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My cat Moon died almost 4 weeks ago.  She was not a lap cat, and she panicked if she was handled too much, but liked to be near us.  Moon spent much of her day with me in my office, and she curled up on the couch near me in the evening.  She wasn't a cuddly cat, but I never had any doubt of her love for us. 

A couple nights ago, I was sitting on the couch watching TV (yeah, I'm a couch potato).  My cat Lily was lying at the other end of the couch.  At one point, I looked over at her.  She looked back at me for a few moments, then she turned her head and stared up at the top of the couch.  She was looking at one of Moon's favorite spots, a soft blanket draped across the top of the couch.   Lily gazed at that spot for maybe 30 seconds or so - fairly long in cat-attention-span time.

I'd like to think that Moon was with us in spirit, curled up on her blanket, and that Lily somehow sensed her presence.  Or maybe she was just remembering Moon up there.  Whatever she was thinking, her actions certainly brought back the memories for me - and some tears. 

Have any of you experienced reactions like this from your remaining pets?



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  Your cat Moon is adorable. She looks like she was a little lady--dainty, petite and very sweet. My calico, Puffy, was very petite, but over 9 pounds in her youth. When she ran, her back legs looked like a rabbit running.

   Sometimes, my male cat, before he passed on (and in hindsight) would stare at a spot near the ceiling. It happened more than once. Not sure why.
   I do think their spirits come back and I swear, at times, I've see my calico in the house since she's passed over --through my peripheral vision.

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I really believe our surviving furbabies may have a little sixth sense about their departed brothers and sisters.  Maybe she sensed Moon, or simply recalled Moon always sat there.   Regardless, she was probably missing Moon's physical presence.  When Betsy passed, Gracie, my black lab, went and looked in her little empty crate for a few days and Ralphie, who had been with Betsy for sixteen years, got very, very ill.  He did recover with good vet care.

Thank goodness, animals live more in the moment than we do or their grief would simply get the best of them.   I try to stay positive around my surviving furbabies because they pick up on my moods really fast.  So, if I'm sad, they seem sad; if I'm upbeat, they are dancing around the living room.

Sending hugs,
Betsy's forever loving and proud momma


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Hello.  My own experience is that Pip passed suddenly aged 2 and a half. Her sister was quite depressed after she went and I had to spend a real lot of time playing with her and getting her out of it - she missed her sister.  It was strange at first because Pip would always ruin Smudges games and take over everything and her sister still expected that to happen.  Pip lived like every minute was her last - perhaps she knew something we didn't.  Smudge is seven now and will not have another "friend".  Pip's casket is on the shelf with a picture of her and flowers.  Her sister often just sits looking at it - sometimes she meows at and paws the picture.

Pip and her sister would go mad running round the furniture and chasing eachother round the house.  Sometimes Smudge does this by herself  - I come in expecting to find two cats, but there is only one - but it is always at 4.30 when Pip went.

Although they were sisters, they are very different characters.  Smudge is lnot a lap cat but recently sat on my husband until the "strangers" (paramedics) came in to assist us - he was having a heart attack and got took to hospital for an operation.

Smudge is a weird "understanding" cat, you can tell her something she has never heard before and she does it.  She taps you with her paw to get your attention.  She knows to tap your eyes if you are asleep and she wants you awake.  She taps your mouth if she wants food.  She tries to say "hello" (mew-mew) on the phone.  If you ignore her tapping you - she uses ONE claw to get attention.  If I say "Can I see your tum" she flops over and lifts a leg!

Best wishes.

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Hi Carol,

I believe your Lily is seeing your Moon. I have seen many strange things since my Loki passed on, all of our other pets, Flash and Freya the cats and Molly the boarder collie have stared at things I can't see but it is usually Flash who seems to sense or see Loki, even though she wasn't born until after Loki died. On one particularly strange occasion I saw Flash playing wrestling/boxing the way she normally does with her sister Freya except the cat she was playing with was invisible! I bet it was Loki.

On another occasion about 6 months ago, me and my other half were playing with all of the pets right next to the lounge door which was closed, I warned my other half that perhaps he was getting a little too rough for Flash and immediately there was a loud knocking on the lounge door, there was no-one else in the house so I said 'see Loki agrees'. There really was nothing else that could have made the noise.

Hope that gives you hope,
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