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Posts: 117
I made a photo album of Daisy's life. A lot of it with her brother Hubble.
I think the one of the two of them watching the baby possum is my favorite.
As you can see she's quite the nature explorer.
We miss you so much Daisy!

My best to all. Thank you for your comfort and support. It means so much.
Pat (Daisy's daddy)


Posts: 1,604

It made me smile to see the love and contentment in her eyes. It's very easy to see why you miss her so  -  but always remember that she is healthy and happy, and waiting for you. :)  Thank you for the smiles!


Posts: 355
What a beautiful album of your Daisy! I love looking at pictures of everyone's furbabies.

I love the one of the Daisy and Hubble at the window, and the one of Daisy in the tree just sitting there looking so pretty.

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your precious Daisy and Hubble with us.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

Posts: 567

How beautiful, I can tell she loved the outdoors.  I like the baby possum one also.   There is much love in those pictures.

Thanks for sharing,
Nina Maria's Mom

Posts: 991
Was that the fake palm tree she's sitting squarely on top of like a Christmas tree topper? That was so unexpected; I'm still grinning just thinking about it.
Daisy has the most unique kitty face I've ever seen. Absolutely endearing. Was she a tortiseshell?
She is indeed the apple of her daddy's eye.
Thank you so very much for sharing her with us.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 14
What a beautiful cat Daisy was!  She is fantastic, and I DO know how your heart aches over this horrid loss of your precious kitty.  Your love for her shows through this brilliant tribute you have presented for her.  She is certainly beside you, and so proud of your efforts to show the world what a wonderful girl she was.  I will remember you and your wife in my prayers, that soon you will heal from this pain that goes clear to the bone.  We lost our beloved dog, Ridge, very suddenly on June 7, 2008, and are trying so hard to find some healing from the intense feelings of loss and sadness.  I hope you will remember us too.

God Bless you Both!

Patty and David from Maine

Posts: 1,040
What  Beautiful kitties,and Daisy is just so precious,she acts more human then cat,I know how much you miss her,but you will see Daisey again someday,I'am sure her brother Hubble is missing sweet Daiseyseems in the pictures they were quite close & loved each other very much,She is  more likely sending down secret signs to Hubble and making sure he takes good care of her Mommie & Daddie who she adores.I'am  sure you and your Wife & hubble will be getting some signs only our babies from the bridge knows how to send them.
i'am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful sweet Daisy,she okay & happy she's young again and no pain or suffering.Healing hugs to all.
Love and Prayers,
JoAnn Sammy Sus's Mom


Posts: 418
What an awesome way to show us your precious Daisy.  She is so gorgeous.  Thanks for sharing.

Rugrats Mom

Posts: N/A
Daisy sure brought a smile to my face. She's soooooo adorable. I love the baby possum also. I see why you miss Daisy so much. Such beautiful baby.
Lois (AbbyNLucysmom)


Posts: 117
Thank you all so much! :)

Daisy loved to show off and somehow I think she loves it even now...

With her beautiful looks she matched an more beautiful personality.
Always learning and exploring- a chalkboard just yearning to be scribbled on;
"show me more!, show me more!"

He burial ceremony was tonight.
At sunset, her favorite time of day.

God bless you all and your loved ones
and thank you for all your beautiful thoughts...


Posts: 699
Beautiful photos, Pat, of a darling little fluffy girl!!  Daisy is stunning - the markings on her face are very unique.  I thought of you and your wife as I looked at the pictures, and I felt so sad for you that your Daisy is not there living life with you both.  I know how you must miss all her endearing ways and charming qualities, and having her close by to hold and stroke and play with.  I don't think I will ever stop being sad about my boy Grunt not being here with me - it was such fun, such joy, even some bedlam thrown in, I miss all of it terribly.

I imagine it was a lovely ceremony at sunset for your beautiful Daisy.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 117
Thank you Katharine :) God bless you and your family and Grunt.

We had a beautiful ceremony for Daisy last night and sunset.
we placed her close to the house along with her favorite brush, toys, photos of all of us, and put Daisy's on top and lit a candle to burn all night.

And then in rained- which I smiled because I know rain always comes after funerals.

We got ANOTHER SIGN this morning.

Sadly, a possum and a bird were floating in the pool dead.
At first I was shocked as I just couldn't see how this could happen.
Especially a bird...
Then I realized that deaths comes in threes.
And these were Daisy's closest friends.
The reason she would go out at night is to hang with the possum.
And she adored watching birds.
While sad to see these two go, I realized that she asked the Lord for her friends to join her at Rainbow Bridge. Unable to resist her cute ways, he complied.
I feel better knowing she has them to play with.

Hearts and hugs to all today.

Posts: 117
Molly's mom... since you asked, Daisy was a Silver Calico full bred persian.
That's what it said on her papers.
we were so lucky to find her because as she didn't have the normal smushed nose like persians, and a cute pigeon-toed back foot no one would pick her up from the pet store. she was the last of the litter and all by herself. and then we walked in- and couldn't let her go.
So glad we ever found her. While I miss her terribly, she brought and taught me so much while she was with us.

I love you Daisy!!!

love and light, Pat

Posts: 991
I'm thinking what you said about her funeral. Indeed, rain does always accompany funerals. When we buried our wirehair fox terrier girl Cricket 11 years ago, it was on a Sunday morning and it was raining as we dug the grave. Rain to go with all the tears.

I thought about your take on the possum and bird you found. I think you're right that Daisy asked God for her best animal friends to join her. Did you bury them close to her?

