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My precious little doe.....I really cannot believe that you left my side 9 months ago today,  each month, I memorialize you here, and it is so terribly painful to have the memories of that dreadful day come flooding back.  Instead of concentrating on the end of your earth life, I want to start celebrating when you were healthy and strong, and how each of those days brought such joy to my world.  To have had the privilege of loving and caring for you was just a gift from were the best medicine for everything that was not right in my life, because everything about you was just that....RIGHT and beautiful.  From the top of your soft golden head, to your furry floppy ears to your little hobbit paws, you were perfection . I used to break out into a big grin as I neared our house, knowing how eagerly you would greet me, "crying", and talking to me of how much you missed me.  I am sure that I missed you more though, as no matter where I was during the day, I was always looking at my watch, anxious to get home to you, so that you would not be anxious or lonely.   Nike, I have asked you many times to let me know when you think I will be ready to let another fur baby into my heart and home.....and I think you are sending that message now quite strongly.  We are taking a major trip soon, and when we get back....I think it will happen.   It makes me cry though to think about it.  Buying a new bed, new bowls, a new leash, how can that be?   Won't I always see a beautiful golden girl in your corner?   Won't I always see you?   Speaking of the trip, I remember how I would run over our neighbors house to pick you up,  Daddy would drop me off there, and I would walk back with, telling you how much you were missed, and cherished.   You will not be there to pick up this time, but I will still think about you every day of my life darling girl.  I pray that you are happy, and surrounded by friend at the Bridge.  Are you enjoying the exclusive club for goldens?  I like to imagine all of you in a circle, your lovely fur looking even more golden with the sun caressing all of you.   Nine months little doe, NINE MONTHS WITHOUT YOU!!!!   I love and miss you so very much, your lonely little mommy.


Nine Months at the Bridge today....God Bless your precious soul little doe, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   your forever mommy


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Oh how my heart is feeling that familiar pain of loss and grief. Your tribute is beautiful. Your Nike was loved and cherished in life and remembered beautifully in her passing. Our dear ones will never leave us in spirit as long as we keep their memories alive. I can understand your mixed feelings of welcoming a new pup into your home- it's bitter sweet. Nike will tell you when it's time and you will be at peace with your decision. Just as those of us who have 2 or more children- we love them both the same although they are 2 different beings. No doubt you will love your next fur baby with all your heart. Your Nike was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. May you and your family have a peaceful day celebrating the life of your dear girl. TinysMom

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What can I say, a beautiful letter to your precious baby.  It brought tears to my eyes, I can sense your love and loss.  Nike is at the Bridge with all our furbabies, her beautiful golden fur blowing in the breeze.  Thanks for sharing your letter and her picture, how beautiful.

Thoughts and prayers,
Nina Maria's Mom

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Hershey and Maedy are with Nike. They are all running around trying to get ready for Mothers Day. Schatzie and Maedy are gathering celebratory goodies for the gang. I heard via the grapevine that a telegram was semt to Hebrew National for hotdogs and salami.

I know what you are feeling as tomorrow is Maedys 11th year at the Bridge and in a few short days Hershey will celebrate six months at the Bridge. Sil and Moz still miss the Hershala.

Peace and know that Nike has good friends at the bridge.

Meri and the Doxie boyz


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Dear Nike's mom,

  Your little doe is such a beautiful girl. I love her coloring of her fur. Nine months must seem like a long time for her to be gone. I know because Jingles, our Yorkie passed away almost 3 months ago. I thought I was getting a little better, but it was his birthday on April 24 and I started crying all over again. He must be playing with your Nike at Rainbow Bridge. I tell myself we will meet again soon and we have to believe that. I think it's so nice that you memorialize Nike every month.

                                     God Bless You,
                                     Mary Anne ( Jingles mom)


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Your Nike is such a beautiful girl.  She knows that you will always love her.  I truly believe that one of the greatest tributes to our furbabies is to eventually share our love with a new furbaby.  Our babies teach us about unconditional love and compassion.  It is up to us to continue the circle of love by giving that same love to another who desperately needs a loving home.  I know that your beloved Nike will guide your heart.

Kate (Gus' mom)

Posts: 22

I pray your Nike is playing with our Sofie in fields of green and surrounded by butterflies. Goldens always seek each other.

One day we will find the place in our hearts to bring a new Golden into our homes and our hearts. I hope the spirits of our pets will mingle with the spirit of our new Goldens.

