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My Precious Boy Cheeseburger

I recently posted a message about the cat show I attended on June 2nd, 2008.

I had reservations about going to the show; Cheeseburger and I used to go together, and some of the ribbons he won were Best Name, Shyest Cat, Best Black and White, Judge's Choice, and Tough Cat ( I never understood that one - he was a sweetheart but I guess he had that look of "don't mess with me.")

But I got to thinking it would be nice to to go and give a donation to the shelter in memory of my beautiful Cheeseburger.

It was so nice they all remembered him. It may made feel so good to know that my little boy touched other's hearts too.

I am posting the article that appeared in a local paper here about the show. There are also some pictures from the show.

I wanted to share this with all of my friends here.

(I miss you Cheeseburger. You are forever in my heart. I LOVE YOU!!!)



Time to purr: Show pleases cat fancy

It was a day filled with whiskers, raffles and love at the Bergen County Animal Shelter. The FOCAS Annual Cat Show hosted more than 30 cat owners and lovers and offered a day to celebrate their feline friends.

For more than two decades, FOCAS (Friends of the County Animal Shelter) has been offering these yearly cat shows to local residents. FOCAS is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping abandoned, homeless and injured animals in Bergen County.

FOCAS President Carol Burrows began last Sunday’s cat show by thanking everyone for coming.

"You are all a blessing for caring so much about your animals to take them to events like this and support our cause," she said. "All of the proceeds from this event will benefit the animals — from our Spay/Neuter Program to our Angel Fund, you’re helping by supporting us."

The event then turned to the friendly cat "competition." Two FOCAS volunteers judged each of the 19 registered cats on criteria such as "Nicest Whiskers," "Nicest Eyes," and "Judges Pick." After each cat was presented, the judges deliberated while a tricky tray auction took place. Most of the auction prizes were donated to FOCAS throughout the year and ranged from kitty socks to a pet stroller.

According to Jennifer Skrapits, co-chair of the event with Natasha Mouzytchenko, "About 90 percent of all of the prizes were donated to us this past year. From businesses to individuals, so many people contributed to these great prizes."

Helen Barden, treasurer of FOCAS, added: "This really is a year-long project. As we received donations, we put them aside and both Jenn and Natasha work so hard to put these baskets together."

After the auction, the competition winners were announced, though each of the 19 entrants received a prize. Special mention was also given to some cats that have passed away in the last year and were unable to make to this year's show.

John and Cynthia Hamilton, who have lived in Hackensack for more than 20 years, are no strangers to FOCAS events. They have been regulars at the FOCAS Cat Show since 1985 and have been attending with their two cats, Dewey and Schuyler. Though the cats both passed away this year, the Hamiltons attended the event with their other cat, Leila, who is 2 years old.

"We've been coming to these events for such a long time, and they're really great," said John. "This is the only event like this that I know of in the area and we look forward to it every year."

Cynthia added, "Although we're sad that Dewey and Schuyler are not with us this year, we still wanted to come for Leila. It's a really nice day. We're looking forward to FOCAS' Mrs. Claus pictures in the winter."

Palisades Park resident Darlene DeSantis is also mourning the loss of her furry friend. Her cat, Cheeseburger, recently passed away, but that did not stop her from attending the cat show. Cheeseburger's name and presence was noted by FOCAS, as organization members presented DeSantis with a present, acknowledging Cheeseburger's memory.

"I've been coming here mostly every year since Cheeseburger was one year old," DeSantis said. "It's a really nice event, and a great way to raise money for animals who need it.

"Cheeseburger was such an important part of my life, and it's so nice that FOCAS has acknowledged him. It helps ease the pain of his loss a little bit and makes me feel better," she added.



My daughter April and The Keenie Bunny



This is the picture that appeared in the newspaper.



Dee holding Meechi - my daughter's boyfriend's cat.


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The cat show seems like a wonderful event. I'm glad you were there and that so many people honored the memory of your sweet Cheeseburger boy. He is such a wonderful cat...
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 49
Hi Dee,
Wow, what a lovely post! I'm soooooo impressed that you were able to attend this - it must have been soooo hard without your Cheeseburger. But of course, as you and I have discussed already, he's always with you in spirit, so no doubt would have been there looking over all the others - although I'm sure there was no other who could take out the"toughest cat" award ... ;o)

Anyway, well done to you - and such a wonderful article too.
I'm so glad you have your daughter and your family to support you during this painful time too. It really makes such a difference because they understand so well.

Jesse's Mum


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What a wonderful tribute to your Cheeseburger.  Thinking of you, Love Di xxx


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Hi Dee!  I've been following your posts about Cheeseburger for a while.  Sometimes it's hard for me to reply to all and I get healing from reading.  However, I just had to tell you what a nice article that is about the cat show.  You should feel so good about the tribute to your darling Cheeseburger.  I know how close you were to him, and for you to go without him now and give a donation too, tells me what a special person you are.
    By the way, I'm from New Jersey too!  I'll have to look for that show next year.  It would be nice to bring my little Cyra there.

              Lots of hugs to you---- Teddy's Mom

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I'm so glad you were able to go. What a wonderful tribute to your baby.  He just looks like he has so much personality!


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Hi Dee!,
I remember reading  your original post about you debating whether or not to go to that show this year.  That was right when I started coming here.
Congrats to you and Cheeseburger for all your hard work and support to that shelter all these years.  You both definitely deserve the recognition and honors.  I tried to volunteer at the humane society once but found I couldn't leave there without bringing them all home so I had to stop.
Thank you for sharing that with all of us.  I too find myself still learning things about myself  in Yngwie's death as well as her life.  She was truly one of my best teachers as it seems Cheeseburger may have been one of yours.
Congrats to you again and if the moderators don't mind passing it through, please post your website about the tigers.  I want to visit it.  I love kitties of all sizes.  Yes, I love doggies too.
Jennifer   Yngwie's mama

I miss you pretty little one!
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