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Following a long, courageous battle with kidney disease, my beloved dog Arby passed away late this July. We had a strong bond that I believe can't be matched. There is no replacing that dog for me. Miss him terribly.

I was just wondering if anyone here believes your departed pet can guide you to another pet? Or come through in another form?

I do believe this can happen, but haven't heard any example of it happening.

What do u think?


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Pawprince I am so sorry to hear that you lost your beloved Arby. :(

To answer your question, Yes I absolutely believe they can lead you to your new pet.

You will never replace your sweet Arby, but look into the new pups eyes and you will see your Arby in there.

Sending you lots of hugs.

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Yes, I believe our Rainbow Bridge pups have a paw in leading us to our new family members.  As ChampsMom said so eloquently:  "You will never replace your sweet Arby, but look into the new pups eyes and you will see your Arby in there."

I feel this with Ellie quite often, will be having a cuddle with her and she almost transforms to Tuffy, my heart dog that I lost in 2014.  Even bracing herself against my chest with her front legs the way Tuffy used to do.  

Our new pups do not replace our old pups.  Our heart enlarges to make room for them.  My own experience was that the bonding took longer.  Still grieving the loss of Tuffy and Toby (who passed 2 months before adopting Ellie and Missy), when the girls came into our lives and hearts.

There are many times that we will be out for a walk and the boys will feel present.  I have their dog tags on my keychain.  We walk past the place where we spread their ashes.  I take the tags out and put them on my heart, and a little tear will well. And a warm fuzzy feeling along with that.  Two days before Tuffy passed away he and I took a walk on this bridge. We had already made his appointment, so it was bittersweet.  I recall feeling him say to me "I will be with you always Dad. "  <3 

It's so hard to lose them but so worth it.   Knowing how it ends, I would do it all over again in a heartprint.  Love never dies, so the grief continues.  For me the gratitude has grown.  Learned so much from out furry, four legged family members.

Tuffy, Toby, Ellie and Missy's Dad

Posts: 92
Champsmom and Mondo,

Thank you so much for your replies. Arby was my first dog, and I believe Arby was my 'heart dog'too.

We had been through so much and just were completely bonded. When I found out Arby was terminally ill, my heart started breaking but I tried everything I could to keep him here with me as long as possible, as long as was ok with him.

I just loved (and love) him so much.

I also said to myself that I don't think I will ever get another. At least not for a very, very long time. I didn't even know if I would be able to go on at all, but here I am almost one month later.

I am at peace with the care we gave Arby, and his passing on as much as I can be...

He taught me so very much too and I am very, very thankful he was my dog :)

Was hoping my beloved friend would come through to me in a dream, but hasn't yet. Find myself wondering if his spirit will come through, back into mylife in another way then? I miss him so much. And a strange thing is - that I had a dream where a different dog came through. A female, of the same breed who was darker in color.



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First let me say I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Arby.  He will never be replaced, but as Mondo said your heart just becomes bigger to let more love in.

After we lost our beloved cockapoo Brandy we said never again - we didn't think we could stand the pain of losing another.  But after a few months we were lonely and I believe that Brandy guided us into rescuing our senior cocker spaniel, Miriam.  Miriam brought us such joy and helped our grieving hearts.  Brandy wasn't being replaced by any means...they were different dogs each with their own unique personalities.

We were only lucky enough to have Miriam for 4 years before her health declined and we had to say goodbye once again.  We had decided at that point to foster for a cocker rescue group and our first foster dog was Clarissa, a 10 year old deaf cocker.  She was an absolute joy to have around but she was adopted after a couple of months.

So, where are we now?  We decided to take the plunge again and adopted a 6 year old cocker spaniel named Bree who is a real sweetheart, but nothing like the other dogs we have had.

Give yourself some time and keep your heart open to welcoming another.  And your dream was possibly Arby letting you know he is OK and that his love for you is eternal.

Sending thoughts of peace and comfort to you,

(Angel Brandy's and Angel Miriam's mom - and now mom to Bree)

Posts: 92
I miss my dog so much. Just have to believe he can come back to me in some form...

I look for signs from him everywhere. Cardinals in my yard flying close to my porch. A bunny in my back yard. Is it Arby coming through to check on me and let me know he's ok?

To see am I ok? He just wanted to be with me till the very last second of life - and he was. I know his body was tired but he still loved me so and showed it.

I loved him so much. I still do I want to honor his memory and the blessing he was to my life. Still struggle with tears.

I miss him. I know there will not be a replacement for Arby. Not ever. but wish he could come back to me ~ his spirit.

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Pawprince your Arby's Spirit is all around you.  The morning sun, the Moon in the evening, a beautiful rainfall--all of these things are part of his spirit. 

And yes, Cardinals and Butterflies are your baby saying hello.    (Not only Cardinals--all red birds are said to be a visit from our Loved Ones)

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Pawprince - personally I absolutely believe that our beloved pets can help guide us.  When I lost my Rascal I know - without a shadow of a doubt - that she helped guide me here to this board.  She knew just how lost, how devastated I was and she knew this board would help me.  My first time EVER participating in this type of format.

Then I had pretty much given up finding a friend for her brother Rambo - Shadow the kitten my boy was petrified of; another sweet cat he co-existed with well for a week until he wanted to KILL her.  So I had reached a point that perhaps Rambo did not want anyone else.  I came across pictures of two kittens.  One of them, her eyes just reminded me of my Rascal's.  She didn't really look like her at all - but her eyes did.  I brought the two of them home (kittens need someone their own age to frolic with and not overly annoy the 12 year old "papa").  No issues at all with them.  And Edie (the one who has eyes that STILL remind me of my Rascal) LOVED LOVED LOVED her "papa".  Anything that he did - she wanted to do.  I tell her that her fairy godmother Rascal found her & Pixie for us.  I believe it to be true.

No one can take Rascal's place.  Or Rambo's now that he has joined his sister.  But I can say that 6 yrs later Edie & Pixie do have their own place in my heart.

I have no doubt that when your beloved Arby knows you are ready - he will help you find just the right match.  

Take care
InMemoryOfRascal...and Rambo

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💜💜💜 Thank you

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I was raised catholic, but i'm non a believer since many years ago. However, let me tell you something. It was 2005, we had lost our first family dog suddenly (a beautiful female cocker spainel liver/kidney failure at 7 1/2 years) It was one of the worst things i ever experienced. I was very young then. My closest family (mom,dad and sisters) agreed we had to support ourselves to bear with that unbearable pain spending more time together, give ourselves time to heal and maybe in the future get another dog. One day (less than a month of losing my girl josie) we returned home from dinner. It was dark, i was about to open the garage's door when, suddenly i saw walking down the street something that broke my heart: a schnauzer puppy. She was dirty, skinny, hungry, scared and all alone. She stood right in front of me and she looked at me right into the eyes. I didn't think twice, i approached carefuly and took her home. By the moment we found her she probably had no more than 6-8 weeks old. Everyone has said to us that somehow, josie led her to our home. Others say she was a heaven's gift. I don't know, but she was the most wonderful gift i ever had in my whole life. Sadly we lost her last week at 13 1/2 years old. Without her i feel lost.
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