought till the end.
Always love you.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Boubou may have only been with you seven months but during that time she knew she was loved and cared for and she returned your love. Without you it is quite likely she would not have survived her injuries from the accident. Not everyone would have done all that you did. Kidney failure can take a life within a few months, occasionally a pet (I think of them as family,that is what they are to me) will live a few years but that is not common. My vet did not expect Piper to live very long at all when he first treated her. I believe sometimes come into our lives for a purpose, not just because they need us, sometimes we need them just as much. Because of your great love for Boubou you will go on to care for many other dogs. There are so many elderly dogs sitting in shelters that are not chosen because so many people want a little puppy. They don't realize how much an older dog has to give, total love and devotion. Many years a stray came to our neighborhood and I decided I would foster her for the Humane Society. You can guess what happened, she was with us for years until cancer of the mouth took her from us. I know your heart is hurting and tears are falling but Boubou can never truly leave you, she is in your heart. I don't know if you are a religious person and don't want to offend you but I believe we will be with them again, never to be parted. Take care my friend, you will be in my thoughts.

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Thank you twinkiesmom. Seven months might seem so little but the bond we developed was so strong. Maybe because I helped her through her worst, when everyone else wanted to euthanise her. But she recovered and walked and lived happily for just a little more. She returned my love 1000%,so sweet, so giving. I miss her horribly. From the moment we diagnosed her it took just two weeks. There were signs I did not have the knowledge to interpret and I believe the vet did not give the appropriate attention between all her other problems. I feel so bad for that. Maybe an earlier diagnosis would have given her a few more happy months. Thank you for also caring for another elder dog, I wish more people would. They are so kind and loving. I am not religious and it doesn't help in this moment, I need to think she exists somewhere better than here without suffering. And that I will hold her once again. I just needed to give her what she never had in the past and I feel there was not enough time for that. It's been four days and it's still fresh, I am trying to be patient. Thank you for your reply.
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