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A friend sent me this fun email.  I wanted to share it.  It was written about cats, but would certainly apply to dogs too.  It pretty much sums up how I feel about my kitties.


1.  They live here, you don't
2.  If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. (that's why
     they call it "fur"niture.)
3.  I love my pets way more than most people.
4.  To you, it's an animal.  To me, he/she is an adopted son/daughter who is
     short, hairy, walks on all fours and doesn't speak clearly.


1.  Eat less.
2.  Don't ask for money
3.  Are easier to train. 
4.  Never ask to drive the car.
5.  Normally come when called.
6.  Don't hang out with drug-using friends.
7.  Don't smoke or drink.
8.  Don't have to buy the latest fashions.
9.  Don't want to wear your clothes.
10. Don't need a gaziillion dollars for college, and...
11.  If they get pregnant, you can sell their children.


Posts: 45

Thought you might enjoy this one about birthdays & cats!


All I Need to Know About Birthdays, I Learned from My Cat!

*      Be finicky - they'll try harder to please you.

*      Give attitude - get attention.

*      If you don't like your presents, SULK.

*      If you get bored at your party - just curl up for a nap.

*      Don't stress out over your first gray whisker

*      Act completely unimpressed by the presents you receive.

*      Remember, this is your day, so if anyone bugs you, you're allowed to hiss and spit.

*      Take the day off and lie in the sun.

*      Stay out on the prowl all night long.

*      Demand only the most expensive fresh fish for dinner.

*      It's a good day to shed your inhibitions.

*      Act catty - toy with your presents before you tear them open.

*      Don't overdo it with the catnip or you'll regret it in the morning.

*      If you aren't getting enough attention, sharpen your claws on somebody's leg.

*      Don't let anything or anyone PUT YOU OUT!

*      And remember...curiosity might kill you, but birthdays won't!


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I feel the same way about my cats and the people who have the nerve to come over and complain about cat fur! (And I vacuum everyday!)

And yes, we could learn a lot from cats!

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I love those 2 posts..I think my cats & 1 doggy are awesome & are gifts from Heaven above..

 I have terrible neighbors who are loud, guests are rude to ppl that live here on our street, have done illegal things, etc. That severely overreacted because my JB girl pooped in their yard, not only complained but stood in front of my house screaming about the "swear, swearing, cat swearing in my swearing yard" 
I went out sweet as pie and quickly defused the guy to the point he said "Well, it's ok, they gotta go to the bathroom, don't they?" 
I dont know how I managed THAT! lolz. 
For a few weeks I went over on a daily basis early in the AM to pick up any pooey's JB left behind (she was pooing under their kitchen window!) 
Finally she stopped & then a few months later went missing for 9 days! 
The 9th night I open my door and there she is. 
I tell ppl to not overreact to something like that. You can work together. Cats are a part of our landscape be they feral, stray, pets, etc. 
If neighbors do not understand certain things or the cat does things in their yards they dont like you have be reasonable and rational about it. 
He started it on a bad note and had I acted the way I wanted at first because of his and his guests consistent behavior it would of escalated.
I am glad I picked a different path & it ended on a good note with him saying he couldn't get mad at the cats cuz they had to go somewhere. 
That was progress! 
it's all about education and working together for harmony. 

The 3rd floor neighbor said she did not want to use our washer and dryer because we had cats!!! I am incredibly OCD about cat fur and cleanliness in general so that comment she made, made my husband laugh. She was doing her laundry the other day & I said "WOW"  to myself. I guess she was desperate or got over herself. 
Of course this is the SAME lady who accused my cats of smelling up the back hallway. When we brought a person over who knew nothing of the situation and asked them what they smelled we got the following responses-cigarettes, smoke from another type of cigarette, very spicy food cooking smells, assorted "smelly things" like perfumes, sprays, etc. but NO cat smells. Imagine that? Spayed/neutered/vaccinated/healthy cats with a clean litterbox NOT smelling up the back stairs( but they ONLY smelled up HER stairs not anywhere else)? 

It seems EVERY SMELL unpleasant to her nose is a cat. It's gotten to the point the homeowner and landlord have told her she is imagining smells and they will gladly release her from her lease and to stop telling tall tales. 

Sadly, whether you have 1 cat or 40 ppl will complain about everything or suddenly have cat allergies. It's very hard in a city setting like mine to help the strays, ferals, etc. When you have ppl who think of cats and dogs as nothing. Not worth spaying, vaccinating, feeding, etc. I am always telling ppl about spaying and vaccinating, etc. etc. 

It seems hopeless on occasion but when I see the cats I get re motivated. 


Posts: 1,901
here is something that i have on my frig that you may enjoy...........

dog-they feed me, love me and take care of me.   they must be gods.

cat-the feed me, love me and take care of me.   i must be a god.

Posts: 96
the posts are good, i enjoyed both of them

Posts: 2,719

All of these are adorable and so true!  Diane


Posts: 9
I love all these posts.  The first one, about if the cat get pregnant, you can sell it's children made me laugh out loud!

Posts: 91
Kateback-I love your list of rules especially numbers 6 and 7!!!
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