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With Puffy-- as she was aging, when she hit maybe 16 or 17, I'd kiss her every day for the number of years she was. I don't know where I got this from. Then I'd say, "Mommy loves you forever, even when you're in spirit some day, Mommy will still love you the same." Maybe I was preparing myself this way.

As she got nearer the end, I'd rub her head every night and when I would stop, she' d put her paw up to my arm and tap it for more. I never remember her doing that when she was young and healthy.
With Bootsie--I'm always kissing him and telling him "Your mommy's little baby." He likes the kisses and hugs, but the 2 girls never liked much of it. They'd get up and move.


Posts: 168
Whenever I would leave the house and not be able to take Leibchen with me, or had to leave her somewhere, like the vet's, I would always tell her, I loved her and that I'd be right back, even if it was hours,or even days later. I also told her every time," Marmy always comes back for you..". For twelve and a half  years, I always did come back for her.

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My baby had bad separation anxiety, actually so did I I think. I used to tell him before I would leave for work that I loved him and to be strong.

Don't think I am crazy but now when I leave for work I tell him he can come and keep me company, or hang out and play.

I miss you baby boy!


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All of the Doxies heard and continue to hear the infamous words, BE GOOD as I leave the house for any amount of time. Does it work? Sometimes the surprises are little and sometimes they are big. this depends on wether or not I remember to close the bathroom door and shut the door to the basement. Kuggel is big on TP and wrapping the piano legs with it.


Posts: 493
When ever I had to leave the house and Chiquita couldn't come I always told her..."mama loves you and mamas will be back", I would also tell her "your mamas precious girl, aren't you?"

Oh, how I miss my precious Chiquita...:(

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I lost my beloved Apollo Sunday and am grief stricken. He was an 11-year old yellow lab/pit, and too young to die. Apparently he had cancer... and it all happened suddenly. I didn't really have time to care for him as I would have liked, and hold him the last few days, as I didn't know. But I had 11 good years. I miss him so!!!!

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I always told my Gus that he was my good boy.  Whenever I left and always found him and gave him a kiss and told him I would see him soon.

Susan, I am so sorry about your dear Apollo.  I know how much you miss him.  I would love to hear more about him.  You may want to post a new thread about Apollo so everyone can respond to your post.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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Every night before we went to sleep I would pet Max and tell him thank you for leaving his doggie Mama to come to live with us.  I would say her name to him and remind him of his journey to us.  Then I always told him that he was: "beautiful, smart, brave, soft and silky, and a good watchdog, and good buddy", AND that he had a BEAUTIFUL TAIL!!! (Max was very proud of his tail!!)  I also made up two special silly songs that I sang to him often!  Okay, so maybe I am a little off the deep end...what can I say?  I was in love!  I still sing to him...

Joanne ~ MaxsMom always!

Posts: 17
Well I had several favorite sayings I would repeat to my Lady. I often would find myself overwhelmed by how sweet she was or how beautiful and I would say jokingly "Well, I guess we're going to have to keep you...forever and forever!" Little did I know that I would look back on this after her passing and have twinges of pain. I truly believed I would be with her forever and forever (she was my first pet that I took care of as an adult and the first animal I had to see through to her passing). Reality is painful, but at least I have all these wonderful memories of talking to her and telling her how much I loved her!

Posts: 2,245
Every day I would hold Christopher in my arms and say "You are my man and I Love You."  I would tell Christopher that over and over many times a day.  He would shower me with sweet kisses as he knew how special he was.  When I would come home at night I would say "There is Punky Brewster.  Brewster is my guy."  He would wag his sweet tail and dance for me.  Oh what I would not give to re-live those moments.

Georgeann and Christopher

Posts: 71

My kitty Beau used to sit on my lap when I was on the sofa and I would talk to him and say things like "you and I have been best buddies for a long time, haven't we?"  Sometimes he liked to roughhouse and he would tackle my feet or I would chase him through the house and he would chase me back.  His favorite thing though was when I would take a ball of aluminum foil and I would put it on the floor and get waaay down to his level, and I would get ready to flick the ball across the room so he could chase it.  He would be standing right there, all excited, and I would say "are you ready?  super happy fun ball!" and he would "talk" back to me.  Finally I would flick the ball and he would go flying through the house after it.  So funny!  I would talk to him all the time, call him dumb names like "cat baby" and "skippydoodles".  He was such a good cat, I think he was probably rolling his eyes at all the nicknames I gave him.


