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I want to thank you all for your wonderful messages. You have no idea how comforting they are.

Vickie had cancer of the liver and spleen and tears

in her knees from a congenital disease.

There was no way to ease her pain here

so it was decided to send her to the bridge where

she could run and play again.


Vickie had a very gentle crossing to the Rainbow

Bridge and I know Spartacus and all your fur-babies

were there to greet her.


Thank you all so much for your kindness.

As soon as I am better, I will post more-

but I just had to thank you.


Love and Blessings,

CareWolf aka Carol


Thank you Kathy for your help

in my time of need.




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Oh Carol,
I am so sorry about Vicki & that she was so ill.. Her passing to the Bridge was gentle and I am sure it was very much as she lived her life. When she arrived at the Bridge I can just see my Max & Aurich and all the precious Golden children welcoming her to this place of Love & peace. My heart is with you Carol .


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Dear Carol--  I'm crying now as if Vicki were one of my own.  Her story and pictures touched me in such a way I can't describe.  Another earth angel has left us and I'm so very sorry and sad for you and your family.  Know that I prayed hard for whatever God had in store for her.  I guess all our prayers were answered that she not suffer.  We are the ones left behind to do that.

                    Much love & peace to you and your family---

                                        Teddy's Mom

Posts: 1,234
Dear Carol,

As the Kaddish says, Peace to those who mourn. I know Hershey has found Vicki and befriended her. Please know that our prayers are with you and the entire family.

May healing come and please accept our sympathy on the loss of Vicki.

Shalom Rav,

Meriam Sima

Posts: 38

Dearest Carol; Iam so very saddened to hear of the passing of Vicki to the Rainbow Bridge;;Now Playing with all her Special Furbabies;;Special Golden Angel You and your Family are in my prayers and Thoughts;    MOLLYSMOM.


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Oh my heart is just breaking for you,I don't know what to say,I know how much you are all hurting to have to let your Beautiful,sweet Vicki go,but it's better then to have let her suffer with pain,She took  pieces of  all your hearts with her,and she left pieces of her sweet heart here with all of you until you all meet again.She will always watch down on her beloved family,oh how she loved all of you.My prayers are with all of you.
{{{{{{{{ VICKI Rest in  PEACE Sweet Viki Girl,know your family are in grief from giving you to God,and they love you with all their hearts.}}}}}}}}}}}
JoAnn Sammy sus's Mom

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I'm so sorry about Vickie.  My heart breaks for you.  It's truly hard to let them go, but we must when there is pain.  I'm glad her crossing to the Bridge was gentle.  My prayers are with you, your family and sweet Vickie.  

Prayers and hugs,
Nina Maria's Mom

Posts: 536
Dear Carol,
I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Angel Vicki.. Vicki is now running wild and free of pain on the Rainbow Bridge.... My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Lots of ((((((((VICKI&CAROL)))))))))). I'm thinking of you too my friend...

Take care,


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Dear Carol/CareWolf,

I am so deeply sorry to hear your Beloved Vicki has passed away.  I just logged on and went to look for her thread, and my heart sank when I saw your name, Vicki and Rainbow Bridge.  I think we all had such hopes that the specialist would be able to help her.  She was a treasure and blessing to her family and all who knew her, what a beautiful and gentle spirit.  I say a special prayer for her, and keep you and her family in my thoughts and prayers.  I know my precious Grunt was among the crowd to welcome Vicki at the Bridge, and went for a good run with her.

With love and deepest sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 174
Dear Carol,

  I am praying for you and Vicki.  I hope she gets well soon and that you'll be with her for a long time.  I'm thinking of you both.

Hugs and Love,

Posts: 847
Dear Carol,

I am very sad that your beautiful Vicki was so ill.  As I scrolled down my heart sank when I saw the top of the rainbow, for I knew the news wasn't good.  She was blessed to have you as her family and I know you are equally blessed to have her in your life.  My love to you and the dear girls.

Peaceful Journey Precious Vicki, You are loved very much pretty girl.

Love from Tweeny's ma

Posts: 577
Dear Carol,

I am so deeply sorry for your loss.   Please know my thoughts are with you and your family.   Wishing you much peace during this difficult time.

So many hugs..

Merry's mom

Posts: 558

I'm in tears reading your update about your beautiful Vickie.  I'm so sorry, my heart breaks for you.  I can see what a special girl she is and how she has brought your family so much joy and love.  It's so hard when we have to help them to the bridge, but such a self-less gift to give a peaceful passing.  I know that she took with her all of the love and beautiful memories that you shared with her to the bridge to keep her and Spartacus content until your family is reunited.  I know that Golda will look after her as will all of the goldens and furbabies.  I know that her golden light will guide you as you and your family grieve this difficult loss.  Love and prayers to you and your family at this most tragic time.  Huge hugs, Golda's Mom


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Dear Carol....I just read your post and am sorry you had to let Vicki go to the bridge.....I know all of your hearts are broken....But, as you said, she is now pain-free....God rest her soul..........I hope you are feeling better soon...
HUGS..........Kelsey's Mom  (ruth)
P.S. A candle burns in memory of Vicki....

