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I had a beautiful nine year old Himalayan, Fuzzer, who was diagnosed with advanced stage liver cancer early last May. He was at the vet for over a week and was not eating or drinking and so they advised me to have him put down then. I asked if I could bring him home for the weekend to have some time with him and then return on Monday and they agreed. Well, he came home and immediately started to eat, drink, and jump on and off of the furniture. He did not seem like he was ready to go let go by any means. I hospiced him at home and had a wonderful summer with him and he only started to seem weaker by early September and he passed on the 11th of that month. I was so grateful for that extra quality time we had and hold those last months very close to me. I had two other cats at the time who were older than him and though I was still seriously grieving the loss of Fuzzer I decided to be thankful for them. But that time was short lived. Just this past Monday night I got in to bed and they took their usual spots while I read a bit before going to sleep. I was just about ready to turn off the light for the night when I noticed that Guiness (my 10 year old Maine Coon) was breathing very heavily. I thought maybe he was dreaming and so I woke him and he crawled up on me and got comfy, as he often does, but through his purring he was heaving up and down. I immediately called my vet who advised me to rush him to the nearest all night emergency clinic. I did and after an examination I was told that he was in cardiac failure. They kept him on oxygen overnight and drained some fluid that had built up around his heart but they closed at 7:00 am and so I transported him to my vet (who was over an hour away). He was now having difficulty breathing even with the oxygen and so I had to make the decision to put him down since there was no hope of recovery for him. I am still in shock. I still can't believe that I lost two of my very best friends in the world within 6 weeks of one other. My female (Zorra who is 11) is now very confused and lonesome and since this is not kitten season and she not very welcoming of adult cats in her space, I am having trouble finding her a companion. The breeders are out of my league now after spending almost $4,000.00 in vet bills for the two that passed plus their burial costs. I have never lost any pet under the age of 15 not to mention TWO who were only 9 and 10. I found this site in hopes of coming to terms with these losses and learning how to move forward without living in constant fear of losing the one that I have left. I keep looking and listening for them and when I snap back and reality sets in I just start crying all over again. Has anyone else ever dealt with back to back losses like this? Any advice at this time would be greatly appreciated.


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Dear Mutch,


I just want to say how terribly sorry I am for your tragic loss.  I am grieving as well with the shock of my 5 yr old kitty's passing.  You are in my thoughts.  I pray that you find comfort in the kitty that is left behind to grieve with you. 


Your friend,


Lisa ( Heaven's Mom)


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}{{{{{Mutch & Zorra}}}}}{

I am so sorry for your double loss. One is certainly hard enough, two is soooo much more. I'm sure Zorra is confused and grieving. I know what you mean about a kitten being better for Zorra - no just because she will more readily accept a baby but because a baby will keep her (and you) busy and entertained. i did a quick check - there actually are a lot of kittens (nationwide - not sure about your specific area) in need of homes, oh not so many as during kitten season but still a very large number. Check  to see those available close to you, who knows - 2 sets of fuzzy paws may help one to stand out is your eyes.



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Thank you so much for your kind words of support and for the petfinders site. I was not ready for another just yet, but my other cat Zorra is really out of sorts with losing both of her brothers. I think having another around will help her and I am going to a pet adoption site tomorrow that I found on petfinders. Wish me luck and thank you both again for your replies.




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I'm so very sorry for your losses; two so close together is a very, very heavy cross to bear.


But there's a lesson for all of us in your story of Fuzzer: don't be too quick to take a vet's advice to euathanize.  You were blessed with extra months of love because you followed your heart - you watched Fuzzer, and not lab results.  It's a lesson we all should remember.


You asked if anyone else has been through this - and I know the answer is "yes" from more than one person on this board.  Years ago, I lost 3 cats within 6 weeks; needless to say, I was a basket case.  We go on because that's all we can do.  Adopting a kitten at this stage is a wonderful idea:  not only will

Zorra be happier with a companion, but a kitten is just bound to make you laugh - and there is ever so much healing in laughter.  As well, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are rescuing a precious life, some kitten who, except for you, may not ever know love.


Know that Fuzzer & Guiness are both well; they're gloriously alive, absolutely healthy, and blissfully happy.  And just as they are part of your heart, so will they be part of your Eternity.


May Fuzzer & Guiness' Creator hold you gently in the hollow of His hands, comfort you, and lead your heart to peace.



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That was such a beautiful sentiment in that photo that you sent and your words I will hold inside when I am feeling low. I know in my heart that they are in a better place, it is just so soon that now I still am selfish and want them in MY place. In time that will pass and my love for them will never go away, but I have lots of love to give to another who might not receive that from someone else.


I was sorry to read about your three losses, that must have been so devastating for you.


Wish me luck in my search.










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Marie, I'm so sorry for your double loss of Fuzzer and Guiness.  I know you and Zorra are in pain.  I too lost 2 furbabies within a month of each other, Honey Blue at 18 in 10/04 & JR Mewing, my Maine coon, at 18-1/2 in 11/04. They left behind Maggie Brown, who was 14 at the time.  In my case, Maggie told me she was enjoying being alone, partially because she had health problems including impaired vision -- but she very specifically told me she was interested in any company.  I will keep you and Zorra in my thoughts & prayers as you look for a new sweet baby to keep you company.  I lost Maggie on 08/09/06 after 2 years as the queen, and just recently adopted 2 new furbabies through petfinder.  I believe Fuzzer & Guiness will lead you to the right one, as I know Hunter, the first I adopted, turned out to have been turned in on 08/10/06, the day after I lost Maggie.  The joy they are bringing me, while it doesn't dry all the tears, has lifted much of the heaviness in my heart.


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Please tell me that I am just being paranoid, but today I was sitting on the sofa petting my last remaining cat in places that she normally doesn't let me and I felt a lump near her lower belly. She seems fine and she has her yearly exam coming up this Saturday, but now after just losing my sweet little Fuzzer and my big bear of a cat Guiness I just could not bear if anything was wrong with her. She has been such a comfort to me. I can't bring her in any sooner since I took days off for the other cats and my vet is over an hour away so by the time I would get there they would be closed. Please, everyone send up good vibes for her and let it be that I am just being an overly protective mom at this point. Thank you all.

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