May God grant some peace today to your grieving hearts.
Molly's MOm

Posts: 1,205

Your Daisy is a stunner.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  O f course you will miss her,  she is such a special soul.  I can just see her when she passed.  Tail held high, stalking her way across, saying arent I a special girl.  I know that I am beautiful, but I am not conceited, I talk to possums even.........Bless you.  Your Daisy is such a sweet girl.  Much love and light, Di xxx


Posts: 117
Yes, they are all together in the same plot now.
By the back patio where they all spent their time together.
May God watch over all of them.

she did hold her tail up high just like that :) :) :)
saying the same things...
she had a little flick-to-the-left-top-of-her-tail move that she always did.
so cute- i'll miss that so much.

thanks for sharing memories with her everyone. she loved to be talked about. and could tell when you did... she's always chime in and talk with you.

hugs :)


Posts: 5,100

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely photos of Daisy and her brother, Hubble.  She is strikingly beautiful. 

The bird and possum in the pool seem, to me, like such a clear sign from her.  She is a VERY strong spirit, your girl.  I am think she will send you many more signs.

I am just so sorry for your loss.  You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers.  

Betsy's forever mom

Posts: 111
I just wanted to let you know how beautiful your little Daisy was, and that at the bridge, she is whole again and happy.
She was truly a blessing to you and your wife.
I wish you peace,
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

Posts: 67
Stunningly beautiful! One of the prettiest cats I've ever seen. What a loss! From the pictures it seems like she had lots of good times and good luvins while she was her. I wish I had know her.

Posts: 117
Thank you everyone for you support and I know Daisy hears all he compliments about her. She loved that. but never let it get to her head- she truly was and is an enormous beautiful down to earth spirit.

every day seems harder for me. i thought it was supposed to get easier. i am so thankful for the signs she's sent, but still my heart is so heavy. the nights are the worst for me. as she's not there sleeping on my arm like she does. mornings are the hardest for my wife. as she would take Daisy for walks in the yard. coming home is also tough- you know you're coming home to a home without Daisy. i feel as though i'm walking thru molasses.

love and light, Pat
(Diasy's daddy)


Posts: 117
Please say a special prayer for Hubble. I am so very worried for him. He is a wreck. I've never seen him like this before ever. He won't even let me get near him, when I try he walks off. I will keep trying. He's so depressed he almost looks ill, and is even walking sluggish. Does anyone know how I can reach him to get him through this? Thanks for all your support everyone. I send you all my thoughts and support back to you.

Pat (Daisy's daddy)

Posts: 117
whew- feel better now. Hubble has stayed the past 45 minutes on the computer chair. He is OK. still droopy but letting me pet him now... even kissed me.
Thank you for your prayers

Posts: 117
I want to wish everyone a little strength and compassion to get you through this day. I hope it is a little easier for you somehow more than yesterday.

thank you for the candle ceremony last night. It was very touching.
i woke up with just a little more strength than the day before.
i really appreciate how you've helped us in the past week.

Hubble seems to be going through the worst right now.
last night he stayed in the closet on daisy favorite secret spot and
seems just so withdrawn. we will continue to give him and his brothers extra love.
i hope he can get through this soon. it breaks my heart to see him so.

there's some ruffle between our neighborhood about me wanting to live trap the fox and take him elsewhere. a few want to keep it. but i just can't do this after picking up those pieces of Daisy like that. I feel the need to protect the yard and family from this one individual. Especially since my neighbor lost their cat the same way. I too love all nature's things, but this time is different. Somehow it needs to be done for closure as well.

Pat (Daisy's daddy)


Posts: 14
Hi Pat-I looked at your photo album and all your pics of Daisy. I can't believe how much she reminds me of Jazzie. She too had very long white fur, a huge bushy fat gray tail, her head was gray and she had one gray ear and one pink. She also slept in those exact poses as Daisy, paws tucked under the chin or almost bent into a pretzel!
Daisy is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photo album, I really enjoyed it.



Posts: 23


I LOVE the pictures of Daisy.  She is drop dead gorgeous, she looks like a model cat.  You know the one in movies, commercial or magazine ads.  She reminds me of my sister’s cat, Sparkles, she is a white Himalayan.  I know how you feel, it seems like things get harder before they get better.  I know the 3 weeks after Louie was PTS I was a hot MESS.  Coming here has eased the pain but I miss him SOOOO much more now.  One day at a time, that’s all we can do, in my prayers.


~d Louie’s Mom


Posts: 117
Jules and D... Thanks SO MUCH :)
it warms my heart o hear about other souls similar to Daisy.
This means a lot to me- as I keep telling myself that she was the only one.
Now I have hope that we will someday find another just as special as her.

Or maybe close, anyway. she's tough to match.
She was the biggest spirit i have ever known.
Why is it that always the 'good die young'????????????????!

The day we find another daughter is so far away right now though.
We may never. I want it to happen by chance and be a gift from Daisy when's she's ready to send it. I hope to see some of Daisy's spirit inside that baby too.

Love and light
Pat (Daisy's daddy)

Posts: 20
The album is just beautiful and what a little doll of a cat.  I know how hard it is right now. Keep coming here. It really helps.



Posts: 846
My goodness what a beautiful baby she was!  Such expression in her face and love in her eyes.  I'm not a big cat person, but she's remarkably beautiful.  I just want to hug her.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  Your scrapbook of her is amazing and truly shows your love for her.  I don't know where you live, but I want to go there - it's beautiful!!!  I'll be thinking of you during this difficult time.  I hope you know her beautiful spirit is always with you.  God Bless and many hugs to you.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)
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