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I cannot make out how I feel at this point. I was in Amsterdam (I live in the states) when I got the call that my 6 month frenchie drowned in my uncles backyard pool. You can only imagine how I felt that I was miles away from
My puppy and could not do anything at all. Having to rely on family members to tell me exactly what happened. I was so angry and said so many things I regret to them after hearing what happened. I am so upset and do not know how to cope with this at all. I have been so unexplainably sad and my brother keeps blaming himself for not paying more attention. He was in the back yard with him at my uncles house and left for a second to get a treat in a matter of seconds he came out and couldn’t find him anywhere. He spent 2 hours looking everywhere thinking he got away and asking neighbors if they saw him or found him. My uncle then noticed his dog standing by the pool and my brother took the cover off the pool jumper in the water and found my puppy on the ground in the shallow end. He took him out and did everything he could to resuscitate him My uncles pool cover always had holes in it and up until that point, my dog was never near the pool for us to ever train him not to touch it. I am devistated and I cannot even still believe it. My family feels so sad, my mom especially she can’t stop crying. My brother keeps blaming himself wishing he could have saved him. I feel terrible in my own because I feel
Responsible that I brought this awful tradegy to them
Because I made them look after my dog while I was out traveling. I also brought this dog home without them even knowing and made them love him so much that this seems just so hard to overcome. I really don’t know what to do or how to feel. This is just so so tragic and I just don’t know how to cope

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I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my pup 5/21 due to a freak accident; my son fell on him. He was 6 months as well. Born 11/1. I’m so sad. I feel guilty because I feel he didn’t understand why or what was happening and theres no way for me to tell him he didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t deserve what was happening. I’m dealing with a lot of could’ve, would’ve, should haves, and what ifs. Its hard to believe he’s in a better place when I feel his best place was with me. I also feel the guilt of him not having a full life and feel he didn’t deserve to pass the way he did. In the midst of my grief, I also have to find it in my heart to forgive my son. You’re in my thoughts!

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Oh Mae, I am sorry about your loss of your puppy.  This is the second pool drowning I've read about in a few days.  Someone else on this forum lost their dog accidentally in a pool.  There is no way we could ever predict any of this. It's going to be a burden on all of you. Guilt will be the greatest pain next to grief.  I deal with guilt for bringing my 6 year old healthy dog to an incompetent vet.  My dog, Parker came home in a plastic bag. He was filled with life and it was taken from him in a very short time, no explanation, no apology.  Every day I regret taking him there, to a professional who I was supposed to trust.  I've never gone through anything like this.  I've tried for months to make sense of it. I still don't understand.  It never makes sense why these things happen. I blame myself and I've beaten myself up. I lost 17 lbs.  I still feel horrible about my baby, but I have to take care of myself.  Please don't let you or your family get to that point.

It makes me wonder how the world can still go on when we have to suffer like this.  I hope you find peace and forgiveness. It may take time. Please visit this forum. You are at a safe and comforting place where everyone understands. Again, I am so very sorry.  ~ Parker's Mom

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I lost my boy Ghost, also a Frenchie, just two days ago by pool drowning. I was there for the entire traumatic experience. I wish I wasn’t. Remember the good times you had with your pup and you’re so lucky you weren’t there to experience the panic and see your lifeless little one. I held Ghost for a long time after, but now I wish I hadn’t. I wish I only had the happy memories. I’m hoping the traumatic day eventually fades from my memory and all I can remember are the good ones.

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I'm so sorry we all have had to deal with these tragedies. Guilt seems like the first reaction we all feel. I know it doesn't fix the situation...nothing I say can, but guilt comes when we believe that everything is in our control. It's not...I don't know what this life is completely about but I know that I can't control it. Things go my way sometimes.. other days it's just seems like the world is against me. Unfortunately, things just happen. Life teaches us lessons. We do our best..when we fail, we vow to never let it happen again and try and grow.
It's no one's fault usually..mistakes will happen..but I'm sure you are a loving, caring person and no one involved had anything other then the best intentions. I think our beautiful animals are moving on with their soul journey..they are just fine. One day we will all meet up again and see what this was really all about. I hope you can find some solice soon. Be well
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