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I found out recently that my dog has a hemangiosarcoma. From everything I've read, he is not a normal case as it was caught before it ruptured. I'm awaiting a visit with an oncologist but I imagine it'll confirm diagnosis and suggest the treatment of surgery/chemo. I know that neither buys him much time and I don't want him to suffer during his final days by putting him through procedures.

I'm struggling not only with the anticipatory grief but also with the fact he doesn't seem sick. He's eating albeit a little picky (can food and treats only) and enjoys walks, car rides, etc. Just sleeping more and had lost some weight which triggered the initial vet visit. He's since put back on the weight with the additional wet food. I'm scared that it will rupture and he'll be in pain. I do not want him to suffer but I also don't want to jump too soon with putting him to sleep.

Others that have gone through this with your dogs. How did you know? Should I attempt the surgery incase it's benign? What's even the odds of that? I'm so lost and confused.

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All I can say, that is with my Junior, I promised him we'd go all the way to the finish line. I left no stone unturned, no idea not discussed, and did every single thing I could do to keep him alive, pain free, and enjoying life.

Even though I'm struggling having had to say goodbye, I do know I did everything possible on this earth to prolong his life. That is all you can do. 

When I'd worry about him aloud, my Wife would say, "just enjoy the time you have with him now, don't worry about what might be, enjoy the present". She was right. Maybe that will help you. 

Good luck to you, and your beloved.


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You can call pet loss hotlines (free and there is a list on this website) to talk about anticipatory grief in detail. I did that with my cat Emerald.

God bless,

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Hi Dessa
I'm sorry you're going through this, please read my first post when I joined. I lost my 13 year old and now know after speaking to the vet and researching obsessively this is what he had.
There is no pain if it ruptures, discomfort but no pain and their stomach swells. Sometimes they collapse as mine did as the bleeding makes them weak and from the many stories I've read, and from what vets say there is no pain.
My Archie had many signs it was there but I put it down to him being 13 and slowing down, had I taken him to the vet for the signs I spotted I'd have fell apart with that diagnosis so in a way I'm thankful I didn't know.
From what I know now watch out for pale gums, swollen stomach and weakness.
Archie never lost his appetite, he was still going out for walks and running and playing, his stomach swelled intermittently but I stupidly put that down to weight gain.
The last few weeks he stopped jumping up to greet us at the door and stopped going crazy when anyone knocked. He just seemed tired and old I even remember searching for info on why a dog could age so quick. He got very thirsty as well and this I put down to his change in diet, I had changed him to a raw diet and thought it was down to the raw tripe.
He loved to eat that sticky weed stuff that sticks to your clothes, cleavers I think it's called but I don't know if he'd just discovered it or if it was due to him lacking something, he would stand for ages though munching on it.
I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but like I say read my first post I think there might be more there.
I feel for you I really do but please take comfort that although this is nasty it's not thought to be painful. If you need to know anything please let me know.
Look up turkey tail mushroom, I don't know that much about it but it's meant to be of benefit and there's a couple of groups on Facebook with good advice.
Good luck ❤️

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I am so sorry you and your pet are going through this. I just lost my second dog to hemangiosarcoma. We tried to be diligent with the sweetie we lost- even had abdominal x-rays 6 weeks prior and they showed no masses, tumors. lesions. By the time our beloved dog acted sick- it was too late.  I wish you peace with whatever treatment decision you make for your dog and sending healing thoughts to your little buddy. 
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