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Max is 15 years old this month. He is a Lab/Newfoundland mix and no longer ambulatory. He eats well but that's about it and Friday at 3:00 I must say goodbye to Max. I got Max when I was 35; he was the best $50 I ever spent! In his prime he was 130 lovable pounds and as black as pitch with bright white teeth that would scare everybody. He and my Dalmation used to run 5 miles a day ... he has had a great life and I will miss him so. He was on Novox for a while to get his legs under him but in the last week he has totally lost the capacity to support himself and my very good vet who will come to our house on Friday, says Max is just old. This is the hardest thing I have ever done and in writing this I wanted to say thank you for sharing in my grief and as a tribute to Max ...


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I am so sorry.  It is so hard when it is time for them to leave.  We know that it is the best thing for our babies, but we just want to keep them with us.  I am so glad that the vet is coming to the house, it will be much less stressful for Max, to be in his own surroundings.

I am thinking of you and your Max, may his passing be peaceful, and may you be given the strength to help you through.

My heart is with you and your boy.

Much Love, Di xxx

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I'm so sorry about your Max.  It's so difficult to see them get old right before our eyes.  Did you look into a doggie wheelchair?  A few people on this site had used one for supporting the legs.  Maybe that would give you a little more time with him as long as he's eating well and not suffering.  Just a suggestion since I know how hard it is to say good-bye to our furbabies.

     All my thoughts & prayers are with you at this difficult time--

                            Teddy's Mom

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Dear Rebecca,

I'm so sorry to hear about Max.  I had to put our almost-15-year-old Norwich to sleep this past April.  It's heartbreaking.  I'm so sorry.  I will think of you and Max this Friday.

I'll light a candle on the website for both of you tonight.


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Dear Max's Mom,

I am another Max's Mom, and I want you to know that my heart goes out to you at this very difficult time.  It is so hard to make this awful decision...I had to make the same one back in December when my Max became ill.  I do believe that it is a very selfless made in absolute love for your precious boy.  It is so very hard to let them go on ahead, and saying good bye is heart wrenching.  I will keep you and your dear Max in my thoughts and prayers.  I will ask my angel Max, to meet your Max at the Bridge...they will be quite a pair to see since my Max is a little 15 pound ShihTzu (but he always did think of himself as a"big dog"!) and yours is a big strapping guy!

Please come back and keep us updated.  I am certain that you will find support at this wonderful site.

Hugs and healing thoughts,

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I am so sorry to hear about Max.  The suggestion about the wheelchair is a good one.  I would ask your vet if Max's health is still good enough to enable him to effectively utilize one.  You say he is eating, but not doing much else, so that makes me think his level of energy and strength have become very serious issues.  Your vet is correct.  Fifteen is quite old for a Newfoundland/Lab mix.  My best friend had one, and her back legs failed her  at age twelve and, in the course of three weeks, she lost her motivation to live.    

You know Max better than anyone else, so it is ultimately your decision.  I know the pain of having to make that choice, so my heart goes out to you.  I had to make the same decision for my 16 year old terrier, Betsy, five months ago.  It was the most difficult thing I ever had to do, but I knew it was the most mericiful gift I could give her.   She had dementia, but still carried her toy around until the last few months,  and in the last week, her legs failed her and I just couldn't stand to see her that way.  She still had her appetite to the end, but I had to hand feed her because she could no longer stand unassisted.  Her eyes told me it was time.

Please come here for support any time you feel the need.  We will be here for you. 

Betsy's forever mom

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I am so terribly sorry.  I have had to make the same decision and I know how heart wrenching it is.  We would love to keep our furbabies with us forever, but unfortunately, they grow old before we are ready and we must do what is best for them.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beloved Max.

Thinking of you,
Kate (Gus' mom)


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I've read all your posts and I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts ... I am thinking about the wheelchair but mostly thinking about what is best for Max ... I had a lab/cataloosa leopard hound mix die October 2006 who also lost his ambulatory abilities (he was 13 and about 130 when he left) but had died by week's end (after seeing each member of the family, including my 8 year-old son!) so I keep thinking that it is time for him and Max to team up again in perfect health like the old days ... thank you so much.  Your support means everything.

And for all your losses, my tears cannot take away your pain but I do believe that we will meet them in Heaven and that the joy that they gave us can never be taken away.

