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I have 3 pets - a 7 year old female Yorkie, a 3 year old male Shizu, and a 5 year old tabby cat. I’ve had the Yorkie and the cat for 5 years, the Shizu for only 7 months. All 3 animals are my “babies”. I love them, they love me, and they get along well with each other.

I work and travel a lot and I’m too busy to care for them optimally. They interfere with my social life because my house is in pet-disarray and I don’t have guests over as a result. In addition, I’m considering relocating to another city and I’m not sure if I will be able to take them with me.

My problem is this: I can’t bear even the thought of giving them up. I’m afraid that no one else will love them the way that I do. They each have little quirks that only I understand. For example: the Yorkie barks at the house windows everyone she hears voices of people outside, the Shizu scratches himself a lot because he has been shot several times with a BB gun (my vet told me this) and the wounds itch, and the cat thinks he is a baby and likes to be picked up and cuddled all the time. These things might get on other people’s nerves, but for me it’s just a part of who my babies are and something I’ve learned to love with.

I don’t know what to do. I need to give them up but I can’t... My heart is heavy now, with even the thought of the possibility of having to give them up. I’m afraid for what I’d be like and how heartbroken I’d be if I actually gave them up.

Helpful and kind suggestions are welcome.

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Maybe you can take them with you. You can make it work if you try. Giving up your fur babies is a very hard thing and if you truly love them, you will find a way to work through it ?


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Giving up your fur babies is like giving up your human children. You brought them into your home and you love them. I am sure you can find a way to keep them without having to break their heart and your own as well.


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I am so beyond words. I know that your are in a bit of a rock and a hard place but if it were me I would find a way to take them with me. You just can't give them up. I can't understand why, just moving you can't find a way not to split up your family. If you love them as much as you say, giving them up shouldn't be an option. As for your social life, I know many pet owners who have both, a pet and a social life. It's all depends on how you list your priorities. I would live on the street before giving up my pets. I'm hoping that you can reach deep within yourself and put your pets first and think of their live. How much they would miss you and wonder what they did wrong for you to give them up. How tragic for their little souls.
Good luck and do the right thing.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I see where you are coming from.  I got 3 dogs almost all at once from a rescue. They were young and needed house training. At times I thought I could not keep up with them, but I could not let them go for the same reasons you feel, as you said, "I can’t bear even the thought of giving them up. I’m afraid that no one else will love them the way that I do. They each have little quirks that only I understand."  I worried someone may not understand them and would abuse them, and I knew I could never live with that.  My little guy also barks near the windows, at everything and there may be people who would not understand or have patience for him.  I learned to love them more and more and understand them and in only a few months I couldn't let them go. 

You love your pets and it would be so hard for you to give them up.  For me, the only place I would consider is a good nearby no-kill rescue where you would meet the new pet parent(s) and have to approve of them before adoption. If I absolutely had to, I would only give up any of my dogs to a no-kill rescue, which would be hard enough. There would be stipulations that I have to meet the new parent(s). Luckily, maybe they could take all of your pets so they can be together.  If they live close by, maybe you could make an arrangement that you could visit them or sit for them when needed. Then you would always know how they are and how they are cared for.  Maybe a relative or a few relatives could take them if you need to split them up? 

Are you close to retirement age where you could have the freedom of keeping them and living out your retirement with them?  I had just early retired before I got my first dog and after fostering for a rescue, a month later, I wound up keeping the 2 fosters (brothers).  I fell in love with them and I didn't want the rescue to adopt them out.  I recently wrote about my first experience with my 2 little ones, conversations I had with the rescue owner.  "I hope that whoever gets these little guys takes as much or more care of them as I have. I truly care about them."  I felt the same way that you do.  

One of the 2 little ones passed away unexpectedly last Xmas Eve, why I am on this forum.  I could never give up my 2 other dogs now.  I cherish every day to be with them.  I am fortunate that I am retired and I have the time for them.  I am still grieving from losing one (Parker) at only 6 years old.  I still have his brothers (one blood, and his other brother), but I miss him so much, and I would miss these guys tremendously if they weren't here for any reason.  If there is any way you can work out keeping your pets, you will one day be so grateful for the love they give you in return.

I hope the suggestions here help you.  I wish you the best and the best for your little babies.

~ Parker's Mom


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I don't understand why you have to give them up, especially after 5 years together. Can you hire a pet sitter to spend some time with them while you're gone? If you move, can't you take them with you? A pet-disarrayed house is just part of having pets. Most people understand that. Pet lovers certainly do. Why is it just bothering you now?

I haven't even had a home for the last several years, but I always brought my cat with me, to hotels, Airbnbs, wherever I went. I never considered a place that wouldn't take him too. I would have lived in the car with him if I'd had to, but luckily I never did.

If they are your "babies," I really hope you can find a way to keep them. Just make keeping them a high priority, and make plans with that in mind. Unless you don't want them any more. Then please take them to a no kill shelter.

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La Quinta and Hyatt both allow pets and have points that allí a lot of discounts and free stays. If you have to travel, you can drive. I also face the same issue in the future. My plan when I had Smiley was to sell my house, travel in a mini camper and RV for a lot less. I have a cat also and used to travel and take him out on a harness. Pets adjust to travel and they love it. Your happiness and well-being is also worth something.

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I can't imagine giving up any of my animals in order to have a social life. I made a commitment to them. I have five dogs, my neighbors house is spotless, but I'd rather have the love of my Babies vs a spotless home. We go out to eat, we do things outside our home, and if you want to have a get together at home, board them for a day or two, or hire cleaning help for a couple of hours. My house is actually pretty clean, and doesn't smell. I also have five cats. You can do this.

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I don’t think giving up your pets should even be an option. If that is what ends up happening, please remember the next time you decide you want a pet. Pets are forever.
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