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Help. My ferret Sofie, possibly 4, was put down last night. All so sudden. This started as just an appontment to find out whats wrong.
He was fine, playing and jumping around until around December 9th is when he started taking a dip in condition. I wouldn't say that he got to the point he was, but for about two weeks NOW, he was not pooping right, small sticky grainy black poo, not as much, not even fully. VERY lethargic, from moving less and less, walking a little, then laying down sighing. Rubbing his face in bedding a lot. Peeing on himself. Back legs working still, but ocasially being weak and not. But, i saw him walk away fine from his cage with back legs to the other room the day before yesterday, Jan 7th, he even ate his food. He had been eating I checked, an okay amount too.
Yesterday, Jan 8th was the day he was put down. Around 7pm after getting there at 5. When I got there the vet said from an x-ray he had damage on his abdomen, a tear, and there was fluid in his chest OR tissue, originally saying we should keep him on iv overnight at another hospital to do so. So I told him to check the fluid was, it was two syringe fulls of blood in one lung the right, a little in the left. After finding that out he told us surgery was not an option after emptying his lungs, only putting him down would be best, he didn't even recommend I take him home for his last time, that he may not survive the night. That he was too weak to survive anesthesia in surgery but I feel like he could have. I feel like this reason alone is not enough, is only a month of being this way really capable of him having to be put down so quick? Could he not survive? Could the doctor have done anything else? There's things I've read saying they could. Could I have kept him on an iv and given him medications? Put him on pain medication and brought him home? Is there anything else? WHY, WHY didn't the doctor do what's in these articles I've read? Should I have brought him home instead to be with me in his last days?
The pressure of him not suffering is what forced a decision, but why wasn't I offered to give him medications for another day?

I rushed home from work so I could take him to my appointment at 4:30, only to end up being told we had to put him down after seeing the blood, he spent his last moments, last day, with me going to the wrong vet to rush into another, laying on him on the metal table. With not enough affection. It wasnt a good last day. I feel truely like he wanted to wake up, and his chest being drained might have made him feel better, and now he never will because we chose to let him go, and there could have been more we could have done. I wasn't even there when he passed and I don't know why. Please help me know if I made the right choice, I can't even live with myself at this point feeling like there was more to be done, that he should have had a better last day. I want him back and I don't know what to do. He was my little man. Looking back, at one point he climbed on my back and he only does that to get away from baths because he hates bath so was he trying to get away from what happened to him? Did I kill my pet when he didn't need or want it? Did I kill my pet prematurely? I don't feel I can even live knowing this.

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Hey, I'm sorry for what you had to go through. All this turmoil you are feeling just shows how much you loved sofie. I think you made the right decision. You have to remember that all vets are animal lovers. They spent 8+ years in school and have many years of experience. And most of them went into that profession bc of losing a loved pet like you. I think following the doctors recommendations helped your lil guy from suffering. Ferrets are so small and conditions can change so fast. He is happy now running and jumping pain free! I think you can rest easy knowing you protected sofie.

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Thank you, your words really do help. The hardest part is every morning I wake up and go to see him and realize he's not there. I get so scared because I feel like nobody could love my little man the way I do, but you have to be right they spent so long doing this to get where they are at, there must be love in mind. Emphasizing he's okay now is what I need so thank you again, it'll just be a long healing process. To keep hearing my little boy is okay now.
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