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Hi, everything changed this Saturday at 3.30 in the afternoon, while baking in the kitchen I heard a muffled scream and my 10 year old son walked in covered in blood, he was followed my pet dog Monty, a Kerry blue terrier who I have had since he was 8 weeks old , he was nearly 7 , when my husband put his coat on Monty just acted like he was going for a walk .... I knew at that moment what I had to do .... for the past 6 yeares Monty has been aggressive, always unexpectedly , I have made excuses and blamed everyone and everything for his behavior, I have been in contact with experts who had given me help , the last resort I had taken was that I don't have children around , he was so desperate to play with them but he could snap , I don't think he could help his behavior and my own wasent aloud to sit on the floor , Monty was 80% of the time ok , a friendly dog that could turn unexpectedly and a real character, dominant and really just my dog , i grieved for the dog I wanted him to be and always felt bad for the kids that he wasent a dog they could remember fondly , but he was happy and I explained that all animals have there own personality , they loved him and never teased him. He did bite my son once before 5 years ago and my brother took him for a week , he couldent keep him because he was dominating his Kerry , I took him back and seeked help.
My son needed stitches , Monty just attacked for no reason, my son and daughter was sitting on the rug talking ( I told them not to do that ) but I understand it was not a reason for him to act like that,
while my son was in ae with my husband I went to see my vet , he was adamant we had to have him euthanized , I asked if maybe there was some other option but he made me feel like I had to take my role as a caregiver serious, my mum who loved Monty also was adamant that I couldent ask my son to go back to the house living with such fear , my husband rang the vet and he asked us to bring Monty in at 11 , no one wanted me to go back to say goodbye because they thought I wouldent go thru with what I already knew I had to , I spent the next 2 hours with Monty gave him roast chicken dinner and prayed I would wake up to it all being a dream .... I begged my husband to go in with Monty and keep a open mind , I told him the vet was a bit of a bully and everything... he wasent , my son spent to days in hospital, he had shock and couldent stop vomiting , people keep saying it could have been worse ! I would and did put my child first but I can't get over losing Monty I can't find any blame in him, although I know it was unprovoked I feel I should have done more , I feel I acted to quickly and shouldn't have agreed to it , he was such a character and everyone is grieving , did I act to fast ? Was there another option ? How am I ever going to get the vision of such a beautiful dog skipping happily along oblivious to what was about to happen , my husband stayed with him for 10 minutes after he was euthanized, he was just as devastated I know, I feel like a bad parent because I'm wishing Monty was still here , there was more we could do for Monty there always would be and i am full of guilt , I can't let anyone see this as they don't understand how I could grieve for a dog who done this !! My son is recovering fine and he understands it was not his fault.

Totally heartbroken

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I am so very sorry to read of this awful family tragedy.

Monty was NOT to blame anymore than you are to blame. Dogs, like people, can suffer from mental illnesses, and this can make them behave unlike 'typical' dogs - they become aggressive, or fearful, or dominant, eventually dangerous - or all of those things.  The brain is an organ, just like the liver or heart, and subject to all kinds of traumas and diseases.  

Your beloved Monty was not living a normal or happy life.  He was increasingly restricted, not free to be a dog with his family, and had multiple people who feared him or were waiting for the next incident to occur.  This was NOT life - for Monty or for you and your family.  You could not invite Monty to family events, include him in playtime, feel confident that he would be 'okay' when strangers, other dogs, or other children were involved.  You changed the behavior of your children, your friends, yourself in an effort to 'control' Monty's outbursts and avoid any danger or damage.  All of you lived in this prison of fear, just waiting for the next event to happen.  But to think that there was truly any way to predict what might happen, or to prevent it, is just a dream - Monty was ill and suffering just as my little dog did when she had cancer.  There is no difference.

So, you did the same thing I did and many of us here have done - you gave Monty an ending that was much more dignified and peaceful than his illness would ever have offered him.  For as sure as my little dog could not defeat the cancer that ravaged her body, Monty could not overcome the illness that forced him to be aggressive and unpredictable.  Had this gone on, you would have ended up with Monty caged, muzzled, inside and alone - for fear that any interaction with people might set him off.  Monty would have despised this life - and you would have despised yourself for making him live it.  Even worse, the authorities may have become involved, forcing Monty from your home and into a shelter to be discarded and forgotten.  Is that really an outcome you could have lived with? And make no mistake, that is exactly where this was heading.

Right now, Monty is at peace, free from whatever demons haunted him, and he does not suffer the fear, panic and aggression that made his life so difficult.  If this freedom for Monty is not a real expression of your love for this dog, then I don't know what is. The recent event, where your child needed stitches, was the last evidence you needed to see that Monty was not a happy, carefree or stable dog - and your choices were based on this, plus the history of Monty's life with your family.

You wish there was something more you could have done to prevent this - and I understand that feeling.  But you could no more have prevented this that I could have prevented the cancer that took my little dog.  All I could do was make the right decisions, based upon the love I had for her, knowing her loss would devastate me but would free her from her terrible suffering.  That's what you have done for Monty - and it was the ONLY decision that makes sense.  

You're a good mother - to your human and dog family - and I am so very glad Monty had you when he needed you the most.  All you can do, now, is grieve for him - and he is worth your grief.  Monty did not want to be a 'bad dog' or to hurt anyone.  And I know for certain he knew how much you loved him.  He depended on you, and you did NOT let him down.  You would have never let him down.  His trust in you was rewarded as you set him free from this terrible illness - and I grieve for you as you deal with this reality and the aftermath.  But I do NOT grieve for Monty, for he has the peace and contentment he never had in his life - and he has the heart of a woman who will carry the light of his love with her forever.  I am thinking of you.


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I am so sorry for your loss.  What a heartbreaking situation.  I do believe you made the right decision though and I can only echo what has already been said. 
I am thinking of you.  Please take good care of yourself.  Tonight I will light a candle in remembrance of your dear Monty.

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