God Bless you and give you strength.

Sofie's Dad and Mom

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Ms Savion,

I knew that you were coming up on this difficult anniversary for your beautiful Nike.  Everytime I look into your baby doe's eyes, I see such a gentle soul.  It is so hard to get thru these milestones.  I can't begin to tell you how familiar your words are about the anticipation of them meeting us and rushing home to be with them.  I do believe that you will always have that beautiful golden baby girl in the corner.  Even after Nike sends the right one to your care.  She will always be there.  That will never make her leave you dear.  I know that my boy Golda and Nike are the best of friends.  He always loved the lovely ladies and please know that he will take good care of your beautiful doe.  Huge hugs to you on another very difficult anniversary, Golda's Mommy

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Dearest  Jan,

I can just imagine how very loved and special your beautiful Nike felt when she saw your lovely letter.  Of course, it brought tears to my eyes.

I know you miss your Golden girl more than words can convey.  And, it goes without saying that no one will ever take her place.  But, I have to say I was thrilled to read that Nike is about to choose a pup for you.  I truly believe your new baby will be a gift from Nike and God, and Nike will carefully watch over this baby from the Bridge.  Nike is so close to you, Jan, and wants you to have joy and smiles in your life again.  She wants you to open your heart.  As you pick out the new bowls, bed, and toys please feel Nike's gentle presence gently guiding you.  She will be celebrating the arrival of this new baby with you, I promise.


Sending a big hug,
Betsy's forever mom


Posts: 2,245
Dearest Jan:
Your letter to Nike is absolutely beautiful and made me cry as so many things you said to Nike I could have said to Christopher and likely have many times.  I know that you are trying to heal just as hard as I have been and I also know that the pain in your life still exists mush the  same as mine.  I have always loved and cherished all my pets and I am sure that you have done the same.  However, I believe that Christopher and Nike were different.  As you so eloquently stated, they were the best medicine for everything that was not right in our lives. When things were not going well I always knew that I could depend on Christopher to pull me through because he was always here for me.  He was the rock in my life.  And like you, I too watched the time pass as I was so excited to get home to Christopher as he brightened every day. 

I will Forever ask my self how God decided that I could live without my little man; I am sure you have asked yourself the same question and will Forever.  We were so blessed to have these Precious Gifts from God in our Lives and we will miss them for Eternity as I am sure they will miss us.  It is because of our Love and Strong Bond with them that I know they will be waiting for us when we arrive at the Bridge.  What a glorious day that will be. 

I know that the reason I have Rollo is because Christopher made sure he found his way into my home.  He will never be Christopher, but I do see so much of Christopher in him.  He is one of the few things in my life that puts a smile on my face.  I am sure that Nike will find someone for you too as she knows what a wonderful mommy you are and there are so many precious fur babies who need that Special Love. 

You have been such a wonderful support and friend to me for so long and there are no words to describe how important that support has been to me.  You and Nike are Always in My Prayers.  While Christopher and Nike may be separated from us, they will Always guide our lives. 


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Dear Jan,

Hershey and Maedy took Nike to meet Piper Sullivan this afternoon. I could feel them watching the filly in the stable and Hershey was sitting on Als rump as he always used to do. All of them were beaming at the new baby everytime she went to the milk bar and also at momma Al. it was a peaceful scene in the barn when I left to come home and get the earth babies their dinners.

Nike had a wonderful day celebrating Maedys 11 years at the bridge. hershey is going to throw his 6th Month party and welcome Piper Sullivan Party on Monday the 4th.

Piper is named for Scottish bag pippers and for the team of Gilbert and Sullivan. Mommas full name is El Al which in hebrew means to soar high.

Peace and know that nike is with great friends at the bridge.


Posts: 613

To my dearest petloss friends, TinysMom, NinaMaria's Mom, Meriam, Fab1835,Katebock, Barrybass,DogrisPamela, WooWooWoo, Georgeann, and Meriam....what can I say?   Your kind, validating, and caring comments brought me much comfort.  As I have said many times, my petloss family has been my lifeline, as losing Nike was really more than I could handle.  We are all mourning together, and not much brings people closer together than to share the agonizing experiencing of losing a soulmate.  Bless you all.   Jan


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I am sorry that it took me so long to respond to your beautiful post to Nike. I have been away from Petloss for awhile, I think to see if it helped me or not. I guess I need to be here.

