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I can’t believe that I haven’t thought about this before now.  I am just so heartbroken that I almost missed letting you all know something that helped my Comet with her arthritis.  Comet was almost 15 years old and had very bad arthritis.  She was on 100mg of Dermaxx(?) a day for the last 3 years.  I went to the Vet to make an appointment about discussing putting my baby down because she could not get up and walk.  She was falling over and falling down when she tried to get up so I thought that it must be time.  When I got to the Vet’s office I could hardly speak, my voice was quivering and the tears were pouring down my face.  One of the women that worked there pulled me aside and gave me a brochure about laser therapy.  It said in the brochure that they have been using this therapy on humans for years with tremendous success.  So, I thought Why not?  I’ll try anything to help my best friend stay with me longer.  Well, she was getting up easier, had a skip in her step (actually a trot) I actually had to yell at her to stop running.  Not that she was running but compared to the way that she was walking, this was running.  Anyway, she tried to jump up on my bed (something she hadn’t tried in years), she was walking around all proud, it was noticeably easier for her to get up and the best part of the whole thing was I was weaning her off the Dermaxx.  She probably stepped back in time about 3 years (for the arthritis).  Unfortunately, she passed after 3 weeks from my starting the laser therapy.  Not from anything to do with therapy but she had a tumor in/around her stomach that started to hemorrhage and she bleed internally.  But I know that the laser therapy gave us both the happiest 3 weeks that we have had in a long time.  I think she was happiest when she able to do things, she wagged her tail for me and she hadn’t done that in quite a long time.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there is something out there that worked for my Comet on her arthritis and it may work for your beloved friend too.  Check with your Vet or go online and research more.  If you decide to try this, I hope you find that it gives your beloved pet the same results that my baby got.


This whole thing just still breaks my heart; I thought that her arthritis was the problem when in the end it turned out to be something altogether different.  Well, my thoughts and prayers are with you all especially the people here with the senior animals.  I know how special those animals are and if my little story here can help you help your friend I would be so happy. 


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My beautiful lab Jack, had severe arthritis.  He was on a homeopathic remedy, cant remember the name.  I hadnt heard about the laser treatment, but it is 12 years since he left.  love Di xxx


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I wish I had known about that treattment. I lost my Nugget in January as his arthritis was horrific...I wish I would have known, I would have tried anything and would have loved to have seen the spring in his step again...I am so sorry Nugget, please forgive me xxx


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I just thought people should know about this because it is really a new therapy for dogs.  They have been using it on people for years but just recently started with dogs.  I think it has only been a couple of months.  My Vet just got the equipment and Comet was one of the first dogs to try it.  I just wanted to let people know that it was out there and maybe they could try it on their animals.  I don't think that they were using it back in January.  I am soooo sorry that you could not use this therapy on your Nugget.  I know you would have tried anything, and so did your Nugget.  I hope you understand that I just wanted to put this out there to let people know it is something to think about now.  Unfortunately, it wasn't an option for you and your baby.  Please forgive me if this post caused you any pain, it was never meant to.


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Thanks for the info about the laser treatment.  I just heard about this myself yesterday from my vet.  He said it is like acupuntcure, only with a laser.  I may be taking my dog for that if some other treatment (manual therapy) doesn't work.

Great information -thanks for sharing.

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