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It was a month this past Saturday that my 8 year old chihuahua Bruiser crossed over to The Bridge suddenly and unexpectedly on 7/21/10. I've had my good days and bad days since the day he passed. And after reading here about "signs" from our beloved little furry friends I couldn't wait for Bruiser to come to me in some shape or form.

Since he's passed I've seen him a few times. Just a day or two after he passed both me and my husband saw him in the clouds. There was a cloud the exact shape of Bruiser's eyes, nose, and front paws. I thought I was crazy at first when I saw it but then I showed my husband and he couldn't believe how much this one cloud resembled our boy! The cloud was only there for about a minute or so and then it dissolved but, it was so so so beautiful.

The next time I saw him was last week. We live on a river. And across the river we usually see deer from time to time come to the water to drink or nibble on the grass around the bank. And usually they are always female. We have yet to have seen a male come out of the woods. Well last week there was a male that came to the bank with beautiful antlers that made him look like a moose. Moose was one of my little nicknames for Bruiser. And also I, along with a lot of people always said Bruiser looked like a deer when his ears were up straight and alert, along with his eyes and his nose and his coloring. He just had a the face of a deer. And here was this male deer across the river. I went onto our dock to get a closer look and to take a few pictures. I also had my husband's binoculars so I could see him right up close. And he so looked like my boy, the face, the ears, the eyes, the colors, the nose! And he saw me standing on the dock and he just stared at me for what seemed like 5 minutes. He didn't get scared and run off. I know in my heart this was the form Bruiser chose to show himself to me, to let me know he was ok. And after those 5 minutes I let him be and he went back to grazing.

But, the best sign of them all was when he came to me in my dreams Sunday night. In my dream I was looking out my back door into the backyard and watching my beagle and puggle play. And in this dream there was a big dirt pile on the grass. Out of nowhere Bruiser starts running around on the top of this dirt pile, diggin holes and playing with some of the sticks that were on top of the pile. And I just gasped out BRUISER! And he stopped playing and stared at me like what??? And I went oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell your name, I just was shocked to see you, please keep playing! While I was dreaming, in my dream I realized I was dreaming. And I knew that Bruiser being in my dream was for a purpose. I didn't see him in my dreams and just think oh there's Bruiser playing like usual. I knew he was there for me to talk to, to pet, to snuggle, to kiss, like it was the last time I was going to see him. And I didn't take him for granted being there, I knew what I had to do. When he came into the house to me, I grabbed him and kissed him and snuggled him and told him I loved him so much, everything I would do and say if I knew it was the last time I would see him and have this chance. And when I woke up from this dream I wasn't sad. I was so extremely happy that I had this dream and took every opportunity in this dream. Even now when I think about my dream it brings tears to my eyes. But they aren't tears of sadness, they're tears of joy! I know this dream was Bruiser coming to me to give me my chance to say good bye and to tell him I loved him. And I did all those things and more. I didn't take the moment for granted at all, and that is what makes me the happiest of all.

I'm sorry for rambling and for this being so long, but I knew you all would understood and appreciate my signs. <3


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Your signs from Bruiser are wonderful!  I am very happy for you.  It is always such a treat to hear from our babies.  Our love for them will never end!!



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Justkell, oh what a wonderful experience for you!  I can't begin to imagine the comfort and joy that this visit has given you.

Like you, I've seen many signs, especially in the clouds, of my Luke and Lil telling me that they're OK and watching out for me.  I've also had other signs that make that doubly clear.  But, I've been praying for the time that I can actually see my babies again in a dream visit.  It just doesn't come!  What I wouldn't give to embrace them again, to scratch their ears and to smell their fur.....even if it is in a dream.  I just want it so badly!

My pups have been gone now for 7 weeks and 4 weeks respectively.  I miss them terribly, and there is still such a big empty spot that they used to fill.  I have not been without my dogs for 13 and 12 years....and now there are none, at least physically.  LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)
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