They really are the best medicine for just about all that ails us. There is just something so simple yet so incredibley beautiful about how they can make us feel safe, happy, and whole...

How we would have gotten through life without them I don't know and would not even want to contemplate. I still think they are God's perfect creation and gift to us.

I know the love you have for Nike and you will always have that with her.

As always,

Posts: 189

How can it be 9 months seems that only a short while ago you came to us mourning the loss of your precious Nike.  I know the beauty, grace, and love of the golden ones and I understand so very well the depth of your loss.  I'm glad you feel you are ready to let another furchild into your life.  To do so is to honor Nikes memory and to show your little doe that she opened your heart.  When most of us first come here we cannot imagine ever feeling better or letting another "replace" our lost loved one.  Over time the pain turns into a dull ache and we realize that our lost children are never replaced.  If I had 100 more dogs in my life, I would not forget my Samantha any more than you would forget Nike.  I love my dog Sport and he is a legacy to my Sammy dog.  He is no replacement...he is a beautiful piece of God's creation and a way for me to say thank you to Sam for her beautiful life.  You will feel the same I'm sure.  Bless you and the memory of your golden Nike.

Steve1492 / Music Wolf

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I know how hard each month is as it builds to number 12-one year without your Nike.

Wishing you love and peace as each month speeds by. Strange that time can seem to stand still and speed by at the same time.



Happy 9th Bridge Month



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Dear Jan (mssavion)- Nike’s mom,


Such pure love in your letter to your little baby doe . . .  


Every morning I write to my Rusty, my 21+ year old kitty that left me 10 weeks and 5 days ago. I will miss & love him forever, and cry everyday, but I know he’d want me to remember him for all the joy, happiness and love he gave me, which is what you’re now choosing to do for your Nike. This is a hard transition, one that isn’t without pain and sorrow, but one that I believe our babies would want us to make.


I remember writing to you a while ago when you mentioned considering bringing another baby into your life. Nike knows first hand how pure and gentle your heart is and she would want you to share it with another. She knows that you will never forget her and that she can never be replaced. Of course she will be right there with you, guiding you, today and all of your days as you move through your life.


It is indeed a privilege to have these warm and wonderful creatures in our lives – I can’t imagine it any other way.


Please know you’re in my thoughts as you remember your baby girl on her 9 month anniversary at the bridge (oh where does the time go?)


To our special sweet earth angels who now wear their Rainbow Bridge wings . . . until we meet again . . . we love and miss you so.


With warm affection and a big hug.


Rusty’s Mom.


Posts: 613

I am so very touched by the outpouring of love from everyone....we come to this forum to feel close to our fur babies, it really is a link to them, as we share their stories with those that really care.   Thank you Helen, Steve, Carol, and Rusty's Mom for your very caring responses to my post.  It is an honor to "know" each and every person here, it really is.   Love, Jan


Posts: 1,001
Oh Jan,
Your words that you speak honor your golden child with all the love she has  grown to know with you and your precious heart. They are so wise and they understand what we need to cope in this  world. They brought us to where we are today and are still finding ways to bring us to where we need to be. Nike your beautiful girl knows you by heart and will send you the most dear furchild that will  honor Nikes legacy. I know my golden boy Max sent me my salty Marsh and even though I couldnt understand why he wasnt soft and gentle as Max, he is strong and feisty and I need him in my life and who would better know then my precious one who knew me better than anyone ever did or ever will again just like your beautiful girl knows what your heart holds.
Nothing diminishes the Love Jan and the joy you will find again will make the glow around you even brighter as it is shared but never replaced.
There is an exclusive Golden Club at the Bridge where our gentle Golden children are basking in the sun in Fields of Gold safe and well and very Loved  Very Very Loved.
Hugs to you Jan and to your precious Nike on this ninth month of her days at the bridge with all of our precious children.
Max's mom Jo

Posts: 613

Dear Jo, every one of your responses to my posts has brought me to tears...not necessarily tears of sadness, but bittersweet tears of remembrance and love of the goldens that forever changed our lives.   Sometime this summer, I will muster up the courage to go to the shelter and bring home another fur baby to nurture and cherish.  My petloss family has shown me that despite suffering a devastating loss, it is possible to open our hearts again.   I thank all of you for giving me the support that I desperately needed, you are all earth angels!    Love, Jan

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