Posts: 763

Dear Carol, I am so very, very sorry. My heart is broken for you. I was hoping for a miracle. I know how much you and your family loved Vicki and I know she knew it too. I wish I could say something to help ease your pain but I am at a loss for words. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and comfort to you. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


Posts: 5,100
Thank you Kathy for the sad update.

Dear Carol,

My heart is broken for you.  I am speechless and crying.   Vicki was such a precious and loving companion for your family.   How blessed all of you were to have her in your lives.   I will send up many prayers tonight for you, your family, and the beloved Vicki.


Sending big hugs to you and your family,


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vicki.jpg picture by BartendersBluesWolf


A Prayer For Vicki and

her Family


Stars above take Vicki in your caring arms and carry her to to Rainbow Bridge. Whisper in Vicki's ear that she is loved forever and always. Stars above touch the grieving hearts that are sad for her crossing to the Bridge. Bring them peace in knowing that Vicki will run happy and healthy again and this is only the separation of bodies and not of hearts or souls. Is not good bye but till we meet again at Rainbow bridge Amen


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Last night we went to Robyn's house with bijou.

He never stopped looking for his very best friend.

Hayley and Bari do not understand. Robyn told

Hayley that she was with PaPa my dad -and Hayley said "in heaven?" Bari can't ask she just looks very sad and confused.

Tears for our lost love.



Posts: 1,234

The Mininon of the Nagel 4 will say a Mourners Kaddish for Vicki. The required nine will be composed of those at the bridge, Hershala, Sophie Esther, the Schatz, Maedy, Betsy and Spartacus.

Maybe Bari can look at pictures of Vicki and touch those.

My deepest sympathy to the entire family.

Peace to those who mourn.

Meriam Sima

Posts: 261

Dear Carol,

I read  of Vicki's passing yesterday and couldn't reply.  Funny how these losses always bring back the pain and grief we experienced with the loss of our own loved ones.  It all feels fresh again, and I'm truly sad for your family's loss.  She was beautiful inside and out and I know her loss has touched all of you deeply.  I especially have been thinking of Bari, she's so little, they just don't understand.  And Bijou must be feeling as Max did when Rudy left us..........lonely.  They absolutely grieve as we do, I'm sure of that. There just are no words at a time like this, nothing lessens the pain...we simply have to move thru it at our own pace.  How I wish that we could keep them forever with us.  Please hug all your girls for me and let them know we as a family will be praying for them during this very difficult time.

To Miss Vicki, our newest Angel!  Godspeed your journey to the Bridge!  You have earned your wings and they are "Golden".  Bless you sweet girl for all the love and care you gave "your babies" Hayley & Bari, here on earth.  I know they will always carry you and your love for them deep within their hearts! Please continue to guide them and keep them in your care from the Bridge. You will be deeply missed by your entire earth family. There is a small golden white shih tzu up there that can't wait to meet you.  His name is Rudy.  Please hug him for me when you see him!

Love & Hugs to All of You..
Donna (Rudy & Rileysmom)

Posts: 555


My heart breaks for you my dear friend and for Robyn and Steve and those special girls.

The entire family will miss this precious golden angel.

When one so special comes into our life the loss seems even greater but the joy of them being a part of our heart will last forever and one day.

May you all find comfort in knowing that she has received the highest reward in heaven for her life on earth.


Love and Peace,





Into our lives a golden angel came from up above.
This precious angel brought with her a heart so filled with love.
She was sent to us to fill our lives with joy beyond compare.
And teach us all that love was meant to always freely share.


The joy she brought to little ones who needed so to smile.
Was far beyond what we could hope but only for a while.
Then came the day that she grew frail and would surely have to leave.
As we watched her gently slip away our hearts would surely grieve.


When she awoke at Rainbow Bridge all came to greet her there.
They knew this one was special with a heart of love so rare.
The angels came to welcome her and tell her they were proud.
The book of life was opened and her story read aloud

This golden girl had shared on earth all that she was taught.
They stood in awe and listened to the miracle she brought
As the angel read her story and her deeds in life were told.
They watched with pride as the angel gave her lovely wings of gold.


 ©~ AurichWolf aka Katie~2008~


Posts: 199
Aurich has shared his love with a great white wolf and a little blue eyed angel for many moons gone down now.
Now i see a great golden loving a great golden twin.
And love is grand.
We shall mourn the passing of this one. we share our hearts and tears with you. I think they probably will not understand but please give lil Bari and Hayley big ole wolf hugs from great granpa lobowolf, and tell them Vicki is with wakan tanka now and safe and happy and painfree.
and that Vicki is not gone from their life, she is just around the corner in the next room of their heart. one day they may understand as time passing swiftly by them.
love and hugs to the whole family, daddy.
and love and hugs to all the caring folks who have responded to your time of sorrow. you are wonderful.

