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I had to put my Cinnamon to sleep two weeks ago.  Cinnamon was a spaniel mix that we had for 11 years, after getting her as a rescue when she was about 3 or 4.  She was my fourth dog, but this was the first time that I was "head of household" at the end and the one to open the door to the Rainbow Bridge.  It was about the hardest thing that I ever had to do, but it also was the right thing to do.  I miss her terribly, cried for 2 days, and off and on since (including now).  My young kids, who took her for granted when she was here (after all, she always had been as far as they were concerned), now realize what a big part of our family she was.

In my grief, I went searching for sites such as this, and found this message board.  I was so sad that I was able to read only a couple of posts, but one sticks with me.  (I wish I could find it to post there, but no luck so far.)  A poster had lost his dog a week previously, and longed for a "sign" that she had made it to the Rainbow Bridge and that all was well.  Other posters assured him that a sign would come, and a few days later he reported back that - yes - a sign had come in the form of unusual behavior by a dragonfly that stayed with him for a long time.  He took that to mean that his dog was doing fine at the Rainbow Bridge.

Not being the type to frequent boards like this, I thought it was a nice story and was glad it brought him comfort, but thought nothing so romantic or unlikely would happen to me.

A few days later, it did.

Exactly a week after losing Cinnamon, almost to the minute, I was stuck in traffic on an LA freeway, going perhaps 10 miles an hour.  Suddenly, a dragonfly of all things appeared right in front of my windshield, looked at me, and then "escorted" my car, staying exactly in front of my windshield, flying with the car, for what seemed like a long time.  I would say at least a minute, probably more.  Then it was gone.  This was in the middle of a busy LA freeway, with all the noise and smells, nowhere near any "dragonfly habitat," and probably the first time I'd seen a dragonfly anywhere in LA for 10 years.

Given the timing (almost a week exactly), the unusual appearance and behavior of the dragonfly, and the fact that I had just read our friend's post a few days before, I took this event as an unmistakable sign that my Cinnamon had reached the Rainbow Bridge and was letting me know that she was okay and waiting for me.  While I remain very sad, this very unexpected event does bring me comfort, and it was so unusual under the circumstances that it's impossible for me to believe that it was a random event.

I always have been and always will be a dog person.  Much as I miss Cinnamon, my sadness has been mitigated a bit by the new rescue dog we recently adopted.  Another spaniel mix.  We honor Cinnamon's memory by sharing our love with this newest member of our family - Buttercup.

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I'm so glad you received a sign from your baby, Cinnamon.  It sure does help the heart to know that are babies are near and thinking of us.  I lost my two Cocker Spaniels this year and know what you are feeling, they are very very dear and - wow, those Cocker eyes!  I too am a dog person and knew that one day I would have another, and I do, a new Cocker named Scout.  I debated whether or not it would be too soon for another dog but I also knew that by doing so, I would be honoring the life of my dogs and sharing the love I have for these precious creatures. He has helped me tremendously in easing the pain I thought would never lift, and I love him to bits.  I feel that he is a gift sent from my angel girls.

If you feel up to sharing more about Cinnamon, we would love to hear it and even see some photos.  Would love to see photos of your new love Buttercup as well. 

More signs are waiting for you just be open to receive them,

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I am very sorry your precious Cinnamon has passed on.  Adjusting to the new life without your sweet pet is not easy!  Many of us do wait for a sign that our babies made it to the bridge and that they are doing fine.  I am glad Cinnamon let you know that all is well.  I hope you will continue to receive signs from your baby.

precious Christoph ~ 2 years at the bridge ~

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