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Cat Alarm Clock


(Even on broadband, I found this a bit slow loading, but when it loads, it runs for 1min 26secs)


And I'm not suggesting anyone's bedroom looks like this !!



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Oh, Mags, I am sitting here laughing out loud!!!  This is so funny - and way too close to the truth!

Picture me with all 3 of my felines.  It's a big bed, but the 4 of us sleep on "my" side.  Go figure.  It gets pretty crowded, and when morning comes around, the 4-legged traffic is rather heavy.

This was great!



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That is so funny, exactly what Flash and Freya do to me, without the baseball bat though!

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That's the cutest thing i've ever seen. My Little used to just sit there and stare at you right in the face or put her wet nose on you. This made me laugh. Very cute
Little mama
Forver loved
Forever missed


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Dear Mags,  I am laughing and crying all at once.  That is priceless.


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Mags!!! I was laughing and laughing! Thanks! That little cat is sooooooo true to life. We don't need conventional alarm clocks. The funniest part is the end when the kitty pretends to be asleep and then does that forward stretch that all kitties enjoy. Thanks for the ab workout!

Hugs to you!

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That is absolutely hilarious mags!  Thanks for sharing, even my hubby got a good giggle.  Reminds of how Stitch used to wake me up (no baseball bat though) before we got dogs!


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My Dad sent this to me last year - and it is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! I watch it so much, I keep a link to it on my desktop. It reminds me so much of Mr. Kitty. I love the way the guy sits up after being whacked and the cat is curled up at the foot of the bed sleeping! And it's so cute the way he points to his mouth at the end! Priceless.


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I love Simon the cat. I try and watch each new video that comes out :)

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It is really cute, but makes me miss Mya.


Posts: 40

This "cat alarm clock" is so cute, it reminds me of my dear Molly (went to the Rainbow Bridge 4 weeks ago today).  If I wasn't up before the crack of dawn, Molly sure made sure I was!  I never had to use an alarm clock for those wonderful 18 years Molly was with me...I miss her so much but this animated piece made me smile...thanks!


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...I put Notra to sleep last week. He was my alarm clock as well. I don't sleep much so I'm usually up around five. He was always outside of my bedroom door, mewoing to get me up. Husband equated it to "the call to prayer", it was the call to eat, LOL. The other two cats would wait for the call!  I still hear him in the mornings. His brother is greiving so badly. He won't eat. 18 years is a long time. We are all having to get use to this. Sent way to many to Rainbow Bridge. :(


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Yeah that right there is pretty much what my Abby does. Minus the baseball bat.

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