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Hello, I lost my little girl 4 days ago, she was my 14 year old dog, she really is like my daughter, I was her mum since she was 12 weeks old. She couldn’t be alone, I couldn’t leave the house without arranging a baby sitter for her. She could not cope without me. I’m finding it very hard to accept she’s gone/all alone somewhere.

I’m spiritual, my own experiences have taught me that we are eternal and death is an illusion but I don’t know anything about pets.

Have any of you heard of/read/experienced evidence of pets transitioning into an afterlife? Maybe you know of human near-death-experiences where they saw animals in heaven? If anyone has any information on where my girl is, I’d be so grateful.

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I am so sorry for your loss of your girl.  I have lost many animal companions in my lifetime.  I truly believe their energy, their spirit, their true self stays with us and energy never dies.  People here have had many experiences with their babies sending messages in a variety of ways.  When you feel like it you should start a post asking for people's experiences with their angel babies.               
JoAnn - mom to many, many Bridge babies

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I am so dreadfully sorry about your heartbreaking loss of your little girl : ( Please accept my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences.

You do not have to worry or wonder about where she is. I'm a born again Christian and I believe that the Bible is the Word of God. The Bible teaches that ALL animals--unlike all people--go to Heaven when they die. At the very instant your beloved baby left this world that is where she found herself. She is young and healthy again and is running and playing and leaping with joy in the gorgeous green fields of Heaven.
If you are not sure if the Bible is true or not here is a wonderful link to a book 'Messiah in Both Testaments' that you can read for free online that actually proves it
Our beloved Brutus was seen in Heaven. Here is a post I wrote that tells about it. It also has links to articles and free online books that you can read that tell what the Bible teaches about animals going to Heaven. It also has some links for comfort. If this link does not take you to my opening post just scroll up the page GOD CARES DEEPLY ABOUT THE LOSS OF YOUR PET - Pet Loss Grief Support Message Board
Once again I am so dreadfully sorry about your heartbreaking loss.

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I vacillate between skepticism and spirituality and when I lost my Smiley to heatstroke at my parents’ house while in Colombia for a wedding, I just had to say goodbye and see him again. I prayed and begged to see him. I prayed really hard and said I leave it up to God. I suggested angels escort him to see me. I have had experiences in New Orleans and a haunted area of Spain, so I knew what to look for. I was at the groom’s home in Bogotá and said the tearful prayer before going to sleep. I was expecting to see him in our house in Texas when I got back. Then at around 2/3 am I heard the outside gate rattling, there was thumping and popping in the room and suddenly impressions of walking on the bed. I felt a sparkly kind of energy and because I know how he acts, I knew he was rubbing his back along the side-turned lap of my body. I turned over and between sobs told him I was so sorry and that I love him so much. I was still not sure if this wasn’t some Bogotá ghost but when I said that I felt the energy rushing my face like licks. Then I knew it was my four year old dog. It made me feel better for a while. But after a while you realize that the problem is that we love them too much to be without them.

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I am struggling also since I lost my little friend. I have lost my faith and trust. I do not see a merciful loving God bringing so much suffering, pain, and some horrible deaths to such beautiful creatures. I know there is no way these animals could have disappointed a God in any way, so why the cruelty of some of these animals deaths? I can not help the way I feel now, it is what happens when ones faith and dreams are shattered. I hope I can get back my faith and trust, but it will be a hard journey back, I know. I feel disillusioned and betrayed.  
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