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I'm growing more and more worried about these two.

Hubble, who grew up with Daisy (we got them both as kittens at the same time) has been really taking Daisy's passing hard. Some days he's better than others, but I have witnessed him going through the various stages of grief just like we do. He will only sleep on Daisy's spots now, and no longer on his perch by the window. He will only eat on the top of the cat tree, where Daisy always ate...

A couple nights ago while on the back patio, I lifted Hubble up onto the barbecue grill that Daisy would always sit on like a throne- watching over the back yard. I could tell right away he knew I was thinking about Daisy- and really didn't know what to do. So he jumped off the grill, walked right around the patio and made a beeline over to her grave, walked into it- pushed away all the flowers on the center mound- and sat there on it. and then he peed on it. In some part it was reassuring to watch and see that he obviously knew Daisy was gone and where she is resting. And I know male cats mark their territory this way- but this was so unlike Hubble. His pain of losing Daisy is transforming him in so many emotional ways I have never seen him in. It's so heartbreaking.

Daisy's boyfriend, also misses her beyond belief and has been coming by daily to find her. He looks similar to Hubble, and is very very skittish and never lets us touch him. But lately he has been letting us get close to him and we've been talking with him about Daisy. it breaks my heart to see him so sad. He and Daisy would always run around together and play and take walks....

Well, this morning- Daisy's boyfriend came by again- and I believe Hubble entered his anger stage (so unlike him as he is the most gentle soul ever and wouldn't hurt a fly). Hubble darted after Daisy's boyfriend and cornered him in the fence and what followed was the most awful cat fight ever! Hubble was making noises that we never heard before. My wife was crying- not because anyone was seriously hurt but because of how both of these two are so devastated by Daisy's passing. I think Hubble is just protecting what truly was special to him, his sister. He obviously knows everything- and perhaps was trying to tell Daisy's boyfriend to let her go. I don't know. I just hope these two gentle ones can find peace. It seems as though the Daisy household is broken in so many sad ways. The entire household did truly revolve around her. It's why we called her the Belle of Brentwood.

Thanks for listening. I just had to get this out.
Have any of you experienced something similar?
Will Hubble and Daisy's boyfriend pull through in time, do you think?

Much love and hugs to all of you and your precious angels.

Daisy's daddy
I love you, Daisy!


Posts: 991
I do know that animals grieve. Long time ago, I had a pair of Elkhounds. One died in a traffic accident. We took her body immediately to the vet and Pandy, our second Elkhound was in the back with her.
After we got her home, Pandy would just wander around, smelling where Freya had been. We couldn't get her in the station wagon because I'm assuming the smell of death was there. Anyway, after a number of weeks of this going on, we decided to get another Elkhound puppy. Pandy had never been by herself; she went from a noisy kennel life to life with Freya. Pan was not adjusting well at all. We got the puppy, Pandy loved Lila Mae Elkhound, mothered her constantly. She became happy again.
It really hurt us to watch her be so grievous so I can imagine what you're going through watching Hubble and Daisy's boyfriend. I hope it evens out soon for them, and for you.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 10
I think animals grieve but I also belive they are psychic and can see our departed loved ones. I remember one time our cat Zeke started batting the air like he was playing with our dog Blanche who had recently passed.  This went on for a good 15 minutes.  I think Blanche was stopping by to play with Zeke so he wouldn't miss her too badly.  I think what upsets animals the most is seeing us grieve.  They are so loving and want us to be happy.  Whenever I've been sad about Hayden or another animal passing or anything in general, my kitten layla acts like a maniac trying to get me to laugh. 
Even though animals may be able to see our loved ones, they do grieve. I would give your kitties lots of love.  As for Daisy's boyfriend who seems a bit skiddish, i think just talking to him will make him feel better. They aren't that different from us, they want to hear reassurance and love.  That's what I've done with layla since her best friend Hayden died and its helped her a lot. 
Again I'm so sorry for your loss.  I hope some day soon you are able to see some sign from Daisy that she's alive and well at the Bridge.  I've found reading books about heaven have helped me a bit.  I still miss Hayden and Blanche but knowing there is an eternity to be with them makes it a bit easier.
Take care

Posts: 148
This is happening with me right now. My other Yorkie Rusty is so bummed out right now. I can't get him to do things he used to love to do. I'm worried!

Posts: 143
Oh yes, animals grieve.

Our daughter had two labs - a chocolate and a golden. The Golden Lab, Woody, died in January.  Their remaining dog went into a severe depression.  Our daughter has been doing everything she can to help him.  She takes him for more walks and spends lots of time with him.  

Whoever said "dumb animals" hasn't got a clue.  They feel deeply.  I hope Hubble and Daisy's boyfriend will both be ok.  They both loved her as you did.  Take care. 

Posts: 117
you are right. there's no such thing as 'dumb animals' at all.
in fact i think they all are so much more smarter and in tune with the spirit world so much more than we are. i do hope Hubble can see Daisy's spirit. He really needs that.

i do hope all of your loved ones missing their brothers and sisters find some peace as well. its so heartbreaking to see our babies this way isn't it? thank you for your help and support. i will continue to shower them with love... much love and light

Pat (Daisy's forever daddy)
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