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Hello Petloss Family,

There is always a need for transporters all over the country (and Canada too). Though we have many people here that would be willing to help transport.....we never know where people are available to help transport and sometimes have limited time to find someone available in a certain area.

I'd like to use this post for those willing to offer help in transporting to list a general area they are willing to cover and times generally available if possible. This way when transport help is needed we can check this post and see if there is someone here that can help.

I know many can not do this on a regular basis and that's all right. If you can only help once, that is another baby saved because you helped.

Thank you all for helping the babies make it to safety and their new forever homes. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I can am in the Philadelphia metro area and can cover parts of southern NJ and northern DE.

I am available for transporting Friday nights, weekends and holidays.

(((((((((((((HUGE HUGGIES TO ALL)))))))))))))


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I am in Michigan.  I can transport central, western, northern (excluding upper peninsula) or eastern during all seasons except winter.  Will be unable to travel Detroit area.  Could transport most any time if not scheduled to work.  I work 4 days every other week.




Rhoda (Maggie Rose's Mommy)


Posts: 184

I am in Dallas, Texas -- would be available to transport on weekends.  Also go to Wichita, Kansas by way of Tulsa or Oklahoma City several times a year, so could help transport there at those times.


Posts: 106

My hubby and I live in the Tampa Bay area. We can help transport most anywhere in Florida.


Posts: 438

I can help in the SW virginia area.


Posts: 2

Hi - I am new to this site,having just lost our beloved schnauzer on Friday.  I think helping with transport would be a wonderful way to help me heal.

I live in the suburban Philadelphia area (outside the Northeast), in Bucks County.  I would be willing to transport anywhere in the area up to about 2 hours one way.  I work Mon. - Wed. 8:30am - 4:30pm and Thurs. 8:30am - 2:30 pm.  I am available anytime on Fri., Sat. & Sun. I could also adjust my work schedule to accomodate a need on a day I normally work.  Thank You!


Posts: 1

I am moving cross country (CAlifornia to Virginia) in one week and I am transporting my three cats with me inside the airplane cabin.  LOL!  Won't my fellow passangers be thrilled!  Anyhow there is a stray cat that we've been feeding for a few weeks and it just breaks my heart to leave him to his fate especially since the home we are moving to has plenty of yard and trees etc....  I don't have any kind of large cage to arrange a trasport in the back of the plane for him and I have heard many stories that airline handlers are not very careful; not to mention some of them just plain die from lack of oxygen.  So I was wondering if there are any professional pet transfer companies that anyone can direct me to. 


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I'm on the south-central coast of California. Within reason, I can do all of California, Western Nevada and western Arizona.

Posts: 114

Tom and I live in the Bronx, New York.  We would be willing to help in NY, NJ and maybe some parts of Connecticut.




Posts: 28

Hello fellow pet lovers,


My husband and I just lost our pet and would love to help transport in North Alabama. Birmingham and north of Birmingham including Cullman, Decatur, Madison, Hunstville areas.


Bless you all for being here






Posts: 5

I am in Wisconsin and will help if I can.


Posts: 5



I live in Connecticut. I'm right in the central area. I am able to transport within an hour, give or take... or so from this area...I work part time, five days a week and also baby sit my Grandson. I would do my best to help a poor little furkid get to it's final destination safe and sound.

cj....Charks Mommy


Posts: 99
I live midway up New York on the Vermont border. I could transport in NY, VT, and to eastern NH, and even into MA. I work every weekend, but have time during the week to transport.

Posts: 27

I live in Charlotte, NC and only 20 minutes from the SC border. I work Mom-Fri, 8:00 AM til 5:00 PM but I am free to transport nights, weekends and holidays. I can do NC & SC if that helps.


Posts: 847

I live in southern Michigan and would be willing to transport southern Michigan and northern Ohio.  I'm self employed so times are flexible.  Even holidays.


Posts: 4

Hi everyone, I am in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and I would love to help when possible.  Times varry for me because I petsit for the local sheltie rescue when they need me but please contact me and if I can't do it and I can figure out a way to get things done.  I know a lot of caring people that would be more than willing to help!


Posts: 3

I live in southwest Virginia.  I would be happy to transport if needed.


With prayers,




Posts: 2,719

It's good to get all this info so we know who can & where too.  Thanks, Stormie, for posting this. 


I live in Concord NC about 15 miles north of Charlotte.  I can transport from central NC north to Va. line and South to maybe Spartenburg or Greenville SC. 


Hope this helps.




