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Is there anyone that had a cat with chronic kidney disease (CKD) that did not give their cat SubQ fluids? My vet didn’t suggest this. We gave him pain meds for his arthritis, meds for his constipation, but at no time did my vet tell me to give fluids, binders or anything... other than renal food which he hated and wouldn't eat. No other education about renal disease. We were eventually giving appetite stimulants, but no pepcid??
We were treating his pain and arthritis and even sacrificed his kidneys so he wouldn’t be in pain knowing it would hasten CKD. 
But why didn’t my vet let me know we could have been treating the CKD as well? I would have done whatever it took. 

I had to put my sweet boy down as he crashed hard and I didn’t even know at the time that I could have helped him. I learned this searching the internet the day we were putting him down. 

He was 19 and had diabetes got shots twice and day, maybe that’s why they didn’t think the other items would help, he was old with diabetes??? but why would that matter? I was taking such good care of him until this!! 

I just am so guilty I didn’t see it, and looking back, it seems like ALL of the symptoms were CKD, What if giving him subQ fluids, binders, vitamins etc... he could have been happier, healthy longer. The pain meds (metacam and adequan) just killed him faster. 

I feel so guilty, like I failed him.



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Feeling guilty and what ifs are normal. I just lost my 19 year old kitty to nasal cancer. After she went blind and major neuro problems I had to put her to sleep. I was so angry feeling like the vet did not give me everything she needed. You are not the expert and we put our trust in them. You should not feel guilty for listening to the expert. I also take solace that in kitty years our 19 year olds were 92. At their age things can go bad quickly and in spite of all help. 

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We lost our 19 yr old Rio today to Kidney disease. She was our last and now the house feels so strange and empty. We thought she was just dehydrated but when her vet took her temp her body had already started shutting down 94 was too low and he brought warming blankets while he drew blood. The blood work showed her kidneys had lost 75% already. How could this happen so fast? We could have done the hydration care but decided it was just a matter of time, but her heart stopped before we even gave her the final shot. At least we had some time to talk to her and hold her hand.
There are so many animals out there, alone with no one to love them. Even if we are not perfect in our care or the decisions we make at the end of their lives, I know they appreciate having someone to love them. They are the lucky ones and even though we miss them horribly, we can find comfort in the thought that we gave them a warm and happy home while they were here.

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At some point with advanced age and advanced kidney disease fluids won't really help.  Maybe your vet felt at this late stage it would be of no use to give fluids and treating the pain was more of a priority.   It's difficult treating elderly cats with several different ailments and sometimes one health problem needs to be sacrificed to treat the other one.  I just lost a cat who had heart disease, IBD, and hyperthyroidism.  Treating his heart disease caused his kidneys to worsen and it was really hard balancing the treatment.  I'm sorry you lost your friend.  It sounds like you took very good care of him and did the best you could.

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Thanks for the kind words everybody. 


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