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There were several songs that I would sing to her. I sang Chantilly Lace, Disco Highway, As Time Goes By.
The one phrase I remember most is one we still use when the response to a question is "I don't know." She had such a cute little butt, even the vet used that term. So the phrase goes
I don't know but I've been told,
Moll's cute butt is made of gold.
When I'd talk to her, and she'd give me that look of HuH?, I'd say that to her.


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Everyday when I left for work I would give Sissy a treat and say "be a good girl".
I use to call her "sugardog" and "bugsy" sometimes.
She would always take the roll from the toilet paper and paper towels that was left over and run with it.
I have enjoyed reading all of the fun things you all have done with your pets, and the funny names you called them. It must just be a part of having furbabies.

Posts: 139
I talked to her about everything, my day, if I was mad at someone, if I was really happy anything and everything.  Over the 15 years I have had a had a few names for her - Comet (her name), Jaime's (my daughter) Golden Dream, Suki, Pookie, Toast, Big T, Comet Girl, Mommy's Dog and the Best Dog In The Whole Wide World.

One of my favorite stories is at one time I was watching my niece's basset hound for a prolonged period of time (2 years) - Molly and it was when the song "Who let the dogs out" first came out and I would stand in the kitchen with them a sing (yell) "Who Let The Dogs Out" and they would both bark Woof, Woof, Woof and it sound just like the song.  It was the funniest thing and everyone that came over wanted the 3 of us to do it all the time so we had sooooo much fun with that.

It good to remember the really fun things.

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I would tell Nike that she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and not to let anyone tell her otherwise.   We both believed that.   Also, every time I left the house, I would look her in the eye, and tell her, I will be back sweetie, don't worry, I WILL BE BACK!   Wish she could have said the same to makes 10 months since she left for the bridge.  God, I miss her.  


Posts: 1,205

When my Jack got old and weak, every night I would kiss his nose and say, nite nite my golden boy, see you in the morning.  My big Sorcha, I would say nite nite princess, you are my heart.  My little Basil, I would tell him, Mummys going to bed now ginger man, love you.  I sang songs to the Bas with my partner, we still sing the Bazza song.


Posts: 111
I would kiss Hankie on the head or on his nose before I went to work and told him that I loved him, to be a good boy, and to guard the house, and when I got home, kissed him again, asked him if he minded Sarah (our other cat) and what happened in the neighborhood.  He would always indulge me and meow and purr.  Oh, I miss that.

With my little Sarah, now I tell her the same thing. 
Heather, Hanks forever mommy

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It's so hard to come home now.  From almost 15 years of habit I first think that our little Rebel will be waiting for me at the door.  I always told him "Mom and Dad will be right back." when we left the house and my husband always followed that up with a laughing "You're such a liar.".  When we came home he was always waiting for us and I'd hug and kiss him and call him my little Rebel Pebble.  Then he'd go outside to do his business.  It's terrible now.  There's a hole in my heart.  We miss him so...


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Every single morning before I left for work, I looked Betsy in the eyes, put my arms around her little body, and said:

"I love you, a bushel and a peck,
a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck."

Then, she would throw her little head back and yodel her joyful "WooWooWoo."

Every single work day for almost 16 years, that was our routine.

The thought that I will never hear that yodel again makes me want to scream.   It just hurts so bad.


Posts: 23
Samba could never be accused of being good so I couldn't even pretend. But she was high strung, intensely silly, and a bit crazy with joy- for example to distract herself while she had to "stay" while waiting for a treat she would bang her head sideways into the wall. So I went around all day when I was with her or when I'd come home repeating in a sing songy teasing voice "Samba the psycho, psycho Samba". When I'd get home I always greeted her with "hey crazy lady!". She'd get excited and her pupils would dialate and constrict unevenly which made her look even more crazy. 

Oh I just remembered this too, her other common nic-name became "Light-bulb Head"- something several people easily noticed when they'd look down at her super smooth light bulb shaped head.

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