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My dog got put to sleep last Thursday due to old age. When she was alive I had a very close bond with her so when she passed it really shattered me.

The past couple days my parents and I have been hearing her footsteps, the jingle of her collar and my dad has even seen her out of the corner of his eye a couple times. We feel like she’s visiting us and possibly giving us a sign that she’s okay. I don’t feel scared but rather comforted and that I will heal from this. I’m researching more into dogs communicating with their owners from the afterlife and I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.

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I have not had an experience like this.
Do you welcome it or is it uncomfortable for you?
I will keep you in my thoughts.


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I welcome it. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I find it comforting in a way.

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You are so blessed to have your dog visit you to let you know she is OK! I have only had one such visit that I can remember. A few days after my Blackie passed away, I was sitting in my dining room area and distinctly remember hearing his meow. Blackie's meow was very unique so I knew it was his. My cat Rufus was with me at the time, and when I heard Blackie's meow, both Rufus and I looked over in the direction that it came from. Of course we did not see anything, but it was very comforting to hear his meow one more time and know Blackie paid us a visit.

I hope your dog continues to visit you and that you know she is there with you...


- Kelly
Angel Blackie's mom
Angel Squeeker's mom

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I haven't seen or heard a deceased pet, but when my dog, Edie, was dying in 2001 I did have some odd experiences. First of all my mother in-law who had died about two months earlier berated me soundly in a dream. Edie was thought to have pancreatitis or a tumour on the pancreas and much against my better judgement I agreed to have her placed on a water drip for three days to see if we could buy more time. She was around 15-16 years and every bone in my body told me that it was time for her to go, but the vet assured me it was worth a shot. Anyway, in my rather vivid dream my Scottish mother in-law told me in no uncertain terms that Edie needed to be "put down" (which is exactly the term she would've used). The dream was so vivid I felt like she'd really got stuck into me. The drip didn't work and extended Edie's suffering. I finally held her while she was euthanised but felt absolutely bereft and guilty for having extended her pain for so long. That night I had another vivid dream that I watching Edie jump through a golden ring looking exuberant while I stood watching with my mother in-law who was smiling - note, I don't have dreams of this nature, but I'm told when the deceased contact you it's often 'golden'. Just as I was waking up the following morning I half saw Edie jump onto my chest and lick me on the nose, which is something she used to do in her younger years. I didn't have any further experiences of this nature, but it was so unusual that I like to think it was a genuine message from the other side.

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My cat Baby Blue suddenly about two weeks ago. About six days ago, I tripped and fractured my baby toe. I went to urgent care, who x-rayed it, and said it was fractured. When I came back home, I thought I saw Baby Blue and it really freaked me out. In fact, it was my other cat, but the way the light hit her or something, I thought it was Baby Blue. Like her image was super imposed on that of my other cat. During that time, life seemed to go back to normal and I felt OK again. But I shortly realized it was not Baby Blue and that she had, in fact, passed away. I know that some literature on grief and pet loss call this sort of thing hallucinations caused by grief. Supposedly it is common, both with human loss and pet loss. I am not so sure these are hallucinations and that they are not messages from the spirit. The sort of thing happened to me years ago also with another cat I lost suddenly. I thought I saw him and heard him for weeks after his passing.
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