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Hi There, I lost my Precious Bubi (Yorkie) on July 21. I was expecting it any moment. She had nasal cancer. This is my first close family loss and the pain is just like a knife on my heart. I wanted to know if there is anyone who has had an encounter with their precious one after they pass and if you have been able to see where they go. I know people talk about the rainbow bridge, but has anyone here has been able to contact this dimension? Thank You

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Bubi.  Through the years I've had some encounters with my pets that had recently gone to the Rainbow bridge.  I didn't actually see them (although a little girl saw my Buddy), but I did hear them and got some little signs that they were there.

There's only one way we're going to know for sure if there is a Rainbow Bridge, but I like to believe all my babies are waiting for me there and I will see them again someday.

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I had visits in my dreams after Tuffy first passed.   He came a few times, and it was so real, and the quality of the dream was very different.

I knew he had passed away.  Yet here he was.  In one dream my wife and I were so happy, and I asked her "I wonder if he'll take a cookie?"  His favorite were Alpo Snaps.

So I gave him one and we laughed, and he went to the door like he always did to have his snack outside, and he was gone.

Another time he kind of told me it was really hard for him to come visit, and he couldn't stay long.  We laid on the floor like we used to do, and I rubbed his thick chest fur and we had a moment.

There were a couple of more dreams.  I would wake up from these dreams so happy.  

I believe they are waiting for us.  And that for them we will be together tomorrow. For us the wait is longer.  

I am so sorry for your loss.  Things get better, but it takes time.



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Good Evening, Dearest Afiroma, 

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bubi. Please know that as you remember her, there are many in this wonderful community who, myself included, share your heavy heart in her memory.

Dear Afiroma, if I may offer you a thought of solace and comfort, as Mondo has shared, it is to let you know that yes, there are many in this community who have had the joy of being visited by their beloveds after they have made their journey Home. Sometimes the visits were made through signs, sometimes, through dreams, but the contact was made. In fact, dear Afiroma, if and when you may be so inclined, I ask that you read a thread I posted some seven years ago, "A sign from Van Gogh". In that thread, I recounted a sign left to me by my little buddy Van Gogh, a true gentleman of a Maine Coon Cat who was (and still is) my absolute best buddy. This thread also brought many wonderful replies from those in this community who had similar experiences to share. I should further add that since that post, I have had further visits from my little buddy through signs and, several months ago, one very special dream that was so vivid. My little buddy came to me in a dream, coming to me from very bright, white lights as I sat on a marble staircase, walking towards me, greeting me with his raspy meow. He came to me, I reached down, picked him up, and got to hug him. It was so precious, so surreal, the next morning, I woke up with an incredible serenity.

Dearest Afiroma, it is my sincerest wish for you that your Bubi reaches out to you very soon, and lets you know that she is well, that she loves you, and know that one day you will reunite, continuing your journey together. I promise you that if you believe, and know where to look, you will find the answers you seek...... 

I pray that special moment comes very soon.

All is well with love,


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First let me say, I'm so very sorry for your loss of Bubi.  It sounds like she was a very special girl.  

I definitely believe this can happen especially when you have an open mind about it.

I lost my Emma kitty on July 19th.  I'm quite sure she visited us last night.  My kitty Dexie was in the room with us when I heard something come through the cat door from the laundry room.  I know it was Emma!  I had also put some lights out at our pet cemetery where Emma's grave is.  The lights weren't working, so I was going to pick up some new ones this week.  I looked out last night to tell her good night, and those lights were working!  Some may call it coincidence or that there was another cause for those things to happen, but my heart tells me it was my girl.  Never stop believing (((((hugs))))))

Take care.

Emma, Toby & Socks momma =^..^= 

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Yes, their spirit lives on. I went to a spiritual reader and My heart Dog Termy came through. I never told her that Termy was a boy but when she asked me " he says that what I did with his ears he loved it." Also when he passed and went over my sister was there to greet him, she held him in her arms. So I was certain that there is place where our babies go to wait for us. She also told me his spirit is all around me, sending his love and still protecting me. She kept saying him, so their spirit does visit us to give us comfort. I have never had a dream where he came to me but just knowing he is at a place, safe and waiting is all that I need. I also asked him for specific sign (feathers) and so far he has sent me seven and I thank him for each and every one.
I am so sorry you have suffered this loss and heart ache. Sending you love and comfort.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I am sorry for your loss. Even when “expected” you are unprepared. May you find peace.

Paula- Raider’s mom

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Good evening! I THANK YOU ALL FOR sharing your stories and for giving me comfort!!! I will be waiting for my Bubi to come in my dreams, to send me a sign, or just believe we will be reunited again. I will definitely go to the thread “A sign from Van Gogh”. I did probably had my first sign yesterday. I was on my way to a meeting at work and was feeling devastated when I got a photo instant video clip “Doggie Movie” from an app I have on my phone and that I almost never use. It was a short and sweet collection of my little princess moments with us, her family made by this app by itself ( I never started it or even thought it could do that).

I could never thank my daughter enough for being the one who sent me this website. So many wonderful human beings with the greatest Hearts. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!

My warmest hugs to all!

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We have wood floors and the other day I heard Annie's nails on the kitchen floor clear as day (I was in a nearby room).

I woke up in the middle of the night not long ago and could feel her weight against my leg (like where she slept every night). It was so real; after a beat, I thought "don't be silly it's the cat" and I shifted my leg. There was nothing there. Was I dreaming? Was it wishful thinking? I don't know -- but I like to think she was visiting. If it's possible, I suspect she misses me as much as i miss her.

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I lost my dog Spike 7 weeks ago today... I am really missing him today which led me to this site.

His death wasn't unexpected but it happened faster than anticipated. He was a large, older dog and was diagnosed with a mass on his liver... he only made it about 3 weeks after I learned of his condition. Since I live alone, every morning before I left for work I would tell him that if he needed to leave me, it was ok but he needed to give me a sign when he got wherever he was going.

I had to work for a couple hours on Jun 16 and he wasn't doing well when I left... in hindsight I wish I would have just stayed with him. By the time I got home, he was gone. As I was loading him into the car, I reminded him to send me a sign that he was ok. I had rolled down the windows of my car, but tried to roll them back up before I got out of my neighborhood and one of them didn't work. I got out of the car to fix it and when I got back in, the song on the radio was "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. I nearly lost it. 

A few weeks later I had a dream within a dream that I could hear him breathing and I needed to wake up to let him outside. I remember saying it can't be real that I could see him because I knew he was gone, but I was so happy he was there. I tried to take a picture but of course my phone didn't work in the dream. I gave him a big hug like I used to and then I woke up. 

I have other pets which are keeping me going, but its still a struggle. Any time one of my friends asks me how I am holding up, I can't help but start to cry. I'm not a religious person, but I really hope I'll get to see all of my beloved pets again.

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Skitch23 thank you for taking the time to answer to my post. I am very sorry about Spike. I know how hard this is and no words make this experience a little painless . Today has been exactly 2 weeks that I lost my precious baby and last night I went to bed crying. Woke up today crying and as I write now, my heart is on fire.
What a beautiful message Spike sent you (twice). You have been blessed. This is a beautiful place where we all share the same sentiments and love for our little ones.

Many Hugs and be safe!
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