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Dear Rebecca,

I am so sorry you have had to make the most painful decision to let your Beloved Max go.  Although you've shared so many wonderful years and much love with him, there is never enough time, forever is what we would all prefer.  I keep you and your Big Boy, Max, in my thoughts and prayers, and hope that his days will be spent in comfort, and being loved to pieces by his mom.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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Hi there Rebecca,

I am so sorry that you have to part with your baby Max, it is the hardest decision anyone has to make, the most heartbreaking day of all. We are all here for you and will share your grief, you can lean on us. Your Max will be able to run free again without pain, you will bear his pain now. That is the ultimate gift we can give our babies. I just wish I could apply that to my Nugget as I just can't come to terms with it...

Godspeed sweet Max...Nugget and all the others will be waiting for you with open arms.

Love Nuggetsmum Alana

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It's been two weeks today since I had to call the vet for my Loosey, my twelve year old St. Bernard who had lost her ability to walk.  I couldn't make the call for over a week when it became obvious that it wasn't going to get better.  And even when I did  call I second guessed myself right up until the bitter end. But you know your dog better than anyone as all the wonderful people here kept telling me while I was going through that awful time.  And if you think it's time then I'm sure you're right.  I'm so glad now that I made the call when I did rather than waiting until she was in definite pain (which she would have been soon) or until she stopped eating (which also was imminent).  Loosey was obviously not comfortable and she wasn't enjoying life.  And her body was wasting away.  But I didn't want to be without her!

For me the time before she was gone, when I knew she was going, was by far the hardest time.  I have never been in as much pain in my life. Now that she's not here I miss her terribly (and I can't go near the park with all the other people and their dogs!) but I think of her as happy and free!  When I can I look at the old pictures of her when she was young and we used to run together and that's how I see her now.  So I know that Max will also have Loosey as a playmate come Friday!   I wish you all the strength possible until then.  You are doing what you do because you love Max so much and it hurts so much to be so selfless.  We are all here for you!

Loosey's Mom, Tanny


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So sorry for the decision you have to make.  I had to do the same thing in January and it is the hardest thing I ever did. Will be thinking of you   Ruperts Mum


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I just wanted to let you know that Max is no longer with us. We had gotten a very positive response to an intensive dose of Novax last week so had Cortison shot on Friday. Saturday and Sunday seemed to be really good days for Max and we were thinking we just might make it to my birthday (July 7th) or even, dare I say it, Christmas. Yesterday, he had 3 small seizures which pretty much did him in. He was a limp noodle today, eyes not quite making contacting, biting my fingers hard as I fed him. Our vet came out at noon and sat on the grass with us while Max was sleeping and gave him the injection while telling us an amusing ancedote about two of his steers, one who had passed away at 19 (we live out in the country). It couldn't have been a better service if I'd planned it.

I wanted to again thank you for all your kind words and support. We each feel the same way I did about my Max, it was a honor to know him, if he had been a guy, I'd have married him he was so perfect!

We were grateful for the time that we had ... 15 years is a long time, but it wasn't enough.



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Dear Rebecca:
I am so sorry about your loss of Max.  I know that no amount of time is long enough to have these Precious Angels in our lives.  They give us every ounce of their love and dedication and ask for nothing in return.  I lost my Little Angel Christopher over 15 months ago and I still cry for him every day.  I will miss him Forever just as you will miss Max.  I just wanted you to know that we are all here when you need us.  You and Max are in my Prayers.

Sending Prayers and Big Hugs Your Way
Georgeann and Christopher

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My heart goes out to you for you and your family's loss :( It's never easy to lose a beloved fur baby.

My Riefer will have been gone 2 years this July 8, after nearly 18 years together. I too made the decision to have him PTS, but wanted one more night with him. He went peacefully @ home in bed beside his mommy & his fur brothers & sisters.

All our beloved fur babies who've crossed the Bridge are welcoming your fur angel now. They're all talking about their mommies & daddies and will forever watch over us.

Hugs to you;

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Dear Rebecca:
I am so very sorry for your loss of Max.  My heart goes out to you.  I know Max had a great life and loved you very much.  The pain of losing our percious pets is unbearable.  Your Max will always be part of your heart. 

I hope that your beautiful Max will spend happy times at the Rainbow Bridge with my sweetheart Meister.  He went back to Heaven on 6/6/08.  I understand you pain.

Many prayers for you and Max.

Meisters Mom
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