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After the loss of my puppy, I'm afraid I've developed insomnia. I will be functioning fine throughout the day but come evening, I break down about the loss of our pet. Everything becomes too real. Constantly thinking of what I could've done eats me up inside. I am so tired that I'll fall asleep, but it'll only last an hour or so. I'm lucky if I sleep for more than five. I try to keep my eyes closed but I'm awake, and my thoughts flood my mind and I can't get out of my head. I've tried playing games on my phone, watched YouTube videos, even scrolled through articles on peace of mind but none of it helps.

Even now, I am so tired at 11am and I tried to take a nap and I just can't fall asleep. I want to cry in frustration. I'm even thinking about my pet loss, I just lay here without thinking much at all and I can't go to sleep! I haven't had a great night of sleep for over two weeks, even before my pup passed away. Initially, I was getting sick and traveling a lot, and then we lost our puppy, which I'm sure all played into it... but now I'm seriously concerned why I'm still like this.

I'm so afraid to interact with people with this extreme lack of sleep. I'm so tired and my mind is not functioning the way it needs to.

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I lost my girl today , I’m laying awake and dreading the thought of how I will feel in the morning as she will not be there .

I’m so heartbroken. I already miss her sooo much

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 Our distressing thoughts  such as regrets, worries, anxieties, or sadness about our pet or thoughts on how they passed keep us awake as we are focused on the thoughts. Thoughts we also focus on are how badly and hopeless we feel. These thoughts are spontangeous. We are not "doing this to ourself".  If you shared your bed or bedroom with your pet it can be especially heartbreaking to sleep without them too which only adds to the stress of trying to sleep.

The stress from the loss of a loved one can develop into anxietydepression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each one of these conditions negatively affects sleep because of the thoughts that keep us up and believe it or not, physical pain too. 

If you think that you might have clinical anxiety, depression or PTSD-- talk to your doctor about a medical approach.

I have meds on hand because there are some nights where I can tell this is going to be a bumpy ride. I can just tell and as of late I don't even
fight it. I was fighting it for a long time to prove 'I can handle this'. But there is no shame in taking medication for it's intended use. It's a sign of wisdom, good judgement and self care.

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