Posts: 16

I'm in Los Angeles and can help with transportation.  Pretty much in any direction.

This is a great idea to have this. 


Also, in case anyone needs help to get to a vet in an emergency situation...I'm available.  I'm nocturnal, so I'm always up in the wee hours, which is when emergencies seem to strike.  I know it would have been nice not to have to drive during the many emergency trips with Moose, but there is no pet-ambulance type thing....I checked. 


Just something that might help...


Posts: 2
I am in Mid-Michigan and would help transport anywhere in Michigan, and parts of Ohio.  My work schedule is very flexible, and I would be willing to help anytime!!! 

Posts: 39
I'm in Melbourne, FL and could help transport in Central Florida .. sometimes a little further out by a couple hours north, south or west of me.

Posts: 9

We live in Pensacola Florida and can travel as far south as Orlando and from Southern Alabama, Mississippi.


Posts: 3

I just joined, but I have been visiting since I lost my youngest cat last December and I am back visiting because I just lost my oldest cat yesterday.  I still have one cat and one pup.  I love them all so much and would love to help out if I can.  I live in Minneapolis, MN. I am usually available weekends and some week nights. 


It is so important that people are stepping up and offering help to these furbabies.  I know my kids make my life complete. 


Thanks to all for keeping this site going and for those who keep helping the little ones. 


-Lyndsay K


Posts: 5

Live in central lower peninsula Michigan, will transport in lower peninsula of Michigan and eastern upper peninsula of Michigan.  Mostly weekends, need warning because I am on-call for hospital emergencies.





Posts: 11
Hi. I live in the Boston area and I am available to transport weekends, and just about any time during the summer (I'm a teacher).

Posts: 138



   We live in Northern Ohio on Lake Erie - we could help out

   in this area.


Posts: 1
We will be travelling from Rhode Island  to Jacksonville Florida in April 2007 and back 7 days later along I-95.
We can help transporting your furry friend, if needed. Let us know .


Posts: 11
We live in northern Idaho & could transport animals throughout Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.  Feel free to contact me if there is a need.  I'd love to help out any time.  We are both self employed so our schedules have some flexibility with a little planning ahead.

Cindy Chadwick

Posts: 126
I just now opened up this forum.  I live in San Diego county and can transport any pet from Southern California, to Arizona, or even southwestern New Mexico.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.  TWP (Mo's mama)

Posts: 78

I live in Cherokee, NC. I might be able able to help, depending on what's going on here. Friday and Saturday are probably best bet.  I can probably do all western NC, east Tennesee and maybe down to the Greenville-Spartanburg area.


Posts: 10

Hi there!!  My name is Jennifer, and I live in Detroit Michigan.   I am willing to help out as much as I can.  I work a 9-5 during the week, but am available weekends.  If anyone needs help in the lower Mihcigan, Ohio, or Indiana area-let me know!


Posts: 1

I am in Las Vegas, NV.  Due to work I am only available on weekends, but my maltese and I can go anywhere during that time.  If it is an extenuating circumstance, I may be able to take a day or two of leave in conjunction with the weekend for longer trips.


Posts: 1

Hi everyone! I live in Northern Ontario CANADA and would love to help if needed. I am available most anytime and will transport in Canada. I think this is a wonderful idea!


Posts: 366

Hi, I may be able to help weekends - I am in the California San Francisco area, so could go anywhere within a few hours - Fresno, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, as well as anywhere in the Bay Area.


Posts: 1,355

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I am willing to help.  I have a pretty flexible work schedule and can usually move things around.


Posts: 36
I'm willing to help, too.  I'm in central Louisiana, so I can cover Louisiana, Mississippi, and am willing to go up to Arkansas and west Texas as well.  My schedule is pretty flexible.


Posts: 342
Wow, I just saw this thread! I live in South Florida, near Ft. Lauderdale... my hubby and I can help transport! We would love to help. :)

Posts: 11
I live in illinois ans can help transport to wisonsin, upper michigan, indiana and lower michigan. Times depend on work

Posts: 1
I live in the Tampa, Florida area, and go to Los Angeles, California once every three months.  I would be happy to unite a furbaby with a loving family.

Posts: 10
     I'm in Tulsa,Oklahoma and would be able to help transport to the surrounding areas and also Shawnee, Tecumseh, Chandler, Stroud, Stillwater, Cushing and any of those little towns in between here and there. I homeschool so during the summer I'm available most anytime. During the school year it would have to be more limited. Hope I can help!!!

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