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hi ,  has anyone here had experiences with butterflies after your pet died? my ferret arthur left me 2 months ago. since then i have had many butterflies visit.  usually a black one who is absolutley gorgeous. he  landed on me and then flew and sat on arthurs headstone.  since, then the black one has bomdived me once, lol , this reminded me of arthur cause he used to play attack me.   i have also seen yellow, orange , white ones around.  there so beataful.    amy


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Amy, I truly beleive it's your baby Arthur letting you know it's ok now.
I saw a beautiful cloud formation of a cat the other was leaping away towards some other clouds...I think it was my baby telling me 'it's ok mom, I'm in a really happy place' gave me some peace, but I know like you, it still breaks your heart.
I think it was Arthur's way of giving you little ferret his mom.
I'm hoping for more 'gifts' from my baby, I really hope you keep on receiving them as well!   :)
They're to be so treasured!
Your baby loved you soooo much to send you those precious butterflies!  :)
Plus, you are'nt the only one who has experienced the butterfly effect, another precious furparent did'nt that wonderful!  I truly think it's to let us know and to try and ease the hurt in our hearts is why our babies send these things to us.
Enjoy them honey.....and I am soooo very happy that you got that special gift from your sweet Arthur!!

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Heyy Amy :-) Because i live in the UK at the moment we are not getting any butterflies....The weather is kind of bad....But i would love to think i would get butterflies over my barley cat's grave because he used to love chasing them lol :) All my love && sorry to hear about your ferrit Arthur xxx becci xxx


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Amy, I am so sorry for the loss of you fur baby Arthur.  Yes I know about the butterflies, my fur baby Sparky started out sending me white butterflies, that yellow and once he sent me a beautiful orange one.  I have also asked Sparky to let me know if he is ok to let me know by sending me a pink or purple butterfly.  I have never seen one in either color.  Well the other day when I was mowing the grass, I happened to look in the grass and saw something strange, it was a moth and it was so beautiful. I picked it up and it clung to my hand while I carried to show my husband.  I looked it up  on the computer to see what kind ofmoth it was and it is a  Emeperor Gum Moth.   It had pink and purple in it's coloring. I have never seen one so beautiful, so yes I do think our fur babies send us these signs in the way of butter flies to let us know that they are still with us.  Whenever I see a butterfly it puts a smile on my face for I know that Sparky is still with me and is doing ok.
The next day at work I was adding some checks up to do a deposit and lo and behold there was a check that had  a pink and purple butterfly on it and I just had to smile, and further down was a pink butterfly on some pink flowers.  My boy has been busy honoring my request.  Take care and know that our fur babies are taking care of us from beyond.  Sparky's Mom**Anna


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oh how beautiful!! I will have to start paying more attention to the butterflies I see now and then! I didn't know they were angles from heaven :-)


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Jo.......I had a bit of a chuckle over your "angles from heaven".....I know you meant "angels", but interestingly you created a subject for thought, as a result. There are lots of angles on the whole business of our afterlife, and butterflies do seem to be little messengers from our pets.In early March this year, after Tobie died, the weather wasn't too good (UK) but on the same weekend the sun shone for a while, and we had a lovely Peacock butterfly in the garden. It sat right alongside us, on the strawberry patch, before dashing off again. Peacock butterflies usually appear a bit later than this, but apparently they've been seen earlier this year, too, in other places.

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Hi Amy,
When my dog Butterscotch died, the same day as I was outside, walking on our property, one plain, white moth wouldn't leave me alone....kept flying around my head.  I was by myself and decided to think it must be a message from Butterscotch that she was ok..........later the same day I went outside again, and lo and behold, I think the same moth was there as again it wouldn't leave me alone.  Now I always think of her when I see butterflies.....even the plain old moths!

Butterscotch's mom

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lol blubudgie, spelling was never my strong suit, and I'm sure it goes even more downhill when it's past my bedtime, as it usually is when I visit the board :-) glad to have brought a smile to your face, even if by accident

thank you all so much for sharing your butterfly stories - today right when I was missing my orange tabby cat who died last year, a beautiful orange butterfly flew right over to me... how special! I am so glad I read this post yesterday, or I would never have even made the connection.

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I believe arthur is letting you know he is okay, perhaps butterflies are tiny angels of the animals that have passed, watching over us until they know we're going to be okay. It's a comforting thought. I think my Baby is sending me signs through my other mice, as just for a time they were very placid and loving as she was, rather than skittish and shy. I couldn't play for too long as it just made my heart ache for her but it's nice to think that our beloved furbabies are watching over us.

I'm going to keep a lookout for butterflies, I haven't seen one in a long time, and I know it will be a little fur angel watching over.


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Oh yes :) I've seen a beautiful yellow butterfly that came around after Riefer died. I believe it's a sign from him :)


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     I've never heard or experanced the butterfly - but if a black-brown &
     white one comes around this summer I'd welcome it with open arms
     as a sign of my WImpy letting me know all is well.   I'm happy for you.

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The day after I buried my Doodlebug in our backyard, my 3 and a half year old son put his butterfly net on her grave site. He did this on his own accord. He has also been telling me that "Doodlebug gave me a dream" when he wakes up in the morning. Just another reason for me to believe that she us looking down on us and sending her love.

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Oddly enough, I am reading a book right now that states that animals, in tehir afterlife, revisit in the form of butterflies and birds.
I have seen more butterflies here but there are SO many birds and so many more types of birds here now than before. We have ahd a thistle feeder up for 3 years and we couldn't pay the thistles to come to it. My hubby has seen several thistles on that feeder since Grover has died.
Definitely something to think about!!!

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My beloved Corey passed on 3 months ago and a moth just mysteriously appeared from no where since early Feb. I have been seeing the moth  every day for almost 3 months now.  The moth just stay in my bedroom and doesnt go to the other rooms.  I feel a bit comfort when I see it.  I have my window closed since Nov last year. now  I am afraid he will leave if I open the window.  I wonder if the moth is really my beloved Corey.  How long is moths life span?  I think the moth is trying to help me for my grief.  I want to believe there is life after death.  He was always very playful all his 11 years of life.  I hope he is safe and happy in the other world.

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After Harry passed, there was a butterfly that would come several times a week, and just sit where I could see it. It would not fly off when I got near it. It also had the same colors as Harry had. I always feel that it was Harry, or a message from Harry, letting me know he was all right.

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Yes. I saw butterfly twice. The color is the same with my dog Candy, white. One is next to the room (outside the room) as she was being cremated, it flew during the process, and the other time is 3 days laters, as we were visiting thd house where her female pup was adopted 6 years ago. Candy's female pup, Sugar a.k.a Chloe had died first, but my friend also took care of one of Sugar's pup, a black dog named Moggu. I just realized this now, that the second butterfly is a white butterfly with an outer black lining. Moggu is black. I did videotaped the butterfly rightaway. I was wandering if the first butterfly might be a kind of message from her to me. The second butterfly was already flying in my friends front yard and we saw it as we arrived after about a120 km car ride in a diff. City.

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Happened to me twice, a black with white spots butterfly showed within the week after my cat, Fonzi (tuxedo) died, this was in 2018. And again today, a black with green spots butterfly showed right at the back door and it lingered their for a while. Tiny Belle (black and white with green and blue heterochromia) was one of the sweetest with silly antics I will never forget.
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