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Hi everyone

I don't even know where to start with what I want to say, my beautiful little Zoey passe 1 week ago today, and I still have not stopped crying...she was a beautiful chow puppy - 4 months old, full of life.  She came into our lives unexpectadly - her mom and her 4 pups were dropped off by us as their parents didn't want them anymore - they wanted t take her mom and the pups to the spca - we said NO , we will find homes for them.I have a 2yr old GSD and 18 month old lab and was not intending on having any more just yet. Well, we found homes for the other 3 pups but little Zoey well, she was smaller than the others and we thought she was blind and she just crept right into our we decided to keep her, and of course we kept mom as well.  It took time for them all to get used to each other, but they did - they got along perfectly. We took Zoey for her first vaccination , vet confirmed she was blind - gave us a choice of course, we kept her- all was well, she was gorgeous, knew our house, our yard - loved the other dogs and life was good, she ate well, played nothing wrong 2nd vaccination was fine \3rd vaccination was 14May vet said she was fine.  21May woke up, Zoey didn't come running to our room as she done every morning - went to their room, she was just sitting there, picked her up - her mouth was ice cold - knew something was terribly wrong .  Rushed to vet - she was confused - said she is putting her on a drip and will take x-ray as her tummy was a bit swollen 9That was at 8am) we must leave her there and she will call us.  10am she phoned and said Zoey had passed - all her organs collapsed (how????) She needs to do an autopsy to find out why, I said yes.  Phoned back and said her liver was 3 times the size it should be  It is liver disease must be can she just die in a matter of a few hours??? She was small for a normal chow puppy but they never said anything when we took her for vaccinations.. I just don't understand....My life will never be the same ,  neither my other babies - they wait for her at the door I mean everytime we took her away, we brought her back - why not now... We are all heartbroken...
Sorry so long - I needed to get this off my chest.

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Hello Zoey,s Mum; It brakes my heart to hear of your beautiful pup; so small and so young; It is so good to know that you took the dogs into your home and gave them all your love and care!!!and especially Zoey!!My Lucy went Blind in a matter of hours a few months ago; 1am in the morning she could see and by 7am her sight had gone;;;the vet did not know why;;and Miss Molly just went of her food for a few days;; I thought she was just of color as she was 10years old and Lucy is the one that has been sick;we went to the vet and he said her body was shutting down Her Liver and Kidneys;; and I thought she was fine as the vet said a few weeks before just loose some weight and Molly has years to go yet;; so I can understand how you feel and how you keep saying it can not be!!! this is not happening!!!!I have only managed to get bye with lighting her candle everyday;; I wrap myself in her blanket every night;; and with the help and special words of comfort from the caring people on this site!!! Iam forever grateful;; Prayers and special thoughts for you and Zoey;  Marion.  Lucy and Mollysmum.


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How very sad..I'm so sorry you're going through this and losing Zoey so soon. Bless you for making sure those pups had a home and giving Zoey a loving and safe home during her short life. She will have bragging rights at the Bridge about how much she was loved and will be well taken care of by all our Cicio as well.

I will hold you in my thoughts during this heartwrenching time. I'm still trying to cope with my loss as well..there's nothing harder than this.

Big Hugs,


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Oh how sad.  I know that the short life she had was a happy one, because you sound like a special person.

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