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Dear friends,

Our beloved kitty, Mr. Goose is at Colorado State University for testing.  Two weeks ago, when we returned home from work, his eye was swollen.  We took him to the emergency vet and they examined him and set him home with antibiotic.  The following night on our arrival home, his eye was worse.  We took him to our regular vet and they found a small mass in his mouth.  They did a biopsy and the preliminary result was not cancer, though they fairly certain that it is.  They gave us eye cream, anti-b, and a pain medicine.  His eye has progressively gotten worse.  We were referred to an eye specialist and he also thinks that it might be cancer.  Again - no real answer for this amazing kitty that we love so much.  Our vet then referred us to Colorado State University where he has been for the past two days.  Each day he is there, our hearts are broken - fearing for the worst. 

Mr. Goose found his way into our hearts seven years ago in North Carolina.  He was living in a sewer and we happen to spot him - and take him home.  He is one of the most loving cats.  He is smart and regal - our special boy.  While we were stationed in Germany, he had most of his teeth removed - hence his name was changed from "Lucky" to "Mr. Goose".  He is a white kitty with a small gray circle on his left side that when he sits down a certain way - it changes it shape into a HEART. 

Please keep Mr. Goose in your prayers and offer any suggestions you may have on reasons for this swollen, bloody eye.  We were told that it can cost us $5-7k for radiation.  Most people think we are strange for spending so much on him - but our love for him is so strong (the same with all of our cats). 


Any thoughts?


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Dear BooBoosMommy,

I will most certainly be keeping you and your Mr Goose in my thoughts and prayers. You are a very devoted and loving mommy. You are not crazy or over the top for being prepared to spend the money to help your kitty. You are loving and caring, and if you can make it happen, then that's wonderful! Not everone is in a position to do so, but I know when my Jetson was sick with cancer, I spent over double what you have mentioned, and that didn't even include radiation!! And I can tell you right now I'm not crazy either!! And I'd do it all over again, if only I could.

Unfortunately, I can't really guide you re: the form of illness he has. What I can say, however, is that you simply must follow your instincts, which clearly you are, and if you are not entirely satisfied with what you are being told, then seek another opinion, and yet another if that has not satisfied you. You see, I took Jetson's vet's word based on a needle biopsy, that his lump was not cancer, and it ended up BEING cancer, and ultimately costing him his life. :-(


BooBoosMommy, you are doing all you can to firstly find out what your baby's problem is, and no doubt, you will do all you can to solve it too.


Until then, I pray firstly that it is not cancer, and if it is, that you can both fight it with everything you have.


I'm thinking of you both,






P.S. I don't know if it would help at all, but please feel free to read Jetson's story A Lasting Legacy. He fought a brave battle.


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Good luck to you. I'm in a similiar fix and don't know what to do. Altho I do know for sure that it is cancer. If they recommend any holistic or diet remedies to build the immune system and slow the growth of the cancer, I sure would appreciate your sharing them with me.

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BooBoos Mommy, my thoughts & prayers are with you & Mr. Goose that the testing reveals something other than cancer that can be dealt with, perhaps just with a surgery.  If the diagnosis is cancer, I will pray for your guidance in the treatment.  Please we'll also keep hoping for a miracle, since miracles do happen on a surprisingly regular basis.


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We received the call on Friday that it was in fact a tumor - SCC is what they are calling it.  I still do not believe that it is cancer, i feel that he has a terrible nasal infection.  This type of cancer is uncommon in dogs and cats -- so why would he have it?  We are supposed to start chemotherapy for him this week but are waiting for a phone call from the internal medicine doctor.  Why would he be acting like himself if it was cancer?  This poor, sweet boy has been through enough poking and proding.  He's such a sweetheart - our hearts are completely broken.  We are talking about getting a second opinion....Please keep this love boy in your prayers.


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Dear BooBoo's Mommy,


I am so sorry to read your update about your beloved Mr. Goose. My little Punkin had a very rare inoperable cancer and I remember how devastating it was. I will be praying for Mr. Goose and you to have much more precious time together. He sounds like such a good boy and God bless you for rescuing him from the sewer.


I would definitely get that second opinion, if at all possible, as it will also help you know you have done everything that you can even if they don't have any other ideas of how to treat him. Unfortunately with my Punkin when my Vet told me there was absolutely nothing that could be done, I listened to him when I should have asked for a second opinion.  I don't know if this site will help you a little too but I used it extensively for my Punkin: 


Feline Cancer Resources 


Down the left side there are so many links for everything from diagnosis to treatment, nutrition to links to a Yahoo cancer support group at:


 Feline Cancer


One of the links mentioned at both sites is another wonderful site I used at:


Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists  


There are also many links there on the left side of that site to help you but one of the best when you are just starting treatment is:


Rules of The Road  


There is also a number and fax number at the bottom of that last page for your Veterinarian or Specialist to consult with them about diagnosis or treatment. (After my Punkin died, I wrote them and they were both very kind and helpful although it was supposed to be a Vet who contacts them.) 


Please know we are here for you and I will be keeping both Mr. Goose and you in my prayers.


Many, many hugs of sympathy and understanding,




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Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for all of your kind words and encouragement.  My husband and I do love this kitty (as with the other four that we have) so very much.  Having him home, listening to him purring and acting like himself is just wonderful.  We have no idea why he would be in such great spirits if this is in fact cancer.  I know I keep repeating myself and maybe we are in denial, but it just doesn't make sense to us. 

This morning, Mr. Goose, in all his splendor was sleeping on my hip as I woke up.  He then greeted me with his usually morning mews for love and of course his food.  He followed me (rather quickly I might add) to the kitchen and he ate his food as usually.  He then returned upstairs to the masterbathroom where he waited for me as I prepared for work. To me, this was encouraging. 

Again, Thank you so much for your kind words and advice.  I will keep you posted on his progress. 



Boo Boo's Mommy

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