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My Maddux was so attached to me and always so sad when I left for work. He wanted me with him all the time.... unless I was taking up too much room in bed, then he would go to his own bedroom. I think much of the reason I am so sad is because I am afraid he is scared. I am afraid he thinks I have abandoned him. When we would go to the vet, that big 'ol Great Dane weaseled his way into my lap somehow (Usually just his front legs). He would bury his head on me. When he was younger and shorter, when he was afraid of something, he would run behind me and peak between my knees.
I cry for him partly because I miss him so, partly because there was nothing I could do to help him, and partly because I am worried about him.
I know there is Rainbow Bridge, but I know Maddy and as much as he loves other dogs, I don't want him to be afraid because I am not there or feel like I left him. Does anyone else feel this way? Can someone help me?

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Oh heaven's no, you shouldn't worry about Maddux.  You did not abandon him.  I absolutely felt the same way when I PTS Sammy two years ago.  She was a scaredy cat and the first of my two to cross over.  I was so worried for her.  Since you shared your story about your minister and heaven with me in my post on Pets and Heaven, I'll share a quick story with you about Sammy and Smokey.

It was the day I PTS Sammy in April of 2006.  She and Smokey were litter mates and he was twice her size.  They were great companions, but Smokey could be rough and tumble with her at times.  He seemed to always get the best of her in their tussles. 

Well that day, I came home after dropping Sammy at the pet funeral home.  I came home to just Smokey after 14 1/2 years of always having the two.  We were walking through my house (very quiet inside).  Smokey was right behind me in the hallway (just steps behind).  All of a sudden he must have jumped two feet in the air as if he had just been attacked from behind.  There was nothing going on, no noise, nothing to have startled him.  I believe it was Sam paying him back.  When I first turned around and saw his little face, he looked startled, like what the heck????  At that moment I felt she was safe.  I still cried to no end, but worried less about the safety aspect.

Anyway, I think Maddux is going to be fine.  If you have any departed loved ones, I'm sure they were there to receive him.  As I believe my grandmother and Sammy were there to receive Smokey on Thursday.  I won't say I heard a voice from my grandmother.  But what I did have a couple of days before I PTS Smokey was a comforting feeling of my grandmother telling me, don't worry we are ready for him.  My grandmother was extremely intuitive.  I am as well, but tend not to listen as well as I should.  Also a week prior to Smokey's passing, I had a dream that Sam and he were running away from me, crossing a road and running into a big field.  I watched them running into the field thinking don't go, be careful, I'm not going to see you again.  When I woke up I was distraught.  I believe that God was sending me a message that Sammy was coming to help Smokey over.  I don't know for sure, but so many things have happened of late that the pieces just fit. 

So I believe that Smokey and Maddux are very safe and we don't have to worry at all. 


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Well, first of all, I don't think Maddy has really left you.  I think his spectacular Great Dane spirit is still standing beside his mommy, and even peeking from behind her legs sometimes.   I believe at Rainbow Bridge/Heaven our furbabies exist in a state of pure bliss.  They have no worries, no fears, and no pain.  All they feel is their love for us and each other.  So, what you are doing is projecting your own fears onto your Maddy.  We do this when we are in the initial stages of grieving.

You know, my vet was an angel when Betsy passed.  He told me she would not feel a thing.  She would just go to sleep, then pass, and transition to the Bridge.  So, right before he gave her the injection, I whispered into her sweet ear and told her to close her eyes and when she opened them again she would be in the most beautiful place she had ever seen.  I told her to follow the little angels and not be afraid. 

I have dreamed of my little Betsy girl at the Bridge and she is always running through the greenest meadows I have ever seen.  In these dreams she appears transformed.   Her blond fur has an angelic glow to it.  She appears so happy.

Your Maddox is there surrounded by all of our loving furbabies.  He sees you and feels your perfect love.   He is not alone or afraid of anything. 


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awwwwwwwwwwwwww Maddux's Mommy it's so normal for us mommies to worry so - yes I remember feeling very worried about my boy too - I just had to smile when I read Maddux a big Great Dane - it's funny how these big guys are such mommy boys!  Kato a big rottie was such a mush face especially when it came to me - his mom!

I'm sure our big boys are ok and keeping very busy at the bridge, it's very different there and there is no time nor clocks like we have here and they are all together and never feel lonely, afraid or unloved by us.  They understand, they truly do and he knows how much you love him and you did your very, very best to care for him.  He knows you didn't leave him and knows exactly where you are.  Our babies are with us Maddux's Mommy!

So pls. try not to worry so and hang in there -
Big Hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,

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(((((MadduxsMommy))))).  I'm so sorry for your loss.  I do not believe your baby feels abandoned at all.  He is in the company of all our furbabies!!!  He knows that you love him and that someday, you will be together again.  For now, he is happy and playing with all his new friends on the Rainbow Bridge.  I'm sure my Precious and Kahn were there to greet him too.  It sounds like the two of you had a very special bond.  That bond will always be there.  Know that we all care very much and are here for you.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Take care.


Your friend,



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