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Dear Carol,

I am so very sorry to hear that Vicki has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. I know how hard that decision was for your family to make. I know too, though, that Vicki is so grateful and full of love to you all for the gentle cross to the Bridge. She is loved now by so many of our loved ones there. She is well. It's the ones that are left behind that feel the sorrow and broken hearts. I am so sorry for that.

Please let your family know that all of us here hold you in our prayers and thoughts. I hope that you all can feel the warmth of that, and of Vicki surrounding you from where she is.

Big hugs to you,


Posts: 909




We miss you.




Posts: 1,205
Dear Carol
I just dont know what to say.  The video was absolutely amazing.  I have worked with special needs adults and children over the years, and I am so touched by the patience of the beautiful Vicky.  Animals are so amazing when they offer themselves to help those in need.  I know how an animal can give of themselves, when people just dont know where to start. 
I am so sorry Carol.  I will hold you, and your family in my heart.  What special grandaughters you have.  You know that you are also very special, or they would not be a part of your family.  God Bless you Vicky for being such a wonderful earth angel. 
Much love, Di xxx

Posts: 261

Dearest Carol,

While taking care of my grandson on Tues. I started humming the Rainbow Connection.  He is 4 yrs. old and asked me to sing the song.  Well, to make a long story short, we started talking about Rudy being at the Bridge.  I told him another very sweet dog, named Vicki had left her family here on earth and gone to the Bridge too.  He asked me why, and I explained she was very sick, but was made well at the Bridge.  I asked him if he wanted to see a picture of Vicki at the Bridge and he did.  That led to watching the video with Bari!  He was absolutely mesmerized and asked to watch it at least 4 times.  I thought you might like to know, he thinks Bari is "really pretty Grandma."  I know that time heals, but I also know that this loss is so recent for all of you, that you are all missing Vicki very much!  Looking at her picture brings a tear to my eyes as I mourn her passing with all of you.  I pray that all of you are doing well.

In friendship..

Donna(Rudy & Rileysmom)

Posts: 686

I am so terribly sorry for your loss.  Vicki was such a special girl.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Posts: 251
Oh Carol,

I had been thinking of you and keeping you, Vicki and your family in my prayers. I cried when I saw your picture of Vicki at the Bridge as then I knew that she has passed on. I am so sorry for your loss Carol. I hope we can be here for you as you have been for ALL of us.

Vicki, send your mummy a big cuddle.

Nuggetsmum Alana

Posts: 5

I am very sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to get through these times. Vicki is a beautiful girl.


Posts: 909

Vicki our girl we miss you so much. Hayley and Bari are searching for you. Be happy and run free

beautiful girl.



Thank you all so much for your caring messages.


Donna-please give a big hug to your

little grandson.


Di- I honestly don't know what they will do. Vicki was so special-so  patient. There just was no way to keep her even one more day once we knew the pain she was in.

I wish the girls could have said

good bye-but they wouldn't

have understood. Even my dog

doesn't understand.

Actually, I wish I didn't.



Alana-you are so right. I cried when I saw your message. I was not feeling well but knew it was time for

Vicki to have her Rainbow Picture.

It wasn't coming out right and took a long time to do, but I couldn't stop

until it was done.

Now I can see that she is at peace.


Love and Blessings,







Posts: 188

I will pray for Carol and her family. May the blessings of good come fast for all of you, and your pain ease quickly. God Bless, Jackie


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Today my prayers go out to Carol and her family and god bless sweet Vicki on her journey to the bridge. She is truly a hero and a beautiful soul.
                                Gizmos mom

Posts: 558

Just wanted to let you know that you and all your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  I know how much you miss your precious Vicki.  They leave such a empty spot when they are gone and it hurts so much to be without them.  I just know that my Golda and Vicki are the best of friends.  Huge hugs, Golda's Mom

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Dear Carol,

My heart breaks for you & your family.  Your Vicki is just so beautiful and sweet.  I will keep you in my prayers and hope you find the comfort you need.  Goldens are such loving animals and so good with children.  I know it will be hard on your family but much love is being sent your way.


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Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. Vicki has left such a huge hole. I keep thinking of a way they could get another dog-

but when I think of the problems in the house-

it would be so hard to train a puppy there and an older dog might not be as patient. Vicki was there since Robyn was pregnant with Bari and knew and loved them just the way they are.

It seems the Pet Loss Golden contingency  at Rainbow Bridge is

growing by the day. I know they are beautiful

running through the meadows.

Pam I am sure they are the best of friends.



Bari and Vicki



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