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Posts: 46
Can anyone tell me why I can't post a photo when I reply to a message? When my reply window comes up on my screen - I don't see a symbol for the "insert image" button - as well as any other symbols for fonts or spacing, etc. for a message. All I have is the message window and the box to type in my message.

I am using a MAC - so I don't know if that's part of the problem or not. Above my message window - it says: "Html Blocking: off". I have uploaded a couple of pictures & Ed emailed me the directions for inserting them, but - like I said - I don't see the "button".

I'd really appreciate anyone's advice.

Thanks -
jaykayem (Scooter's mom)

Posts: 218
Hello, I'm no expert, but if you look at message 11 here

you will see that Wendy has problems too.
I don't know why.
Maybe Ed or one of the moderators knows?


Posts: 909
I'm having that problem with the insert link tag. I just get a white box. I finally learned how to put a link on in a picture and now i can't do it. LOL Mine says html off too-I thought maybe that was wrong with yours.
I was thinking some kind of pop up blocker is doing that but all the other tags work.
Have you ever posted a picture here?

Posts: 218

Mine says 'HTML Blocking: off' too, but that doesn't stop me posting a photo. 

I don't have a MAC, I have an ordinary PC.   Hope someone comes up with an answer ..


Posts: 1,038
Dear Jaykayem,

I am not sure here but I am thinking that it has to do with your Java/Browser and possibly you need to update it.

This is what I see when I post but without the blue arrow. 

Where Barb, Max and Hazel's Mom kindly has put a blue arrow should be the box you need to insert a picture.

If you don't have that, do you know how to copy and paste on a Mac? If you do, you can put the code Ed gave you into the Address Bar along the top of computer and go to that image on the Internet. Then you can copy your picture to your clipboard and paste it directly into your message wherever you want to put it.

I think...

I will try to find you better instructions!

Posts: 909
I'm saving the screenprint -it's great for showing how to post pictures.  HMMM could use a picture of the box that comes up when you click on the image-and where to click for apply.


Posts: 2
Hi, this is Barb/MaxAndHazelsMom. I am posting this as Barb, which is a normal user login, not as MaxAndHazelsMom, which is a moderator login. My hope is that if it works for Barb, it will work for you.

Here is a picture I've embedded in my message using an iBook. I think this procedure will work for any Apple/Mac but I have access only to the iBook so can't speak for certain.

Here's the photo - I have this saved in a Shutterfly album. Photobucket would work, and so would Ed's "mbphotos" repository. The photo just has to be stored on the internet somewhere so that it can be reached via a URL (one of those http: routines).

These are the steps I used:

1. Open your photo by entering its URL in your browser's URL/address field.
2. Position the cursor anywhere over the photo.
3. Hold down the CTRL key and tap the mouse pad once (or left-click the mouse once if you are using a mouse). A menu will display.
4. Select "Copy picture" (it may say "Copy photo").
5. In a separate Safari window or tab, select "New Topic" or "Reply," depending on whether you are starting a new message or responding to an existing one.
6. In the message body, type the following but put your "http:etcetc" address instead of "url."

7. Press "return" to get to the next line and continue with your message.

Hope this helps.



Posts: 46

I still cannot post a photo on my MAC at work - but I recently got a PC at home - and I can post a pic there.

jaykayem - Scooter's Mom
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