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Having had to put down my 11yr old CBR as a result of a fever stemming from what was believed to have been a tumor haven broken apart inside him. A fever that had me up all night with him covered with revolving wet and cool blankets while I held him and fed him ice cubes which he always thanked me for with a kiss or ten,lol but, also as he shivered. Though he finally fell asleep I never did. Upon receiving the news at the vets the thought of leaving him alone with only a very slight chance the fever could be brought down without wetting him in a "cage" and pointing 3-4 fans on him. He didn't like fans. So while I had taken him there to feel better I faced the time I wasn't ready for but, knew then why his behavior had changed over the previous weeks. My guy Knin(cane) was brought into a room so we could spend some time together. We played the only game we could - seeing who could lick the others nose first. He won and as I looked into his eyes I could see that he understood almost thanking me well telling me not to be sad. 3 months when I got him, he was a fun loving, goofy, easy going copy of me, only better.

While looking for CBR breeders in the following week(s) an ad was posted for rehousing a 1yr male CBR 2 hrs from me. Though I had been thinking puppy this had an air of fate to it. Long story short the previous owner was less than honest regarding the training and socializing he had done during the 9 months he had ,renamed, (Huhntur) as he didn't even respond to the name he had been given previously. In my life,yard,home,etc along with attention from friends one day it was like a switch flipped and all those months of "puppy" he had been robbed of began to show and grow. I could not have been happier to know I had done some good for an animal which had given me so much since a baby crawling across the floor. A month and a half later my world collapsed around me and the harder I fought resulted in nothing more than it caving in on me. I am buried in guilt, grief and disbelief that the powers that be .....I'm so angry at how they have written laws and procedures they claim to be fair and provide "due process" because 90-95% of pet owners will never even know but, beware if one day your adopted dog whom has learned much since with you, should bite someone in front of your house. Won't go into lengthy details. No blood only a puncture but still unacceptable. I of course ask for a hearing to attempt at him not being declared a dangerous dog, something I couldn't have lived with myself if I hadn't. The local animal authority had a behaviorist assess Huhntur and he passed with flying color. The only mention of aggression say there was absolutely none. I hope hope that perhaps the impartial, a retired cop of 30 yrs, hmmm would listen to evidence beyond the 20 - 30 seconds of narrative. I was wrong, so so wrong. As I left with the weight of failure to protect my buddy squarely on my shoulders, I asked what would be the outcome if I were unable to comply with the harsh restrictions that would be enforced. Per his answer I expressed that I wanted to be there as I've made it a practice to be only to be dealt another blow, the answer being it's against policy as we are talking about a dangerous dog. I tell him call it what your will but, he won't bite me for God sake, I'll sign a.release of liability for cryin out loud. As if this wasn't difficult enough to deal with one passing now I have the guilt of having a 15 month puppy down, for a MISTAKE, powers that be, ever make one and the thought of him feeling unloved and abandoned. Hollow has too much substance to compare to my existence. It makes me sick to be a member of a species that having deemed ourselves more intellectually advanced we judge the a tions of a species we chose to domesticated, so harshly instead of giving them the full benefit of our experience to survive in our world while excluding the possibility for rehabilitation. Seem one sided- don't get me going. People keep telling me not to be hard on myself which is actually getting easier as there is less of a me. Declining my request to be present is the absolute most hurtful and unnecessary cruel thing they done. SVACA territory People we need to start reeling in these over reaching laws and take back the position of boss.

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You clearly are in pain and it is understandable.  Declining your request to be present is extremely impossible to deal with. You have very good points. 

I am so so sorry you have had to endure this. I truly mean that. I wish this had never happened to you.

Sending you lots of care....I am so sorry for you. Make sure you put all your thoughts in writing and let the "powers that be" matter how many places you have to write, make sure you get all of this out. Even if you are the first to express yourself to these people or places, they won't forget you for sure.

Good luck. And know you are thought of at and during this time. Fight back!
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