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I have a large dog, a boxer/Great pyr mix. She is a sweetheart but has shown some aggression through the years. She is almost five. 

We have a Yorkie, who we got as a puppy when the larger dog was about 8 months old. They have grown up together and are the best of friends. They sleep together. There has never been any food aggression but they fight over toys so we rarely let them play with any when together. Their fights can get quite vicious but never ever to the severity of what happened today.

Today we were coming in from a walk when they must have found a toy in the kitchen. They started brawling loudly and I was taking my shoes off so I asked my husband to deal with it. I missed everything that happened but the big dog took our Yorkie by the back of her neck, shaking her all the way, and ran to the living room with her. The Yorkie wasn't fighting and didn't have the toy. My husband was kicking her trying to get her to release, he had to jump on her neck to get her to release the Yorkie. He said he was 100% sure that the Yorkie had been killed, the shaking was so violent.

We live 2 hours from the nearest emergency vet so we spent a nerve wracking time on the floor with the Yorkie, I wrapped her in a towel and tried to keep her still. She was in shock at first and wasn't standing, I was sure she had a broken neck and was calling all the vets in the area to see if any had after hours clinics. She had what we think was a seizure and I thought we were going to lose her. I rubber her belly while she seized but I couldn't look at her, I was sure she was dying. My husband later told me she seemed "with it" and aware but her body was shaking uncontrollably. All the while, the big dog has been put in a separate room in a crate. We have watered her and fed her and given her a toy for her last night on earth but she will never be around the Yorkie again.

The Yorkie has thankfully completely rallied and seems fine now, albeit a bit sore. Her neck is covered in dried up saliva but thankfully there does not seem to be any puncture wounds. She is eating and drinking and jumping on the couch like normal, just with a bit of soreness. She will be going to the vet to make sure she is okay.


We will be bringing the big dog to be put down first thing in the morning. This is not the first time she has acted aggressively and we can't trust her around our small dog OR our cats anymore. Even if it was the first time, it was such a brutal attack, there is no second chance.

We are both heartbroken. I found this forum and thought I would post as I desperately need somewhere to turn to for support. 

We both love this dog from the bottom of our hearts, she is my husbands favourite. But watching her brutalize our little dog, he said he has no doubt in his mind she needs to be put down.

I know it could have been worse. This could have happened when my husband wasn't there and I wouldn't have had the strength to stop her. This could have happened at night with no one there to stop her. This could have ended with our Yorkie dead or horribly injured.

I know we are making the right choice but it is going to be so hard. Reminders of her are everywhere and I do not know how to deal with the guilt. All my online usernames have to do with this dog, there are photos everywhere, my husband has paintings he's made of her. I know eventually the hurt will fade but for now I am so haunted by the thought that this sweet dog almost murdered her best friend.

How do you reconcile the sweet, loving dog you've loved for 5 years with the vicious animal who almost killed your other dog?

And a big question- Should I go with her when she is put down? I was there when my childhood cats were put to sleep, it was so hard, and the vision of the spark going out of them haunted me for quite awhile but they were sick and it was their time. I do not want her to be alone but I feel like putting down a healthy dog in the prime of her life is going to gut me.

Did you all go with your dogs when they were put down? If you did, would you do it again? If you didn't, do you regret it?



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What a horribly stressful situation for you all- I'm so sorry you went through this.

I completely agree with you that I could never trust the larger dog again with my small dog after that (and definitely not around children for example). 

Is there any way the dog could be rehomed to someone who has knowledge/experience of dog behavioural issues and does not have other dogs or children in their house? 

If not, then yes, I would 100% be there when she is euthanised- it is a peaceful and kind way to go. I feel like this is the last comfort we can offer our pets. Also, consider that an aggressive dog is not a happy dog- she is clearly feeling quite extreme levels of anxiety to lash out like this so she clearly has issues- the poor girl. I completely understand the guilt that you feel but if you do not do this, and she ended up lashing out again and killing your other dog, any guilt you feel would be 100000 times worse, you know? Not to mention, if she ever attacked a human (and you cannot guarantee 100% this wouldnt happen after these warning signs) she could cause significant injury and scarring or even worse. I am reminded of a quote- "sometimes you can do everything right and still lose". Its horrible, and it sucks and I'm really sorry (((hugs)))


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Thank you for your comment <3

We put her down this morning. It was peaceful and we stayed with her to the end but I am a wreck.

There was nowhere for her to go, I had called around to rescues last summer. She actually bit someone last year but the circumstances were murky so we elected to keep her and keep her strictly away from people. Anyways after that happened we called around to local rescues and asked if they were able to rehome her. They said they would not accept a dog that had a history of biting and the Humane Society said they would have euthanized right away. After much deliberation we made our peace with keeping her away from people and strange dogs. We could have never imagined she would turn on her "sister". 

I am having deep regrets but my husband is steadfast. This is his heart dog, he loved her more than anything and he said when he saw the fight he was 100% sure she needed to be put down. He was sure she had killed the smaller dog. It was terrible.

I will come around. I think it would have been helpful for me to have seen the fight but I saw the aftermath and it was deeply disturbing. Miraculously the Yorkie is ok, besides the seizure from shock she had last night.  She goes back to the vet in a few days.

I feel this is a particularly difficult place to be in, as some people will think we did the wrong thing. I already have that guilt inside me so it will be gut wrenching to hear. I know in my head that we did the right thing. What were our options? Rehoming the Yorkie and keeping the aggressive dog? My husband was worried for my safety and said he couldn't ever trust her again, not even around us. 

I am sorry to ramble. It helps to talk about it. I have not told anyone close to me yet. I still am trying to work out my immense guilt.


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I had a similar situation, and we tried to manage it for awhile but the aggression and anxiety only escalated. We made the decision to put her to sleep yesterday. My heart is in pieces. I feel paralyzed with grief. I feel like I will never forgive myself for ending her life. However, I knew it would be irresponsible to take the risk of one of our other dogs getting hurt again (or killed) or a person getting badly hurt. My other dogs already seem less stressed out. My husband and I can actually have a life now. We can have a baby. I still feel so guilty and I miss her so much. But she changed, and I don’t think her behavior could have permanently improved to the point where she could be trusted.
I’m so sorry you went through this, too. It’s the worst, especially if other people are judging the decision.
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